The Photoshop Bandit (aka Jennifer McKinney) Strikes Again!

It’s not very often I do two blog posts in one day, but this just pisses me off. Jennifer Howe Sauls McKinney (aka disgraced mommy blogger “MckMama”) posted a photo yesterday of her svelte self in size 11/12 jeans. *snicker*

Her legs don’t touch. All the way up to her crotch her legs don’t touch. I find that hard to believe for someone who weighs just under 180 lbs and is in a size 12. Secondly, and this is my opinion, I believe she has photoshopped the picture. Why do I think that? The floor appears messed up.

This is the photo she posted; I have rotated it 180 degrees:

Edited to add:  Great catch by Melinda at MWOP:  the side of her right sandal is missing!

 Below is the same photo that I uploaded into Paint. It is really simple. This is how you should look at the picture below:  Start at the bottom of the photo. Notice that I have used blue lines to trace the outline of individual floor planks. Notice at the bottom that the planks are in perfect straight lines. Now, work your way up. I started making the straight lines along the right edge of the photo because that is where the plank lines were darkest and easiest to mark. If you follow the lines from right to left you will see that the planks are no longer straight where she is standing.

The planks below her are straight, yet the planks where her body are quickly deviate from a straight line. Again, start on the right edge and notice how quickly the planks deviate from a straight line as you move left. Several readers have also commented in regards to how the wooden floor looks “warped” and “wavy” between her feet. Several people have mentioned that this could be distortion from a wide-angle lens. Jennifer said the photo was taken with her cell phone. I don’t know.

Shameful, Jennifer. I pity she sheeple that referred to you as MckHotCakes or some such nonsense. Anything to make a buck and make yourself look better, right?


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