Everything You Never Wanted To Know….

I have 5 tattoos

I am deathly afraid of snakes and fire.

With my pyrophobia I didn’t learn how to light a match or use a cigarette lighter until college and that was only to light the Bunsen burner in chem lab.

As a kid in the 80s I aspired to dress like Madonna.

I had braces for almost 4 years.

My feet grew half a size with my first pregnancy.

I absofuckinglutely cannot stand cilantro or organ meats.

My favorite flavor ice cream is pistachio almond.

I got drunk for the first time when I was 18; it was at my aunt’s house, and I drank rum and cokes. To this day I get queasy if I even smell rum.

My toenails are always painted.

I’m left-handed.

I skipped a grade in elementary school.

I dream in color.

My hands are really small and dainty which is weird because the rest of me is the antithesis small and dainty.

I fucking love shoes.

If I could go on vacation anywhere in the world, with unlimited time and money, I would visit the South Pacific, Maldives, Russia, China, and tour the US.

I drove from Houston, TX to Anchorage, AK in 10 1/2 days.

I personally think Scientology is the craziest thing ever. Thetans? Aliens? E-meters and auditing?

My most favorite place to be is at the beach.

I am horribly claustrophobic.

I think gay people should be allowed to marry.

I am obsessed with “Uncle John’s Bathroom Readers.”

I would rather clean toilets than do the dishes.

Both depression and addiction run in my family.

I refuse to swim in lakes and rivers.

I don’t understand the appeal of NASCAR.

I love, love, LOVE both the summer and winter Olympics. Seriously. I watch them religiously and get teary eyed during the poignant moments like the parade of nations and lighting of the cauldron.

I refuse to get a touch screen phone because they drive me batshit crazy. I lurve my Blackberry.

I can type 90 words a minute.

I cannot read music or play an instrument.

I also can’t sing worth a damn.

I’m a mad lip syncher though.

I cannot stand for the chiropractor to adjust my neck.

When J pops his neck it grosses me out.

I refuse to eat at buffets.

I have delivered 2 babies.

Politics bore me.

I hate going to the movies.

I hate when people lie or break a promise.


29 thoughts on “Everything You Never Wanted To Know….

  1. I have one tattoo.I am also deathly afraid of fire.My lab partner in Chemistry was also my stunt partner in cheerleading and was voted class clown. She used to set things on fire just to hear me scream. She is now married to the Chief Medical Examiner for the state of Georgia. No lie.I went to the Madonna concert in 1985 and dressed like her, of course.I love cilantro. I am also left handed. I have birthed three children. I can't carry a tune in a bucket but my brothers are all extremely talented singers, as is my dad. I still sing loud and proud, in my own key.I am also claustrophobic, to the extent that if my driveway is blocked I have a panic attack. Love politics. Hate going to the movies because they're too loud.NASCAR = go fast, turn left.My hands are also dainty and the rest of me is not.We are sisters!

  2. Interesting list! I would love to get a tat but am DEATHLY afraid of needles. And a million other things but those have nothing to do with tats. :)I love NASCAR but totally understand why other people don't. I used to hate it until I started watching it in desperation after football season ended. Once I got all the strategy I kind of got hooked. I've even been to a couple of races and it is SO much better in person.I'm an 80s child, too. I must confess that 80s Madonna was my hero. I still sing and dance (in the privacy of my own home) to Like a Virgin and Material Girl.I've hijacked the comments section long enough. I will bow out gracefully now.You rock, [SNORT]. You rock! 🙂

  3. OHHHH YOU DID NOT MENTION NASCAR!!! LOL!!Ok, I see where you're coming from, you really have to be in to the physics of it, the kind of talent it takes to drive a car that's on the edge at 200 mph. But in all reality, in order to truly understand it you have to go to a race. Feel the power and you'll get it. It is intense. Otherwise, it's just guys turning left all day.Anyhow, I'm sure you don't want convincing about it but I love the sport. They are some talented dudes.

  4. That is my opinion of them too. It's like a challenge for some people to see how much food they can pack away for a mere $8.99. I also don't like eating at Dennys, or as Seth Meyers on Saturday Night Live referred to it, "the 24 hour competitive eating thunderdome!"

  5. We are sisters! Oh, when I said I delivered two babies, I wasn't referring to my kids; during my nursing career I actually delivered 2 babies on my own!

  6. You're right; I may enjoy it better if I understood the strategy and mechanics of it because it just seems like guys turning left for a few hours.

  7. Until you mentioned NASCAR I thought we were separated at birth lol. My oldest son became obsessed with it at age 2 (we live in WI) and has stayed an avid fan ever since. Samantha

  8. Patti, may I pretty please take it that, by your seeming love of NASCAR, and the #14 you are a Tony Stewart fan?!? Because seriously, he rocks and I would marry him if I could. 🙂

  9. LOL!! You see in my picture my office depot jacket. My sister took that in the infield of Fontana a few years back. Yes, I am a die hard Smoke fan and if I ever had the chance would marry the man too. So stay out of my way!!!!!LOL!

  10. Your list reminds me that I just love you and want to watch the summer Olympics with you and share Kleenex. I thought I was the only nutjob on the Earth regarding the Olympics. :-)You're A-OK in my book, [SNORT]!!!!

  11. And you are a-ok in my book as well. I checked out your quilting blog. Nice!!! I'm glad that hexagons have a fan club. I wish I new how to quilt. Or knit. I seem to be creatively challenged.

  12. Thought of you the other day as Doug & I watched The Grey. Don't know if you've seen it but it takes place in Alaska and it looks fricking COLD!!! I would rather do dishes any old day than clean my toilets…

  13. I'm so sorry to hear of your dislike of Rum. However, I'm happy to drink all that would have been yours. It must not be that Captain Morgan shit though. I insist upon Jamaican Rum.PS…I can't sing either. I married a very musically talented spouse, and I'm an absolute mystery to him with respect to music. He can't understand how anyone can be so clueless.

  14. I love Nascar and I feel like you feel about rum but I feel that way about vodka. I also hate politics and going to the movies. I think gay people should be able to marry and I love the beach (ocean beaches) and I also do not swim in rivers or lakes. I just drove from NC to LI in 11 hrs..lol.

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