Totally Random Friday

For M, on chemo Friday  ♥

Every night before I fall asleep I read the news and get caught up on MWOP. Last night I learned that a new Starbucks is opening in South Carolina—in a funeral home. Are you fucking kidding me? I may not be religious, but I equate funerals and funeral homes with respect, reverence, and saying goodbye—not venti soy lattes, lemon pound cake, and a tip jar. My favorite part of the article was the funeral home rep saying the Starbucks would be open to the general public and not just those there for funerals and viewings. Really? Who in their right mind is going to go hang out in a funeral home Starbucks? “Where are you going, hon?” “Oh, I’m going to meet Sally and the girls down at the funeral home for a bit.”

You can read the article here:

J abandoned us again yesterday, and I am a single mother. Again. The poor guy had a shitty time getting to Savannah, though. He was supposed to fly United and depart Tucson a little after 10:00 am. United cancelled the flight because of bad weather in Houston, and they got J and his co-workers on a Delta flight to Atlanta that left at 12:30. There was a medical emergency on the flight to Atlanta, so no one could get off of the plane until the EMS crew assessed the sick person and got them on a stretcher; that took forever, and J barely made his connecting flight to Savannah. He was exhausted last night when I talked to him. I was exhausted just listening to everything he told me.

My bestie here in AZ is keeping Footlong for the weekend. Our boys are best friends too. So are our husbands. They are like the Bizarro Jacksons. I’m meeting her halfway between Tucson and Mesa, and we’re going to have lunch then she’ll take Footlong back with her; I will be picking him up on Sunday.

The parents Snort felt mighty sorry for me and the crying jag I had earlier this week. J’s boss told him he isn’t coming home from Savannah until the problem is solved; he could be gone 3 days or 3 weeks. Father Snort took pity on me and bought tickets for him and Mother Snort to come for a visit; they arrive Sunday afternoon. We are excited! A few of you MWOPers wanted them to guest blog one day—they said they wouldn’t know what to write but would answer questions. So, if you have questions (ask anything), leave me a comment.

6-inch has been on formula since he was about 4 1/2 months old, and we had a time trying to find one that he could keep down. The caveat? The formula that works for him makes his poop smell so goddamn bad it will induce nausea at 100 paces. It is gross. His changing table is in our bedroom, so every other day when he poops my room smells like poop the entire day. *shudder*

The Fourth of July fireworks celebration in San Diego was totally fucked up—-there was a glitch, and ALL OF THE FIREWORKS WENT OFF AT THE SAME TIME! Here’s a video; turn your volume down.

Today is Jennifer McKinney’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Jen. Want to find MckMama the perfect gift? How about a pair of these bad boys:

Talk later!


7 thoughts on “Totally Random Friday

  1. I am excited for your parents to come and am trying to think of the perfect questions to ask of them…so if I am correct, you are down a hubby and a son but then gaining back a son and parents in another day or so…have fun Snort you deserve it

  2. Hey girl! Just wanted to let you know we got your gift. Its so pretty! I'll get a pic of it on the table as soon as I can. We probably won't take it out again till winter after that. LOL

  3. I am so happy your parents are coming to visit you all. I remember the days of living so far from my family and absolutely loving when my mom and dad would come out, which was usually every 2 months. The other grandparents own a vineyard/winery in CA, so they could not get away as often, but they took us all on some outragious vacation every year which was equally fulfilling.I forgot to send jennifer howe sauls mckinney birthday wishes and gift cards. OMG, I hope I'm not burning in hell from this day forward. Funeral home? I do love my coffee, but not Starbucks. I am loyal to Peet's Coffee and Tea which is a Berkeley based business and where Howard Shultz first started working in the coffee industry. Thank God we do have Peet's in Seattle. Yes, I could buy Peet's at the market and make it at home, but I haven't made coffee at home in probably 25 years–I am loyal to my coffee cafe. I do not know why I had to share that slice of life on your blog. Sorry (of course if I was seriously sorry I would delete it :)You keep me laughing and I love you for it!!–Mari

  4. How did you get a picture of Jen's feet? Add some red polish and BINGO. Hang in there while hubby is away. Hope footlong has fun and you and 6 inch can relax and hang out doing baby things! Question for parents? hmmm… Do they feel famous with their daughter being a superstar? What do they think of the Jenny fairytale?I am praying back your man, don't worry, he will be back in a flash! love, your admin

  5. Sorry he left you again. I figured the last time mine left me it was due to lack of showers. HAHAHAYehaw on the 'rents coming into town my Mom is not wealthy…read as she can't pay off her debts to save her soul (well she does a helluva lot better then Mck) but she lives 1 state over and can't seem to make it here unless we buy her a ticket. Yeah cuz we're made out of $$ honey.Enjoy your time 1 kidless..isn't it amazing what you can get done with only 1 child. A nap..taking a crap by yourself..drinking a glass of wine. LOL-justalurker

  6. For 6 inch's diaper – have you tried any of the enzymatic sprays? I ran a daycare for years and it helped so much with 6 to 12 infants being diapered several times daily in 1 small room. One (two if it is truly awful) spritz into the diaper and the smell was GONE.Glad you and the kiddos get to see your mama and daddy! Yay!

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