Ode to 6-inch

I’d like to take this opportunity today to expound of the wonderful, sweet blob of cuteness that is my second son, 6-inch (a.k.a  “P”).

J and I had toyed with the idea of having a second child since Footlong was about 3, but the timing was just not right. We were a two income family, and I had to work. My depression went from mild to severe, and it greatly affected every aspect of my life:  work, weight, attitude, energy, libido, and motivation. In previous posts I admitted to battling an addiction to pain medications that, thankfully, lasted between 6-9 months. After getting clean, choosing to leave the nursing profession, and seeing a psychiatrist intensively I became a happier, more functional woman. My wonderful and patient psychiatrist found the right combination of medications for my depression and anxiety, and over a period of a few months I was noticeably improved. I didn’t feel worthless. I wasn’t sad all the time, and I no longer was exhausted to the bone. I retrained myself to sleep at night and stay awake during the day (hard to do after 10 years on night shift). I had more energy and started doing more housework. I was a better mother to Footlong and a better wife to J.

Several months after leaving the nursing profession Footlong and I took a trip back home to visit family. As it turns out, 6-inch was conceived as soon as we returned home to J. We weren’t trying, and I couldn’t understand why my period was late. J has a built-in “boob radar,” and he took one look at my breasts and said, “You’re pregnant.” I took a test the day after Thanksgiving in 2010, and sure enough it was positive. I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe it.

We told Footlong that I had a baby growing in my tummy, and he was soooooooooo excited. He would tell everyone:  waitresses, cashiers, the UPS man, etc. He couldn’t wait to be a big brother.

With 6-inch I started showing alot sooner and was in maternity clothes by 10 weeks. I felt him moving around 17 weeks, and I loved it. I was expecting him to be a girl for some reason, and at our 20 week ultrasound I was stunned when the ultrasound tech said, “It looks like you have another son! Congratulations!” His little boy part was sticking straight up like a thumb on a hitchhiker. We were absolutely tickled! 6-inch, coincidentally, had the same kidney condition that Footlong had in utero, and I required ultrasounds every month to evaluate his kidneys. We were tickled and relieved when he, just like his big brother, had two normal kidneys at his 32 week ultrasound.

I had a tougher time with this pregnancy; with Footlong I sailed through, but with 6-inch I started having contractions at 25 weeks. At 28 weeks I was put on bed rest, and my mom came out to help with the house and take care of Footlong. I spent my days on the couch or bed with my feet elevated and drinking Perrier. I played alot of Minesweeper. I took Russian lessons with Rosetta Stone. A dear friend even sent me a knitting kit to keep me occupied. At 35 weeks my blood pressure started creeping up, but I wasn’t spilling any protein in my urine. At 38 weeks a plan was made to induce labor. I was induced, and after remaining at 4cm for 12 hours the doctor decided to do a c-section. My darling 6-inch was born perfectly healthy; the reason my labor didn’t progress was because the umbilical cord was coiled up on top of his head which prohibited his head from pressing on my cervix.

6-inch was so cute. He had brown fuzz on his head, big blue eyes, chubby cheeks, and he had a rash that, thankfully, cleared up after a few days. Footlong loved being a big brother. He still does.

Fast forward to today and I have a happy, healthy, giggly, chubby little man who loves to snuggle. He can occupy himself for up to an hour at a time in his exersaucer or with toys. He only cries when he’s hungry, tired, or has pooped. He wakes up so happy every morning and makes our days so much fun. No one can elicit a laugh from this baby better than Footlong! He is 10 months old and has 6 teeth, chubby cheeks, gray eyes, and brown fuzz on his head. I am blessed to be his mama!

I love you, Tinky!


29 thoughts on “Ode to 6-inch

  1. Thanks! PS—It took 4 years of braces to get them that way. I used to be able to fit 3 quarters between my front teeth, and one tooth on the bottom was turned completely sideways.

  2. Doing great. Sitting here with me, smiling up a storm! She is one happy baby. I love her, her daddy loves her, and her big brother loves her. Awesome! ~WUWD

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