I need a vacation from shit ’round these parts. I’m sick of all this juvenile he-said-she-said crap. I’ll be back online when I’m back online. Love y’all  🙂



24 thoughts on “Vacation

  1. sorry Snort…if I lived in Tuscon, we could meet with the kids at the museum…I totally know how you feel…sometimes, I also take a break from internet all together…sorry you feel like this, but we all appreciate you more than you will ever know…fleaves and right now I don't care if I am showing my real name…

  2. Hey- coming over from MWOP to say this.Be you. Past Present and Future- you are who you are, and don't let anyone get you down about that. Every step you have taken on the road of life in your past has brought you to where you are today and if you're content with your life right here and now that's what matters. part of the chaos of this messed up world is that humans will act human from time to time, and anyone who tries to spin themselves as perfect past present and future is only hiding behind a mask, Though people may try and slag you for the past, you need only to be present in the here and now. we've all made mistakes and we all have a past- don't let them define you by that. I for one certainly wont define you by that.

  3. Every good writer deserves a break. Do not let the foolishness of a few stop you from what you do. You are an awesome person, greater writer, loveable snort and kick ass mom and wife! Take the time you need but just know many of us love you for you, no questions asked. I also am leaning towards another MWOP hiatus. Not from MWOP as much as from the fool who is the subject of the blog. It is nice to step back and concentrate on all the good things you have under your own roof along with the many fans out here who wish you nothing but good thins too! Many love you Carmen, more than you know and you have brought plenty of laughter in my life for sure! Take the time off, don't worry girl, the middle school shit going on will be there when you return. Sending you hugs! cindy

  4. Oh Snort take all the time you need and don't let that bullshit cause you to feel down.I had to look and you know what?Fuck them.Your okay and at least you own up and accept your faults.They can't handle that.This is what I love about you.Your a younger version of me and they hate that you are so vocal.Ignore that shit and be you.Henny Lou

  5. Thanks, Wendy. It'll just be a brief break. People have been flooding me with emails and comments begging me to keep writing, so I will soon 🙂

  6. I lurk on MWOP–never post as I'm usually on my phone–and I love reading your blog. The humor is laugh out loud funny–the kind of laugh that makes my husband look at me like I've lost what's left of my mind:) What really gets me, however, is your honesty. I am stunned, amazed, and humbled by someone who is willing to be balls-to-the-wall out there for everyone to see. I am always worried about what people think, how they perceive me, etc. and often hide my opinions when dealing with people I know will be critical of me. Your blog has inspired me to be more open, even if it means disagreements. So thank you–and I can't wait til you're back blogging:)

  7. You know, Anon, I am absolutely humbled by what you just wrote. I'm sure PMS and my fucked up hormones are a part of this, but I am sitting here crying. Thank you for buoying me (LOL) and balming (*snicker*) my soul. Growing up I was made fun of a great deal for either being really smart or being about 30 lbs overweight. As a result I kept alot of thoughts and opinions to myself because I didn't want to rock the boat and draw attention to myself. I started to open up after I divorced my first husband who was abusive. I realized I had two choices: I could be meek and mild, or I could, as you say, be balls to the wall honest and learn to feel comfortable in my own skin. I chose the latter obviously. I'm glad you like reading here, and I'm even gladder (if that's a word) to make you laugh out loud. If I knew who you were and where you lived I'd send you a gift certificate for some vajazzling ☺ I think I'll get back to blogging very soon.

  8. Two things:#1 I love your blog and check it everyday.#2 Forget the haters. You have never hid who you are or your opinions and thats why I like reading your blog. From the comments I've read, many other people agree with me. Some people must lead really boring, unhappy lives to waste time talking about you.

  9. Your trip to Costco post was hilarious! You are soooo fun & funny. I hope you get a second wind & keep blogging. This stuff is stand alone funny, even without knowing the JM references. One foot in front of the other, friend, & ignore the meanies. You are a cool, honest woman & that is all that counts. MckSicko

  10. Like the Anon said above–your honesty is inspiring. It breaks my heart to see you torn down because you struggled with a disease that many people struggled from, especially people who are trauma survivors. I don't know if you identify as a trauma survivor but you have mentioned a history of abuse, so I'm going out on a limb on that part. Any type of abuse increase the likelihood of a substance abuse problem and I speak from experience. You don't need any fucking judgment for addiction issues, you need a fucking hug because someone did something to you that you never ever ever deserved. Someone repeatedly treated you as less than human and that does something to a person that cannot be explained. We do what we have to cope –healthy and unhealthy because we are doing everything we can to simply survive. Please don't let the judgment of people who obviously don't understand this make you feel like you are less than honest or have done something horribly wrong.

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