Totally Random Friday

For M on chemo Friday  ♥

  • I am in love with the blueberry banana nut oatmeal from McDonalds.

  • Someone from MWOP wanted to know how me and J got together. I’ll give you the condensed version:  we are from the same hometown. We went to high school together, but because I’m a year older we didn’t have any classes together. I knew who he was and vice versa. We officially met in college due to a misdirected e-mail. We went on a couple of dates, but J was woefully shy at the time and didn’t even kiss me. He soon transferred to another school. After I divorced my first husband I worked as a travel nurse. I was at the library in Anchorage, AK one day using the computer and visited I saw his name and sent him a message. He had just separated from his wife (they were married just a handful of months, and she was cheating on him). We started e-mailing, e-mailing led to daily phone calls, phone calls led to him visiting me in Las Vegas several times (where I was working at the time), and we were married a year later. We had a wedding at a big hotel in Las Vegas; 25 people flew out for the occasion, and we had a catered brunch buffet reception in a private banquet room at the hotel.We got married outdoors surrounded by flowers, palm trees, and waterfalls. It was lovely.

  • There is a fire somewhere around here. I live in a place surrounded by 4 different mountain chains; the mountains southeast of town are completely invisible, and the mountains on the northeast side of town are hazy. I need to do some googling when I’m done with this.

  • Me and the boys got to video chat with my cousin and her two girls last night. It was so much fun! Me and the boys also video chat with my parents everyday. I am available for video chatting if you wish. Please deposit 1 million US dollars into my PayPal account.

  • I woke up in the middle of the night with heartburn. I crept into the kitchen and got what I thought was the antacid bottle. I opened it and popped a few chews in my mouth. They tasted like absolute shit. I turned on the light and found that I had opened the bottle of Target brand stool softeners (leftover from when I was pregnant—as were the antacid chews) and chewed a few of them. I anticipate a fun day.

  • Somebody from MWOP wanted to know how to keep things spicy in a relationship. It’s simple:  cayenne pepper. Lots and lots of cayenne pepper.

4 thoughts on “Totally Random Friday

  1. Here I was thinking all these wonderful mushy thoughts about you meeting your man and your wedding and your sweet kids and then…POW!The irony of stool softeners tasting like sh*t is not lost on me. I found that freaking HILarious!:)

  2. That'll teach ya to put stuff in your mouth in the dark.DOHLOLWe got married in Vegas too. I wanted a jeans and t-shirt with Elvis as the officiant. My Mom got involved and guilt ensued. I did have the reception at an Elk's Lodge and we had BBQ and cupcakes. I did get a few of my wants. Sigh.-justalurker

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