In the past few days I…

…have taken the kids to the pediatrician to ask if Xyng was right for them.

…joked about my kids needing Xyng. We went to the pediatrician because they were sick.

…got a car wash.

…have been to Costco.

…have grilled BBQ ribs. Yes, I do the grilling in our family.

…have enjoyed an iced venti nonfat Latte with an extra shot from Starbucks. And I added six Splenda.

…have taken 6-inch to the ER with croup.

…have cleaned the kitchen.

…have shaved my legs.

…have started to buy protein supplements and bariatric vitamins that I will need post-surgery.

…have bought shoes from Just Fab. With me being a new member and the sale they were having I got 3 pair of shoes for $59. Don’t judge me.

…have decided that Tiffany blue is my absolute favorite color.

…have found a website that sells replica Hermes Birkin bags. They look awesome, and that is cool because I can’t afford $20,000 for a real Birkin.

…have skyped with Mother and Father Snort, Grandmother Snort, and one of my Uncle Snorts.

…have packed up another box to send to my new friend in Nunavut. That makes 3 so far  🙂

…was surprised with a bouquet of roses by J.

…ate a Hawaiian blizzard from Dairy Queen (pineapple, bananas, coconut).

…have pulled some weeds in the front yard.

…hurt my back pulling weeds in the front yard.

…have gotten several back/shoulder rubs from J.

…have been absolutely amazed at the level of stupidity some people possess.

…have fried catfish.

…have had some seriously weird dreams. Last night I dreamed I went to Hollywood and made fat lady porn.

…been absolutely miserable in the heat. 114 degrees = no fun.

…have been wondering what to get J for his birthday.

…have been told that 6-inch needs to see a feeding therapist to evaluate his aversion to solid foods.

…have colored my hair. I’m not ready to be gray.

…have looked at some profiles on FB of people with seemingly perfect lives:  cute kids, luxury car, really nice home, lots of smiley pictures.

…wondered what demons/skeletons said people were hiding. You can dress it up all you like, but no one’s life is perfect.

…poached eggs for J.

…have taken Footlong for an afterschool smoothie.

…have kissed 6-inch’s chubby cheeks to death.

…have written a post about what I have done in the last few days.


3 thoughts on “In the past few days I…

  1. Oh, poor baby. I hope he is feeling better. I had to tell you, going to pick up the CPAP on Tuesday at 1:30 and will be promptly back in bed by 3:00 pm trying to make up for 5 months of sleep apnea! Hey, did the pediatrician said XyngsForKids is A-OK? I mean I am sure that you are wanting those boys to be super duper smart and what’s not to love. A Big Gulp of Red Bull followed by some nifty vitamins and questionable other goodies. Tell J nice job on the roses, that was too sweet.

    You have a great day. Today is my birthday and I am going to dinner with hubby and enjoy the TV the kids pitched in for me. We had an oldy but a goody and my last projection TV (I know outdated, but I am old and I love that style) got zapped by the wonderful power company here in Illinois, so the kids found a 60 inch projection TV (from one of the RICH towns in St. Louis).. My son borrowed his friend’s pickup, a little S10, with a little rust and off he went to get the TV. The folks in RICH TOWN called the cops on my son!! He was going up and down the street looking for the right house and the rich folks freaked out and thought there was a burglar in an old rusty S10 out to get them. Two cops pulled up as he was talking to the guy to buy the TV… Get this, they got out of the car and said they were investigating a suspicious person in the area.. My kids says “That is me!” Gotta love him. So they said, Get your TV son and move on. LOL.. Rich Folks Town COPS.. That is my funny story for you! cindy aka loving admin/wingman 🙂

  2. don’t buy too many bariatric vitamins. Hubby has no issues with his, daughter can’t stand the taste and throws them up. My daughter has been loosing her hair like crazy (30 % do) and has started the bosley hair system. She was told she should have started before surgery so if you have thinning hair check it out now. Hubby’s now lost 120 since Jan, daughter at 208 from 283 since April. My family is melting away and looking mighty fine. Hope you are as successful and you get your surgery soon.

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