Still Alive (barely)

No, I haven’t died. Mom and Dad Snort are here visiting, and today was a day of rest for all of us. J arrived home from his business trip late tonight and told me he may have to go back to Savannah again later this week. Fucking hell. Footlong and 6-inch are just dandy and are getting tons of attention from their Na-Na and Paw-Paw. I’ll blog tomorrow maybe. G’night  ☺


7 thoughts on “Still Alive (barely)

  1. "Fucking hell."What??? Aren't you a stay-at-home mom????? Be glad your husband has a JOB in this economy, buck up, and enjoy the time with your kids. He's probably not thrilled with it either. But that's life, it is better than the alternative, no job.

  2. I am a stay at home mom, and I do enjoy time with my kids. J has been working 6 days a week for nearly a year. He is not management, so when he goes on these trips he doesn't get a company card or petty cash to cover his hotel/food expenses—-we have to wait until he gets reimbursed which creates financial problems for us. I am grateful he has a job, and I am allowed to complain that I hardly see my husband and am regularly having our savings depleted while they take their sweet time reimbursing him. Until you know the full story don't criticize me and assume I don't like staying home with my kids.

  3. My husband travels a lot for work too. I hate pretending to be a single parent. I put up with my husband for a reason, thank you very much. ;)Glad you have your folks there to pass the time!

  4. I completely understand how you feel about J having to be out of town so often for work. The rocket scientist used to be in Florida or Houston all the time, one time for 15 weeks striaght. The very large areo company he works for, nor the space program he was working on would offer to fly family in to see these workers seemingly lost in space. granted my children were grown and I did fly down as often as I could, but it is a 9 hour flight from Seattle to Orlando and beyond and it is HOT down there, and Houstan was even worse weather wise to me. I was also working full time, so flying out on a Friday red-eye and then back in on a Sunday red-eye to go straight to work sucked. 15 weeks! Who does that to an employee, especially one they need because no one else does what he does.I just vented on your blog comments. How rude of me. I am in a foul mood today, so forgive me.–Mari

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