Totally Random Tuesday

It is fucking hot as hell right now. Yesterday hit 114, today we are at 112. We don’t have central air; we have a swamp cooler and one portable AC unit in our living room. It is pretty damn miserable at Casa Snort right now.

The last couple of days I have been reading about Chad Johnson (aka Chad Ochocinco) getting arrested for physically abusing his new wife, Evelyn. Since this all went down he has been cut from the Miami Dolphins, and VH1 has cancelled his reality show (that, ironically, centered on he and Evelyn dating then getting married). Bravo to them for sending the message that spousal abuse won’t be tolerated. And I have to quote Chris Tucker in “Friday” as well:  “Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn! You got to be a stupid muthafucka to get fired on yo’ day off!”

When Mother and Father Snort visited a few weeks ago, they enjoyed this artisan salame I had picked up at the local gourmet market. It is delicious! They couldn’t find any once they got home, so I, being the awesome daughter that I am (LOL), ordered them some from Amazon. I got an e-mail receipt when my purchase shipped, and here is part of it:

I am so fucking relieved to see that Mother and Father Snort will be receiving new salame as opposed to used salame! I have been fretting about that ever since I placed the order.

McDonalds has the best Diet Coke in the world. I don’t know why that is, but I love that shit. I am drinking one right now as a matter of fact. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. *burp*  ‘Scooze me.

I took 6-inch to the pediatrician yesterday for his 12-month well-baby visit. He is a healthy little man! Both Footlong and 6-inch take after their father:  short and of average weight. 6-inch is 29 inches tall (25th percentile), weighs 22 lb 4 oz (60th percentile) and has a head that measures in the 98th percentile. Basically both of my boys are short, average weight, and have big heads. LOL! 6-inch will be transitioning off formula to whole milk, and we will more than likely be needing to consult with feeding specialist regarding his aversion to solid foods. Other than that he is doing well, and here is a video of 6-inch babbling as we waited for the pediatrician:



This is what I woke up to the other morning:

My paperwork for bariatric surgery was officially submitted to the insurance company yesterday!

It is time for another haircut and eyebrow wax.

We have discovered that Footlong is a sleepwalker.

This is me in high school when I weighed 150 lbs and was a size 14:

Ahhhhhhh… be young again!

I read on FB this morning that a 14 foot long python weighing 200 lbs was caught in my hometown. That is literally my worst nightmare.

That is enough randomness for one day. I bored myself writing this post!


13 thoughts on “Totally Random Tuesday

  1. OMG Snort…how do you stand the heat??? I just assumed that everyone in Tucson had central air (silly me) but people look at me weird that we do not either (we are in a rental however…) we were 105 with a high humidity and I am so going crazy…don’t know how you do it…
    6 inch is so cute, love that video…

    • I’d say that half the homes here have swamp coolers, and they work fantastically (and are so much cheaper!) when the humidity is low. When monsoon season arrives, though, it can get up to 85 or 86 in the house; the rest of the year it is absolutely wonderful! Glad you liked the video!

      • our room airs are consistently staying at 89 the last 2 weeks…supposed to start cooling just a tad tomorrow? we shall see…
        I also thought your high school pic is very pretty

  2. I love, love, love a McDonalds coke! I dunno why their fountain drinks taste so much better than everyone else’s but they are!

    Ugh, that python is my worst nightmare, too. It’s just about as terrifying as anything I can think of. I am a snakephobe so thinking of that awful thing is pretty gnarly to me.

    Congrats on the surgery paperwork! Very exciting!

    Those are some cute little fellas. My girl goes in for her 4 month check soon. I love to find out what they weigh and their length, especially because she’s a little chunk. It’s good that 6 inch can get some feeding assistance. My oldest had some “early intervention” earlier this year for speech because we were worried he wasn’t talking yet. It has been absolutely awesome for him, and just what he needed to get on track. So it can really help! I hope 6 inch overcomes his food aversion!


    • You know, I am so glad to hear that I am not the only person who digs sodas from McDonalds. J thinks I’m crazy, but they do have the best Diet Coke! I hope Baby White Puppy is doing well and has a good check-up! How old is your son? 6-inch isn’t speaking yet, but the pediatrician said he should be saying at least one word by his 15 month well-baby check.

      • My guy is 2.75 (haha). Basically, when he hit 2 years old, all he would say was animal sounds. He said a couple words around 18months, but lost them. His SLP thinks he has a mild apraxia of speech. Originally they told us it was moderate and that we could expect him to maybe be caught up by school age, but he made WAY quicker progress than anyone expected. He’s a hard worker. Have you thought about teaching 6 inch a few signs? That really jump-started my little fella’s speech. We started with basics; eat, drink, etc. He learned them quickly, and it was a nice way for him to communicate. Just an fyi-boys do tend to be later talkers. When my guy was evaluated, they told us they have a whole separate chart for boys and girls, because boys are notorious for being delayed. And not delayed in a therapy needing way, just later talkers.

        I hope that came across clearly as I intended, which is to say don’t worry, it doesn’t sound like 6 inch is displaying any significant delay as yet. Our biggest warning signs were between 18-24 months, so don’t worry til then. If you feel he’s getting frustrated by not communicating needs, try signs. I bet he will start all on his own.


  3. Gah – I don’t know how you do it in those temps! My Christmas panties would be so soggy..

    BTW – pretty sure I had the same shirt as in your school pic.. maybe 2, turquoise and orange :O)

    • LOL! Believe me when I tell you that Christmas panties (and bras) are no match for this heat. Seriously. I walk around in t-shirts and panties, J and Footlong just wear underwear, and 6-inch wears a onesie so his diaper doesn’t fall off from the frequent crawling/walking!

      As for the shirt, I remember that outfit fondly. It came with a matching pair of tan stirrup pants, and I got it at Lerner New York (what is now New York & Co.). I had just turned 15 in that picture 🙂

  4. Loved the video! He is a doll baby. You have two handsome boys alright, but did you get up and fix them zucchini pancakes, that is the question? Congrats on another step closure to surgery. You are going to be my skinny friend out West!

    • He is a doll baby, but he woke up at 4:00 this morning a sick doll baby. Footlong is sick, and 6-inch has a cold now 😦 For breakfast I splurged and went thru the McDonald’s drive thru to get Footlong a sausage McGriddle; I pamper my babies with whatever they want when they’re sick. He has already asked for a peanut butter and blueberry jam sandwich, a carrot, and a tomato for lunch. 6-inch will just be having milk and baby food.

      • I hope they are feeling better tonight. It is rough when both kids are not feeling well. I remember years ago, I only had five at the time and all five got chicken pox within a two week period. One started and it went through the house like crazy. I spent more money on calamine lotion that month then I have used in 46 years!!

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