Self-Destruct Sale Or Is She Self-Destructing?

Lawd have mercy……Jennifer McKinney has done it again, and this time HUNDREDS of people are pissed off.

Jennifer decided to have a Xyngular promotion on Saturday, June 30th. Apparently it was a volatile, unstable sale that was going to self-destruct in 10 hours. Her sale was on the Ignite Packs and she also urged potential customers to ask how they can win a FREE Ignite Pack of their own OR win a trip to Las Vegas with her in July for Xyng Fest. What exactly was the sale? Per the cached blog entry dated June 30th (and since deleted) the “sale” was Jennifer sending you a check or PayPal deposit for $10 after you ordered products. One person, at random, would be selected to win their choice of another Ignite Pack (to share or keep for themselves) OR round-trip airfare within the continental US to Las Vegas to join her at Xyng Fest. Jennifer also bought airfare to Las Vegas for some of her distributors who met sales goals a while back; she shared this in early June with those in her super secret Xyng FB group:

“Wanted to let you guys know that Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxx Sxxx, Mxxxx Cxxxxxxxxxx and Lxxxxx Lxxxxxx earned the free airfare I gave away last month. They’re going to Vegas this summer! But that’s not all: I have a fun promotion going on right now. I’m giving away $100 in cold, hard cash to the one of the 38 Distributors who share our newest Xyng video with the most people by this Thursday.”

I honestly don’t know if Xyngular allows their distributors to bribe their downline to sell more product so they can win cash and airfare from her. It seems shady to me, but I have gotten off topic. Let’s get back to the exploding sale…..

So what is wrong with having a sale and contest? What is wrong is that Jennifer chose a really shitty way to do it, violating the terms and conditions set forth on the Xyngular web site and publicly compromising the email addresses of literally HUNDREDS of people. Desperate to push products and further line her pocketbook, Jennifer spammed everyone on her e-mail contact list. People that had e-mailed her as far back as a year or two ago (totally un-Xyng related) got spammed. The kicker? She has sooooooooooooo many e-mail contacts that she had to break the e-mails down into alphabetical groups. For the groups S-Z she did not list everyone’s email addresses in the BCC slot so they would remain invisible to other recipients of the email; for that group she published EVERYONE’S email. When many people sent a reply asking for her to remove them from her mailing list or complaining about their email addresses being visible they clicked the option to “Reply to All,” meaning that everyone got a copy of their reply. Yay! More spam! Did I receive an e-mail? No, I did not. I have never contacted Jennifer by any means (except for a comment or two on the blog when Stellan was ill years ago), therefore I was spared.

What is spamming? I am so glad you asked!

On the corporate web page, Xyngular defines spamming as “… sending a large number of identical (and generally not personally addressed) messages to a list of email addresses purchased or obtained from any source, for the purpose of introducing a product, or a business opportunity.”

In this case, Jennifer raided her entire e-mail address book.

How does Xyngular feel about spamming? Their stance appears in bold in the terms and conditions section of their website:

 “Xyngular prohibits our Distributors or Premier Customers from “spamming”. Any Xyngular Distributors or Premier Customer found to be in violation is subject to disciplinary action, which could include the revocation of their Xyngular-Site and/or the termination of their Distributor or Premier Customer membership.”

I’ve got to hand it to Xyngular here, folks; they have spelled out their policy very well.

Here is the email Jennifer sent to her entire address book:

“(Sending this to me entire address book. Please don’t hate me if you get this and aren’t interested! 🙂 )Just wanted y’all to know I have a sale on Ignite Packs (a set of the supplements I’ve used to lose the 60 pounds I’ve lost since December) going on just until midnight tonight. I’m also giving away an entire Ignite Pack or a trip to Vegas with me in July. ;)If you’re interested, the details are right here:…


Taryn W. was on the receiving end of MckMama’s Spam Storm, and she gave me permission to post her reply here on The Snort Files:

“I was also surprised to get this email with this incredible diet pill offer. Remember six weeks ago when you mentioned me by name on Facebook and threatened to sue me for somehow making it appear as ifyou committed bankruptcy fraud? You recommended I contact your lawyer. I called but have never heard back! You might want to check into that. My own attorney was shocked that you’d broadcast something like that to your 12,000 followers and then not back it up. He was also shocked by this article by forensic accountant and investigator Tracy Coenen.…

Talk soon!


The best part of Taryn’s reply? She purposely clicked “reply to all” so everyone else would see her message. Nicely done, Taryn. I bow down to your mad skillz.

Another favorite of mine from her now deleted (but cached) post regarding her contest is this gem from the Q&A section:

Wow. Just wow. She is telling Xyng customers that they can enter if they sign up  their spouse, child, or re-registering themselves as a new user and buy even more Xyng. Seriously? That right there is the perfect example of Jennifer’s greed and fascination with the almighty dollar. I also like how she says that to enter this extravaganza you need to register as a new customer, but at the bottom of the page you can enter without purchasing anything. Which one is it?

A number of spam victims reported Jennifer’s actions to the FTC and Xyngular customer service. I can’t say I blame them. If I received an unsolicted email trying to sell me diet pills and had my email address and name leaked I’d be madder than hell. I hope that Xyngular will take appropriate measures to rectify the situation and take heed of how Jennifer McKinney does business. If she keeps going the way she is going I am confident that, to a degree, Xyngular’s reputation will be affected.


2 thoughts on “Self-Destruct Sale Or Is She Self-Destructing?

  1. I cannot imagine that anyone would sign up their child. That's like getting your 2 year old a credit card. That's just down right despicable! But look who we're talking about……

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