More Shoes ♥

Someone who knows my love of shoes sent me an email this morning with pictures from their own shoe collection! How awesome is that?!? Thanks, MiMi! And, as you requested, here are more of my shoes:





14 thoughts on “More Shoes ♥

  1. They are like works of art,aren’t they?! I envision a wall with a huge shadow box framework type display with individual shallow cubbies and just one of each shoe displayed.

    • I love shoes, gramma, I really do. There is no shadow box to display them (LOL); we are actually in desperate need of a shoe rack, so most of my shoes are stored in suitcases.

    • Thanks! And, believe it or not, yes he does. He loves me in heels, and he likes what I have bought. And he likes that the most expensive pair I have bought is $50 (most are $39.95 thru ShoeDazzle and JustFab).

  2. So, while I love all shoes, I personally don’t like the peep toes…I feel like my toes would have to look fabulous at all times to wear them! And that ain’t happening in the winter. So, by default, the last pair are my fave. Love them!

    • Thank you! I live in the desert which means that we wear flip-flops all year long (even in the Winter) so I usually have my toes painted. My thing with peep toes is that sometimes your foot slides down and you feel like your entire foot is going to pop out through the little “peep” area. Luckily I found some inserts at Target that prevent that 🙂

  3. tell me where you got the little blk/wht flats!! love them. (I want to be jut like you. Will you be my friend?)

  4. Snort, you make me think of my Mom. She also was a Shoe Nut! In her younger years she was a very Classy Lady. She owned dozens of shoes and most had a Bag to match. She kept them in clear plastic shoe boxes and they were stored by color. When I had her Estate Sale I got a $1.00 a pair and alot were new or almost new condition and still very much in style. I also have quite a few shoes, in all different colors……Crocs!….♥ the real ones :o)

    • Awwwwwwww! I love that your mom was a “shoe and bag lady” as I call it. I hope she’s doing ok ♥ I have only owned one pair of Crocs in my life, and they gave me blisters. I’m not a fan.

  5. I love your shoes but, girl, I don’t know how you wear heels that high! My feet are crying right now just thinking about that! lol! I am on my feet almost the whole day (I teach) so I have to wear flats. I’d love to wear flip-flops all day but my arches would hate me if I did. 😦

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