According to Footlong…

Footlong:  “Mom, when is your surgery?”

Me:  “I don’t know yet. Why?”

Footlong:  “Just wondering. Why are you having surgery?”

Me:  “Because I’m fat and need help losing weight so I can be healthy.”

Footlong:  (crying) “Mom! It is not nice to say fat. That word hurts people’s feelings. You don’t call people stupid or ugly either.”

Me:  “Well, sweetie, that is a good point. Mommy does weigh a lot though. How would you describe me?”

Footlong:  “Really pretty and nice…..with lots of squishy skin!”


4 thoughts on “According to Footlong…

  1. Awww…. That is heart meltingly sweet (how ’bout that made up word/phrase?!) What a sweet little guy. My guy has recently taken to calling toys “stupid” so I’m thinking that one of us is saying, “stupid *fill-in-the-blank!” We aren’t disrespectful to people, but I don’t really want him being disrespectful or ungrateful of his things, either, so we are working on that! I tried telling him today that maybe he has heard momma or daddy say that, but it isn’t nice and we are all working on not saying it. So hopefully it will stick.

    Your son seems like a kind fella. I want my guy to be kind and appreciative and thankful of what he has too.


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