just some blurbs

Today has been fun for us you see

I had a doctors appointment and

I took both of the kids

The doctor was amazed at how advanced my dear

Footlong is so she let him conduct the physical examination

and make my diagnosis she even let him write the prescription

6-inch slumbered sweetly sighing and snoring snugly seated during said

physical examination I proceeded to take the kids to Dast Expensive a

German boutique to buy some clothing Spent $2000 we did and I purposely

bounced a check to boot LOL LOL LOL

6-inch is now the owner of baby jeans with miniature pockets so I

had to run right out and spend $$ on a miniature wallet and miniature keys

cause I’m the totes cool mom ’round these parts

Don’t you think writing in the middle and

omitting punctuation looks snappy and smart

I think so

My rubber band guy at Acme is telling me we’re having a sale

on these game changing healthy rubber bands

If you order a gross before midnight you get $50 off your order

if you order between midnight at 4:00 am you get 50 rubber bands free

and there is something else I can’t remember but no worries

just shoot me an email at dotdotdotdotDOTdotATgmailDOTcom

I am also with my admin hosting my first ever “Stretch and Fetch” at my

local Office Depot Come on by for some sample rubber bands and free paper clips

We’ll even sprinkle rubber bands on food and watch what happens while we listen to rap music

and take pictures of my beautiful feet

My husband is a total asshole

but he asked me not to blog about it

so I wont

I’ve gotta go now because Footlong

was playing with a cleaver and seems to have lopped

off some toes where is my fucking camera?



This is a really shitty work of fiction that is nothing more than one giant, nonsensical run-on sentence. Footlong doesn’t play with cleavers or write prescriptions. 6-inch doesn’t own a mini-wallet for his mini-jeans. I have heartburn right now.

11 thoughts on “just some blurbs

  1. Don’t forget, if they buy $365 worth of rubberbands, for a limited time, before the clock strikes 12 and the crow flies south (I think) they can get $94 worth of free rubber band bits, to glue together or use as samples if they want a distributorship, which in that case it would an additional $19 on top of the $365 and then it will be buy one get one half off on Sunday at 1 am but not before 12:59 am Sunday morning. I called the “man” because I just could not believe how epic this giveaway was.

    your admin

    p.s. Anyone who would like directions to the eent will need to send $9.99 to paypal along with your email address so that we may spam you and sell you things on a monthly quick ship. Before you realize it, paypal will be deducting multiple shipments to fulfill your rubber needs. your welcome.

    Snort: You got any red paint?

  2. Totes non-sensical!
    Snorts husband should kindly ask that she gently urinate, as only a fat lady can, into her newly purchased Diva Cup. And then Snort’s husband should transfer the contents to a sterile strip from an OTC drug test. Cause she needs to chill her crizazy arse out ‘fo Mr. Snort findz his asd a lady-friend on his next engineering trip!

    • Oh, look! Chica Fantastico is back commenting as Nanu! I’ve got your IP address now you stupid git as well as what mobile network you’re commenting from. You’re welcome! I’ll just put it together with the different IP address (your home computer, I’m guessing) from the last time you visited.

    • Nanu: Don’t remember asking for comments from the peanut gallery, go back to your leader and insert your head up her a ##. I knew I smelled something, now I know what it was, YOU. The minions always smell so damn bad.

  3. Every time I am impressed with your humour Snort! I thought the British and Americans had different senses of humour, and you Americans couldn’t ‘do’ irony or sarcasm. But I definitely beg to differ! Lol!

    Love that you have your very own troll too!

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