Things That Make Me Laugh

I always take photos of things that make me laugh, shake my head, or just baffle me. Prepare for random crap:

When I flew home to visit family I bathed P in a soup pot.

My spoon rest is going to kill me.

My husband doesn’t pay enough attention to how G puts on his clothes.
In my state pamphlets on domestic violence list “Threatens to report you to the INS” as a sign of abuse.
Hebrew National hot dogs are lumpy, but I don’t know if the lump is kosher.

My Fry’s grocery store puts dog ice cream next to people ice cream.
There are some things one should never purchase at a second hand store.
I will never buy meat at this butcher shop in NW Tucson.
A McDonald’s Happy Meal comes with more apples than any child could possibly eat.

10 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Laugh

  1. LOL! I refuse to bathe my babies in sinks because they are so germ laden, and even if you clean the heck out of it you can still having cleaning chemicals left behind. My parents didn't have a baby bath tub, so I used a clean pot. As for G and his pants, Mom, I could not believe my eyes! J takes him to school in the morning while P and I are still asleep. When I picked him up that afternoon he lifted his shirt to scratch his tummy, and I saw the butt pockets on his front! I asked him how we went to the bathroom and he said he just pulled his pants up and down. He didn't even realize they were on backwards.

  2. Wow! I wonder if those were "leftover" apples from a batch or something? 😛 My youngest only eats the apples…she's never had only two! I liked it better when you could choose between apples or fries. She never likes the fries…and there are only like 6 french fries in the happy meal anyway. 😛

  3. My son is the same way—he would rather eat the apples than the french fries. He prefers milk to soda. He was so bummed about his two apple wedges that I loaded him up in the car and took him to the farmers market down the road and let him buy a bunch of apples.

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