Baby Kangaroo Tribbiani

My pal StuffedAnimalSmallGroup over at MWOP made a funny observation about a certain blog writer:  she said this person’s writing is akin to the episode of “Friends” where Joey Tribbiani uses the thesaurus to pen a letter to the adoption agency on behalf of Chandler and Monica; he even used the thesaurus on his name and signed the letter “Baby Kangaroo Tribbiani.” The idea of getting synonym happy brought me to giggles so I decided to write a normal entry and hit the thesaurus to sound like both Joey and said blogger. Brace yourselves; this may not be pretty.

Today is Patriarch’s Day! Ecstatic Patriarch’s Span to my own wonderful and loving father as well as to my consort, J. J is a formidable and adequate sire to 12 inches and 15.24 Measured Centimeters to be sure.

A lackadaisical diurnal course is ours this day. J sojourned to a local chopped beefsteak canteen to get us some luncheon; we freaked out on chopped beefsteak sandwiches with aged solids of mammal milk, fricasseed tubers of France, and frigid pudding. J and 12 inches have been making merry with telegenic amusements on the Wii. Having a plethora of gladdening are they! 12 inches also adjudicated to knuckle down on lucubrating trigonometry since he is a first-grader forthwith. He in addition constituted a cauterizing kiln out of a pair of bejeweled auricular adornments, a thin paper coffee distiller, a vodka and orange juice beverage, a can of whipped hair pomade, and a premium certificate for a 99/100 dollar Whopper at Burger King. Smashingly egg-headed he is indisputably!!

15.24 Measured Centimeters continues to explore our ranch style single family dwelling as he is promptly locomotive, wriggling and writhing on the bottom mezzanine. Joyous manifestations of perturbation adorn his countenance as he propels himself in a forward motion, discovering that he is indeed mobile. Catching forty winks presently he is rocking to and fro in the swing.

The summer cloudburst era ceremoniously alighted in the arid plains yesterday as we had our premiere oppressive cloudburst with blowing air, falling dihydrogen mono oxide droplets, thunder, lightning, and falling frozen ice particulates. Amazing. Perfect. Windy. Transported my inner being to the core it did. 12 inches was affrighted of the thunder. He was. It was cute. But not. But mostly it was cute.


10 thoughts on “Baby Kangaroo Tribbiani

  1. This is awesome! Though, I'm sure that 12 Inches wasn't really "cute" when affrighted. He was probably more adorable, lovable, sweet, lovely, appealing, engaging, delightful, dear, darling, winning, winsome, attractive, pretty, cutesy, or twee. :)~McKash

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