Totally Random Friday

For M on chemo Friday  ♥

I was on Facebook last night and was “visiting” some friends I haven’t visited in awhile. I clicked on the profile of a nursing buddy of mine and was stunned to learn that he died June 1st. I sat in front of the computer and cried. He was such a nice, funny guy. He was only 31 and was completely healthy. I don’t want to speculate about what may have happened to him, but I’m just so sad to learn about his passing.

Have you ever noticed that bathroom water and kitchen water taste different?

I fucking hate it when people make plans and flake out at the last minute, often without calling or texting to give me a heads up. I have a good friend who is notorious for pulling this shit. She did it again today as a matter of fact—we made tentative plans for today, she wouldn’t reply to my text yesterday, and now G is upset because he doesn’t get to play with his friend like I told him he could.

J is coming home early today which means I can go get my nails done without having to take the boys! It’s the little things that make this mama happy, y’all.

I hate admitting this, but it is the truth:  I catch myself comparing 6-inch to Footlong when Footlong was a baby. I’ve noticed that Footlong at 10 months could do a few things that 6-inch can’t. I catch myself wondering if something is wrong with 6-inch. I know there isn’t and that babies develop at their own pace. 6-inch is happy, healthy, and has met all of his developmental milestones (except crawling well….both boys were late crawlers). I feel bad admitting that I compare the boys, and I certainly don’t want to do that as they grow up. Bad mama!

I’m hoping to get the gastric bypass taken care of in the next two months! Some of my friends have asked me, “What are you going to miss not being able to eat?”  It’s not certain foods that I’m going to have a hard time giving up; it is Diet Coke and Perrier that I’m going to miss like a son of a bitch. I’m not looking forward to weaning myself off of carbonated beverages at all.

I have a cousin and a few friends that never take into account the time difference between AZ and GA; it is not unusual at all for my phone to bing with a text message at 4:00 am (7:00 am back home). Drives me bonkers.

I can’t stand to read crap written by folks who think they are brilliant writers but in truth can’t write their way out of a fucking paper bag. They use too many descriptive words, have sentences chocked full of split verb phrases and dangling participles, their verb tense is wrong, and the structure of the sentence is so jumbled that you have a hard time understanding it.

If reincarnation is real then I’d like to come back as an Olympic athlete.


13 thoughts on “Totally Random Friday

  1. My oldest son lives in NYC and I am in Seattle, opposite coasts, and he often calls me at 8am, his time which is NOT 8am ,my time! It gets worse when he is out of the country and calls me at a convenient time for him which is always not so convenient for me, in as I am usually sleeping. I shouldn't complain though, at least he does call his mom:)I too hate a bad writer, especially the annoying type trying to sound so 19th century. What is the point of that gibberish? Wishing you all the best as you wait for your GB surgery. Are you waiting on insurance to approve?Thank you so much for the Friday ♥ I love finding this every Friday–you make chemo Friday start with a smile every time.–Mari

  2. As a language teacher, it aggravates the shitoky out of me when people write like crap. My sister does it just to tick me off, but in a funny way (to her). I hate when people flake on me as well. If I can get my fat ass out the door and dressed up and mobile when I don't have to be, shoot, you better show up with bells on! Ha! You have such a talent for saying what no one has the balls to say, and I think you are pretty stinkin' awesome!! If I ever move to Arizona, I am totes gonna come see you in a non stalker way! Dana J

  3. I relate to a lot of your posts, but Today, I especially relate to the friends part. I don't understand people not having just a sliver of common courtesy. If I make plans with someone, we have plans, dammit. Whether something better comes up or not. Whether I don't feel like meeting up or not. Unless a kid is sick, I will be at appointed meeting place, pretty close to the appointed meeting time (I have an infant, cut me a little slack time-wise.) It really chaps my hind when I have plans with someone and they back out!!! To me, it's just a sign that I am not as important as whatever came up. It's very frustrating and, let's be honest, hurtful. I admit, sometimes I make plans and then by the time the date comes, I don't feel like following through. But I DO! I got flaked on today, too. So annoying. Ugh, flaky people suck. ~WUWD

  4. PS (as always) ~ I'm sorry to hear about your old friend. That's not a nice surprise at all, especially in someone young. And I can't wait to hear of your bypass surgery's success!! ~WUWD (again)

  5. Thanks, Dana! I say what no one else has the balls to say because I'm missing the filter that is supposed to be between my brain and my mouth 😀

  6. I remember when I spent a summer living and working in Alaska family would call and it would be at 4:30 in the morning!Yeah, I'm waiting on insurance to approve. I have to do some bloodwork, and I've been putting it off because I don't want to take the boys to the lab with me. You're welcome for the Friday ♥. I hope the hubby is doing ok!

  7. I think Flo Rida has a song about that:Apple bottom jeansboots with the furthinks the whole world's talking 'bout hershe tries to write the stupid hoand her participles dangle low low low low low low

  8. I hate you can relate too. I am big on manners. I make eye contact, chew with my mouth closed, put my napkin in my lap, say please and thank you, and if I say I'm going to do something I do it. This friend means alot to me but I'd say 50% of the time we make plans she'll either cancel at the last minute or just never mention the plans again. And we live an hour and a half away from each other; she had said yesterday she would come down around lunch time and stay for the afternoon. I cleaned the house and didn't make any other plans. Never heard from her.

  9. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend passing away. Very sad stuff, indeed… :-(And, apparently I'm a 'bad mamma', too, since I can't help but to compare my 2 kiddos. I think it's a natural thing to do, though…and, I rather think it's a sign of being a 'good mamma', because you're observant, and want them to develop to the best of their abilites. I'm at the beginning of the process to have my son diagnosed…with something. I'm not sure what it is, but something doesn't 'seem right'. From what I've been reading, Dyspraxia might fit…with a bit of ADHD thrown in for good measure. It's tough, since I'm in an area of Finland with really limited specialized medical services. So, I'm going to be fighting an uphill battle in getting my son the proper help and support he needs as he starts/goes through school. Not that I'm saying that there'd be anything to worry about with your little one. At all. Especially when he's so young. He sounds perfectly wonderful ❤ . Just remember to trust your own instincts. During my boy's annual checkups, our doctor has been making me feel like I'm wrong about my observations, and tries to tell me that his development is perfectly normal…which is totally pissing me off, since I KNOW that something isn't working the way it should in his sweet head. It's one of those things that is impossible to put into words…but, for the lack of better ones, it's like I can't always reach him/connect with him.Ok, sorry…there I go writing a novel again. It's just that what you wrote struck a chord with me, and this is the first time I've put into writing what is going on with my Boy.

  10. I believe it goes something like…Jenny had the almond butter sludge, The shoes with the toes,The trustee was lookin' at her..She tried to lie, the stupid hoe, and her participles dangle low low low low low low.. That just might be the next verse, though.

  11. You're not a bad mama,it's pretty normal to compare your kids.I have 4 kids and you will notice that ,especially if you have more kids,each child will do things earlier than the one before him/her or at least mine did.I always thought that it was because they have someone to immitate and a goal to reach.In my 4th child that goal was to torture her old sibs and get into their forbidden items.

  12. I had lapband done 2 years ago, thought about the bypass but did not feel like it was for me. I have lost 100 pounds and more coming off but very, very slow!! I did not give up soda all the way still have maybe one a week I usually do not finish it, its just having it!! best of luck to you as you start your new life!! It will be a roller coaster ride

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