Over The Weekend I…..

…enjoyed lots of thunderstorms and rain. When you live in a place that has 350+ days of sunshine a year you really appreciate the bad weather when it comes! Alot of areas in our county and in surrounding counties had flash floods.

…watched the Olympic opening ceremonies and felt like I had dropped acid or something. Dancing nurses? Social media intertwined with short movies? A gaggle of Mary Poppins’ attacking a giant Harry Potter bad guy? David Beckham in a speed boat, and Her Majesty parachuting with James Bond? I did love Mr. Bean though; he has always made me laugh.

…ate a grilled chicken sandwich from Subway. It was on white bread and was dressed with provolone cheese, onions, extra pickles, black olives, bell peppers, and reduced fat mayo. Now you can eat like Snort. LOL

…celebrated that my little 6-inch is now officially a toddler.

…slept late.

…battled PMS with a fucking vengeance.

…tried a new way of curling my hair without curlers and without heat. It turned out great!

…plucked stray eyebrows.

…neglected housework in favor of hanging out with J and the boys watching the Olympics.

…drank Diet Cherry 7-UP.

…had Footlong tell me that he was hibernating (he was under a blanket). I told him that no one hibernates in the summer. His retort? “Mom, I am a bunny. It’s December. Just go with it.”

…ate a prickly pear.

…did some laundry.

…stepped on one of Footlong’s little toys and yelled.

…skyped with my parents.

…made 6-inch laugh by making funny faces and pretending to punch J.

…ate an Oreo Blizzard.

…made a pot of coffee and forgot to drink it.

…picked at the chipped nail polish on my fingers.

…was too lazy to remove said nail polish with actual polish remover.

…just realized that “polish remover” could be interpreted as a device used to remove people from Poland.

…poached eggs.

…got headbutted (is that a word?) by 6-inch. He has a huge head; I tell him all the time that his huge head holds his big, smart brain.

…trolled Google Earth oooohing and ahhhhing at beautiful pictures of the Cook Islands and Maldives (IMO they are the two most beautiful places on the planet).

…looked through my collection of vintage Garbage Pail Kids.

…learned that Footlong LOVES to watch “Masterchef.” Seriously. He is fucking fascinated that people have “cooking races.”

…did alot of thinking.


12 thoughts on “Over The Weekend I…..

  1. How nifty! I used to do similar to my hair when it was longer, except I just took about 8 aluminum duck bill clips, and made large loopy curls & pinned on the top of my head, left overnight & next morning..curls! The clips were up high enough on my head that I wasn't lying on them. That way gave me more fullness at the crown, too.

  2. Drank Cherry Diet 7-up! See, its the unavailability to yumminess like this that makes Canada so uncolourful to live in! *grin* (I stock up on Cherry Pepsi every time we cross the border into the US of A!)

  3. Tell footlong to email Jen.. Maybe if he tells her she can't cook she can turn on her video streaming screen and learn something! Footling could probably whip up Thanksgiving dinner after he watches MasterChef and Jen will still be throwing sticks and seeds in a bowl. lol…

  4. Interesting trivia for Footlong: there ARE animals that sleep all summer. It's called "aestivation," from the Latin word for "summer," instead of "hibernation," which derives from the Latin word for "winter." Animals usually do it when they live in places that get very dry during the hot months. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aestivation)This useless trivial knowledge brought to you by SweetFancyJerkwad. Ahem you're welcome.

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