Forgive Me *snicker*

For M, on chemo Friday eve ♥

Tomorrow would normally be a “Totally Random Friday” post, but I’ve got a few things to say and am just going to put it out there tonight. Imagine that! Me, of all people, speaking up to say something. I know, right? I’m just as surprised as you are.

Growing up I wasn’t one to “rock the boat.” I took alot of shit growing up for being really smart and being overweight; I certainly didn’t want to call more attention to myself. I always tried to keep the peace. I kept my opinions to myself unless they were the opinions of the majority because I didn’t want to stick out like a sore thumb. I hid my atheism until after college because, believe me, being an atheist growing up in the Bible Belt is just leaving yourself open for a shit ton of harassment and preaching. It was not until after I left my first marriage when I started really sticking up for myself and my opinions (except within my immediate family—I’ve always done that). My first husband was a verbally and emotionally abusive douchebag, and toward the very end of our relationship he got physically abusive as well. By the time our relationship was over and done with I had no self-esteem at all. I realized that I had two choices:  I could live meekly and fly under the radar, or I could be strong, opinionated, open, and agree to disagree with people. I chose the latter.

Jennifer “MckMama” McKinney released a statement on MWOP and her FB page the other day announcing to the world that she got a lawyer and is taking all of us down. She named a few names. My attorney friends and legal research has shown that she doesn’t have a Pampered Chef pot to piss in. She closed the letter out with this:

“Anyone reading this who would like to come clean, apologize or share any information confidentially with me is free to email me at [email redacted]. Thanks!”

Really? Are you fucking kidding me?

Jennifer McKinney is a public figure. She has willingly made a life for herself, her (soon-to-be-ex) husband, and her children on her blog; she posts a ton of photos, tells all about their days, medical problems, struggles, etc. She has chosen to turn a hobby into a career with a six-figure annual salary. Over 24,000 people follow her on Twitter, and she maintains her own Facebook fan page with 12,000+  likes. She was a guest speaker at Blissdom and wrote for the “Million Moms” campaign. She has been featured on “Good Morning America” and on local television stations where she once lived. She makes her living from her readers; they click on her blog ads, they pay to take her photo classes, they pay for photo shoots, and they buy her diet pills. When Stellan was ill her faithful readers (of which I was one) gifted her with free nights at a hotel adjacent to the hospital, free massages, a ton of free food, and eleventy gajillion dollars worth of gift cards.

As a public figure Jennifer must accept the scrutiny that goes with being in the limelight. Your moves, looks, finances, and every other detail is scrutinized. Not everyone will like you or agree with you. Your actions, both blogged about versus what is known in public and court documents, is fair game. There is a difference in being an anonymous person and folks talking about you and being a public figure and folks talking about you. Just ask Dooce, Pioneer Woman, The Bloggess, and other famous mommy bloggers. Hell, ask other public figures like politicians, celebrities, athletes, and anyone else who lives in the public eye.

In my humble opinion Jennifer is grasping at straws and attempting to deflect attention from her current situation. Many times on her blog she wrote (and screenshots have been captured) that her back taxes were paid off and they were paying off their debts. That information is false, and information about her financial fuckery is now available to the public. It is now a matter of public record that she and Israel are $750,000 dollars in the hole. It is public record that she claimed her 2011 income was  $55,000 when in fact it was over $148,000. The audio tape of her bankruptcy creditors meeting is a matter of public record; for your information, audio recordings of court proceedings (when available) ARE FREE AND ARE A MATTER OF PUBLIC RECORD. No one from MWOP “pulled strings” or set out to maliciously harm Jennifer; she just didn’t want her lies to be known. Jennifer is pointing fingers at MWOP readers and the site administrator (spelled A-N-J-A) claiming that we are purposely telling lies and untruths; she even had the audacity to say that some anonymous persons set up a fake PayPal account and put money in it to get her in trouble. Remember….this woman paid $12,000 for an RV out of her PayPal account, and she had nearly $60,000 in deposits in PayPal during 2011. It is virtually impossible to set up a fake PayPal account. You have to supply personal information, SSN, your bank information has to match your personal information exactly—-and how can you open a fake bank account? They even take a thumb print at some banks now. This whole matter just smacks of blame and deflection. What it boils down to is this:  Jennifer is in deep crap with the bankruptcy court and the US Trustee. Her bankruptcy will almost certainly be denied, and the trustee is moving for the court to dismiss her bankruptcy under a certain part of the law which would saddle her with that debt until it is paid off (meaning she can’t file bankruptcy again for those debts). The US Trustee stated in his latest court filing that the debtors fraudulently and knowingly made a false oath or account. He called her out on failing to disclose her PayPal account. He called her out on lying about her income. He called her out on a bunch of other stuff, but my fingers are starting to hurt. You’ll just have to read it.

I love how Jennifer thinks that she deserves apologies from people. Really? How big of an ego does this woman have? If anything she needs to apologize to the American taxpayers for attempting to bilk us out of nearly a million dollars to cover her debts. She needs to apologize to her creditors, the IRS, and her landlord on the farm. She needs to apologize to her faithful readers who seem to genuinely care about her. She needs to right her wrongs and own up to them. Pointing fingers and shouting, “Fire!” in an attempt to deflect attention from yourself is really shitty.

I have talked about Jennifer McKinney on my blog. Some things I have said are factual:  Jennifer is a liar and cheat, and that was proven in black and white court documents. Some of what I have discussed is my opinion, and when I have written my opinions I have stated as such. I have never threatened or contacted Jennifer McKinney. She chooses to live her life in the public eye, and, as a member of the public, I am entitled to my opinion.

But, to be a team player, Jennifer, I will come forward and apologize.

O MckMama, forgive me for my transgressions.

I am sorry I ever clicked on a “Pray for Stellan” button and discovered you.
I am sorry I clicked on your page thousands of times from 2008 until late 2010.
I am sorry I ever asked my husband if we could send you something (we didn’t because we couldn’t afford it.)
I am sorry I ever read about your life and felt like less of a mother because my kids don’t eat organically, drink raw milk, are vaccinated, and because I choose to utilize public schools.
I am sorry that I blindly believed you for so long.
I am sorry for being a big, stupid meany head and not liking the person you have turned out to be.
I am sorry for being a strong enough woman to tell you that.
I am sorry that your mentality seems to be, “If I’m going down then I’m taking everyone with me!”
I am sorry that I feel sorry for you and the kids.

You brought this all on yourself. No one from MWOP or any other “naysayer” made you not pay your taxes, utility bills, mortgage payments, car payments, or medical bills. We didn’t make you go shopping and travel. We didn’t make you eat expensive organic food and eat out alot. We didn’t make you lie under oath. We didn’t even hurt your income! We didn’t make you sign legal documents stating that your information was true and accurate. We didn’t repossess your Cadillac Escalade and Israel’s Dodge Ram. We didn’t make you and your husband separate.

You can continue to point fingers and tell folks that we are big stupid meanies and have cooties. You have made your bed; now you need to lie down in it.


58 thoughts on “Forgive Me *snicker*

  1. Thank you, Marley. I love how you come across on MWOP; I imagine you to be warm, funny, and charming. My choice to be strong and own up to who I am has earned me a reputation in some circles as a bitch. I try to be tactful and compassionate, but I have decided that I am just as important as everyone else; my opinions, thoughts, and feelings are just as valid as everyone elses. Sometimes I think I should write my ex-husband a letter of thanks 🙂

  2. Dear [Snort] –Thank you for the all the laughs and insight. (FWIW — I'm not all that interested in the 'MckDrama" and think that your blog is just as funny without it.)Looking at MckMama's threats, though, I have to wonder if her bankruptcy doesn't transfer some — if not most — of these claims to the trustee, which would mean that MckMama isn't the proper person to bring them. It would seem to me, as a lawyer who practiced creditor side bankruptcy some in the past, claims for pre-petition harm ought to belong to the bankruptcy estate and could be only brought by the trustee. Perhaps the rules have changed since my time in bankruptcy court, but in a similar situation (a debtor asserting a claim for tortious interference with contract for pre-petition harm) the bankruptcy judge agreed with me and ordered that the debtor could not bring such claims, only the trustee could.I also suspect that any damage claims would be difficult to prove, given her income history ($100,000 in 2009, $180,000 in 2010, and $150,000 in 2011). There's not much consistency here to draw a conclusion as to what her income might have been without "interference." It doesn't seem unreasonable to me that $150k was about what she could have been expected to make without interference in 2011 anyway. I think it's unreasonable to assume that her income would grow at the same 80% clip as from 2009 to 2010. And a roughly 25% CAGR across 2009 to 2011 doesn't seem that bad. (There's also the argument that any decline in her earnings in 2011 represent pre-petition damages, which belong to the bankruptcy estate and can only be asserted by the Trustee at this point.)In addition, one could argue, I think, that any reduction in her income in 2011 was the result of her own actions — the loss of BlogHer due to the plagiarism, a normal loss of readers as a result of that and other events, or even the pre-bankruptcy winding down of her activities as shown in her 341 meeting.If I were the attorney she approached to bring the claims she describes, I would have to think long and hard before taking on a case where the vast majority of any damages might belong to someone else, where damages, at best, appear to be limited, or worst, subject to serious doubts, with a client being accused of fraud by her bankruptcy trustee in what appears to be a well supported case. She may be able to pay someone to write a generic "cease and desist" letter to send to on-line critics, but to find a reasonable attorney willing to take on the actual work and expense of litigation against multiple defendants in multiple jurisdictions — that seems unlikely to me. Stranger things have happened — the resurrection of Newt Gingrich as a moral, small government conservative, for example – so I can't rule it out, but it seems unlikely to me.I wish you the best and hope you continue to blog.An American Lawyer in Europe.

  3. You are hysterical, I actually laughed out loud reading your blog entries. Found you on MWOP (where else), I'm not a regular reader or participant, but it certainly is an interesting read when I have a few minutes ;)I live in a small to medium Georgia town north of ATL, not originally from here, but we've been here 22 years and I have to say I LOVE it, especially today, the high is only in the 70's!! It's wonderful and it makes me wonder what it would be like if it were always like this in the summer :)Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and say hi.

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