Catching Up with Mother and Father Snort

Some of y’all cornered me on MWOP and said you wanted my parents to guest blog. Not to be mean, but Mother and Father Snort aren’t the most tech savvy people in the world. They did, however, agree to answer questions. Thanks to those of you who left questions (I didn’t approve them to appear as comments), and here are the answers:

How did you two meet?

Mom:  My best friend was dating his best friend, and they introduced us.

What was Snort like as a kid?

Mom:  Oh my God….just…she was brilliant. She absorbed knowledge like a sponge. And she still picks on us for the birthday party we gave her at Burger King.

Dad:  She was always reading, always happy. She learned to read really early when she was 3 or something. She had lots of friends and liked to listen to music. In our little hometown she knew where every single swing and swing set was; we’d be driving and she would be pointing going, “There’s a swing up here, there’s a swing over there!”

Who does Snort look like?

Mom:  I think she looks alot like her dad. And a little like her grandmother.

You win $10 million dollars. How do you spend it?

Mom:  I would buy Carmen and Tony [my brother] a house, and make sure that all of my family is taken care of. My mom, brothers, etc.

Dad:  I would pay off our debts and my kids debts then I would set aside money for our grandkids for their future and financial security. I’d give some to charity. Then I would buy a big RV and travel the US.

Mother Snort, do you vajazzle?

Mom:  (laughing)  Only when we go to parties.

Do either of you read Carmen’s blog?

Mom:  Both of us. Everyday.

Carmen writes a little bit of everything. Has she posted anything that has shocked or offended you?

Dad:  She cusses too much.

Mom:  Yeah, she cusses way too much.

What do you think about your daughter being a recovering drug user?

Mom:  I’m proud she got clean and has stayed clean.

Dad:  I’m proud she admitted she had a problem and chose to get help. She has never been ashamed of admitting her problems, and we have never, ever been ashamed of her.

How many grandkids do you have?

Mom:  3   (I have two boys, and my brother has a little girl)

Where do you live?

Dad:  East central Alabama, about an hour and a half from the small town in Georgia where the kids grew up.

What is the funniest thing Snort has ever said or done?

Mom:  Oh my God, definitely the time her daddy took her fishing. She was 3. We had to go to the drugstore in town, and she told the pharmacist, nicknamed Doodle, that she and her daddy were going fishing. They caught fish, and Carmen watched Daddy clean the fish. The next day we had to go back to the drugstore for something, and Doodle asked her, “Carmen, did you catch any fish?”  She put her hands on her hips and said, “Yes, and then Daddy chopped their faces off!”  Every person in that store absolutely died laughing.

Dad:  (laughing) I chopped their faces off!

Is Snort a good mom to Footlong and 6-inch?

Mom:  Absolutely.

Dad:  Yes, she is.

There you have it  ☺


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  1. Cindy, I got your comments, but I'm not publishing them because I want to keep your email address secret. And I also don't want to mention what you found online!!!!! xoxo, Carmen

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