Totally Random Friday

  • I was at Toys-R-Us the other day and found the Harry Potter jelly beans. I forget the exact name of them, but they come in flavors like booger, ear wax, vomit, dirt, black pepper, moldy cheese, pencil shavings, toothpaste, etc. I would really love to meet the developer and quality control team involved in testing these. How do they arrive at the flavors? “Ok, this is good….*smacking lips*…..but…’s not quite like ear wax yet. However, this booger bean is spot on!” What adult knows what ear wax, boogers, and pencil shavings taste like? On second thought maybe there should be adult jelly beans with flavors like merlot, filet mignon, foie gras, smoked salmon, star fruit, white truffle, Bordeaux, and gooseberry.

  • G got anxious and yelled at me last night while I was plugging in a lamp:  “Mama be careful or you’ll get electricitated!”

  • I feel like a bad mother for laughing at little P while he is having tummy time, but I just can’t help it—-he is so stinkin’ cute! He hasn’t learned to crawl yet (G was a late crawler too) so when he gets on his tummy all he can do is use his arms, and the result is he just spins around in circles. You can tell he wants to move so badly but just hasn’t figured it out yet.

  • The 1940 census was published online recently. This is historic in that is the first census in US history to be completely available online. My father and his family were immigrated to the US in 1962 so they obviously weren’t listed, but my mother’s family was. My mother and her family are from Georgia. I looked and found my paternal great-grandfather and mother; at the time they had 9 living kids, and my grandfather, Jack, was listed as being 4 years old. My great-grandfather was listed as being a farm laborer, and my oldest great-uncle, Bill, was 20 years old and was a truck driver for a reforestation project. I found my maternal great-great grandmother, who was 76 and a widow. I found alot of distant extended family, but I could not find my maternal grandmother and her parents. I was on the phone with my Maw-Maw for 45 minutes while I searched the census data, asking her questions about her family and where she lived. She told me so many stories! I just love my Maw-Maw, and I hate that we can’t go home more often for a visit.

  • A friend of mine from college works for an online humor publication; she had me e-mail her some snippets of things I wrote just for shits and giggles, like satires, parodies, and what-not. She wants to see if her editor would publish some of my stuff, but I’m not holding my breath.

  • Tiffany blue is my favorite color.

  • More people need to drop the holier-than-thou bullshit and admit their shortcomings and just be honest with themselves and others. You can be polite, tactful, and respectful in telling your opinion or how you feel. If you don’t want to answer a question you can just say so. Being a liar and manipulator of words is no way to go through life.

  • I was on FB before I started this blog post. You know how FB suggests friends for you? Today FB suggested a friend for me—my ex-husband. Apparently we have a handful of mutual friends. I have not seen or spoken to him since the end of 2001 after I filed for divorce. He used to emotionally, verbally, and physically abuse me. Seeing his picture on the computer screen made my stomach knot up; I am actually nauseated right now. I looked at that calm, smiling face with the receding hairline and remembered how it looked when contorted with anger and malice. I see he is remarried, and I genuinely hope that he is good to her.

  • I love taking online quizzes at I’m a trivia whore.

  • My husband asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day. We have a small amount of expendable income, but I feel guilty spending money on myself. I’d rather save it or start buying the kids bigger clothes little by little. I told him I would love a clean house; he said he would clean it for me. Best. Present. Ever.

6 thoughts on “Totally Random Friday

  1. I couldn't bring myself to let hubby spend on me either. Instead for mothers day, we got new contacts, went out to lunch, and I got some cute outfits for our kids. It made for a much nicer celebration! Although I will miss the spa pedicure package he had planned. I'm sorry about the reaction to your ex's Facebook. I really hate FB. ~WUWD (from that one other place)

  2. Well, he ended up spending money on me anyway, WUWD. We went to Costco, and he made me buy $100 worth of "skinny clothes" for after I have my surgery. I bought all of them in a size 14—to get there would be absolute heaven! How's that sweet baby girl doing?

  3. FB always wants me to friend my exes. Like all three of them. Including the one I have blocked, banned and her (yes, she is a female) wiped from my memory, pretty much. Gotta love FB.I think the Betty Bott's Every Flavour Beans are awesome. I'm pretty sure that all artificial flavours ar emade by people pouring things together, and then tasting it and decide what it resembles. I can't explain the kiwi flavoured soft drinks any other way.

  4. That is a waaaay cool Mothers day gift! It'll make for a fun day, to break out those new clothes when they fit. Baby girl is doing awesome! She's hungry all the time and growing like crazy. She's almost out of newborn clothes. She's just such a sweet, cuddly baby! Thanks for asking!WUWD

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