Everything You Never Wanted To Know: Volume 2

I can’t stand to use shower gel or shampoo that smells fruity. My goal is to get clean not to smell like fruit salad.

I floss my teeth constantly.

There are certain foods I didn’t get to try until I was an adult because my mother never, ever bought them. These include:  fresh blueberries/cherries/raspberries, cheeses from the nice part of the grocery store, kale, lettuces other than iceberg, dijon mustard, sparkling water, quinoa, veal, artichokes, lamb, spinach, and real butter.

KFC grosses me out.

I can’t sleep without a white noise machine.

I love bad thunderstorms, hurricanes, and rain.

I love sleeping with the window upen when it’s cold and rainy so I can hear the sounds, smell the rain smells, and be all warm and snuggly under the covers.

I am hot natured.

2 different friends tried to teach me how to drive a stick, and I still can’t do it.

My first car was a red Toyota Corolla. I got it when it had 50,000 miles and gave it up when it had about 240,000 miles.

I love Korean food.

I use humor as a coping mechanism.

I look horrible in yellow and orange.

I look great in green.

I have extremely dry, itchy, sensitive skin.

I can spend hours on Google Earth.

I miss the smell of freshly mowed grass.

I love eating with chopsticks.

I can’t stand for things to be in my ears.

That said, I wear traditional ear phones with my iPod instead of ear buds.

I love spicy food.

I love watching “Phineas and Ferb” and “Fairly Odd Parents” with Footlong.

I hate cilantro so much that I joined the website ihatecilantro.com

I can’t stand having long hair. Hair between my chin and shoulders works best for me.

I have brown eyes.

I have (mostly) dark brown hair.

I am 5’5” and wear a size 9 shoe.

I like strong coffee. My mom doesn’t, and when she makes it I feel like I’m drinking coffee-scented water.

I cannot live without back rubs.

As I type this 6-inch is on the floor next to me playing with a clothes hanger. Yeah, I sold his toys for money. That’s just how I roll.

If I had to choose between being rich or being happy I would choose to be happy.

I have had three marriage proposals in my life, and all of them were in bed in non-sexual situations. J proposed after we had just woken up from a nap at a B&B back home.

People with no common sense irritate the piss out of me.

The people that think “Fifty Shades of Gray” is shocking need to read Sade’s “120 Days of Sodom” and then come talk to me. I read that book with my jaw on my chest the whole time.That is also the only book to ever make me gag. Awful, awful stuff.

I hate cake frosting and whipped cream.

I am always worried that people are judging me straightaway because of my size.

Growing up I was a member of the academic team that won the state championship, and I was also on TV several times to participate in quiz bowl tournaments. I even had my own commercial senior year for being chosen “Student of the Week” by a local TV station.

You know I really love you when I give you a nickname.


10 thoughts on “Everything You Never Wanted To Know: Volume 2

  1. I love fruit scented shower gels. Especially because the scent is usually gone by the time I finsih showering. I can't stand any "perfume" or men's scents stuff, because they linger. Baby soap was my favourite till I ended up being able to smell it in myself after stepping out of the shower. 120 Days of Sodom was required reading in one of my psychology classes. I loved that class, it helped me cope a lot. Another thing we read was Battle Royale and now I can't stand The Hunger Games.

  2. Crap. I love cilantro. Guess I won't ever get a nickname. ;o)"People with no common sense irritate the piss out of me." Me, too. I know someone like this and I roll my eyes constantly whenever I am around her.I also love spicy food. Mostly Mexican. Taco Bell is not Mexican.Hope you're having a great day! I was worried about you a little yesterday. :o/

  3. I'm not a big fiction person, so The Hunger Games, Harry Potter bookss, Twilight, and Lord of the Rings never appealed to me. I enjoyed psychology and sociology classes immensely. What did you think of 120 Days of Sodom??

  4. Thanks, Melicity. I'm doing better today. I think it's a combo of PMS, not getting any help from J or quality time with him, and just being tired. Taco Bell is not Mexican for sure; the chain tried to open some restaurants in Mexico marketing it as "American Mexican food" and they flopped.

  5. Oh my frak, that book freaked me out. The movie was bad enough… yes, we watched it in another class, but the book… scary that someone's mind is not only capable of thinking it up, but to write it well. And enjoy it. And I'M not a prude.

  6. I'm no prude either, Hevel, and I read that book with my mouth gaping open. It amazes me that Sade wrote it in just 30 something days whilst in the Bastille, and the story makes me wonder if he was brilliant to imagine such things or if he was a total perv. I haven't seen the movie. I don't think I could take it.

  7. LOL, Darlene, I remember the days of having my nose stuck in biology, anatomy, and chemistry books. With regards to 120 Days of Sodom…brace yourself. I'm a raunchy person and like to keep an open mind, but it is really something. And the author, Marquis de Sade, has been named the father of sadism.

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