Totally Random Friday

For M. and the Rocket Scientist (but mainly for M) on Chemo Friday  ♥

It has been quite awhile since I’ve done a Totally Random Friday so I thought there is no time like the present to post!

Today I took 6-inch to see a Feeding Therapist. To back track, let me tell you about 6-inch as a wee baby. He drank breast milk (I pumped exclusively) for the first 5 months of his life, but he had awful problems with spitting-up and vomiting. There, oddly enough, was no reflux–he didn’t gag or cough after feedings, and lying flat didn’t bother him at all. Our pediatrician said that some babies are just really spitty-uppy and as long as he was growing she wasn’t worried. We started baby cereal and baby foods at 5 months, but 6-inch didn’t want to have anything to do with it. He would try every few days to introduce something, and he never really ate more than a mouthful or two. About 6 weeks ago he finally started eating baby food and cereal really well. Our doctor recommended a feeding therapy consult because he, now at thirteen months of age, will NOT eat solid foods. He will touch them and play with them, but not once does he lick his fingers or try to put the food in his mouth. When we’ve gotten him to take a Cheerio or yogurt melt he gags and wretches uncontrollably. He won’t eat mushy bananas or any other soft table foods. The therapist said that he is a happy, healthy little man who will eat solids when he is good and ready. She found no evidence of tongue or swallowing problems, and she gave us lots of good advice and strategies for letting him explore the world of people food. It will be messy, but I’m game to do whatever she recommends.

Footlong is absolutely loving the first grade and his teacher. He is such a curious little boy and asks tons of questions. Yesterday he and 6-inch went to the doctor with me, and my doctor is a good friend of mine. Footlong was looking at a very expensive book in the lobby called, “How Does It Work?” It talks about everything under the sun and how it works. Footlong brought the book back into the exam room, and when my doctor came in Footlong proceeded to talk to her about spiders. She sat down next to him, and they looked at pictures of tarantulas together. When we got up to leave she told Footlong she could keep the book, and the next time he came he had to talk to her about something else. That book was $20! How nice of her to give it to Footlong, and Footlong looked at it the whole way home. We make Footlong try new foods (he has to take at least one bite), and this week he has discovered that he likes plantain chips and stuffed jalapenos. He has also decided that he positively hates poached eggs and French onion soup. His favorite food right now is lima beans.

J is really busy with work. I can’t remember if I have ever mentioned it, but J is an electrical engineer. He has degrees from GA Tech and the U of Arizona. He is so smart, and we have our fingers crossed that he will be getting another promotion next year.

As for me, what is there to say? I am getting over a cold and have a nagging cough. I ordered a new dress today. See?

I also own it in red and would like to buy it in black as well. I reorganized my makeup the other day because I got sick of rummaging around and not finding what I was looking for. The solution? I’m using an old purse as a makeup bag. One zippered pouch holds eye liner, mascara, and my lash curler; another zippered pouch holds lip liner, glosses, and lip sticks. The zippered pouch in the middle holds all of my makeup brushes and foundations. The main compartment of the purse holds my bevy of eyeshadows. It’s working well so far, and when I’m done putting on makeup I just chuck the bag in the closet. Speaking of purses, this is the purse I want:

It is a replica (a darn good one at that) of a Hermes Birkin bag. I’ve long admired the Birkin bag, but I don’t have $10,000-$150,000 to spend on a purse. I just like the style of the bag, and Tiffany blue is my favorite color after all!

My brother, sister-in-law, and precious niece have survived Hurricane Isaac in one piece. They lost power briefly, and then it came back on–they were without power for just a couple of hours. My SIL has posted photos of their flooded street and my beautiful 4-year-old niece splashing around in the water. Their house, thankfully, did not flood; they live in the suburbs of Baton Rouge. You know, it’s really funny. Growing up we were a family that ate dinner together every night at 6:00 pm. We took family vacations every summer. Now we are all scattered:  me, J, and the kids in Arizona; my brother and his family in Louisiana, and my parents now live in Alabama. We are separated by 2000 miles and two time zones. My brother hasn’t met his youngest nephew (although he has seen him on Skype). I can count on one hand the number of times I have seen my precious niece (who calls me “Aunt Sissy”) in person. If I could have one wish it would be for us to live closer together.

I am still waiting to hear from the insurance company regarding final approval for my gastric bypass surgery. You would not believe the support I have gotten from the gals at MWOP and those that read here. You would also not believe the hate that some people spew:  I am fat, I am worthless, my hubby must be a loser because all he can get is a fat chick, surgery is cheating, I am gross, etc. Just because there are people out there that are thin or who have managed to lose weight on their own does not make them better than me. My husband chose me because he loves me. My body has served me well. It has carried and birthed two healthy children. I’m not ashamed to admit that I need help in losing weight. I have struggled with demons most of my life regarding my weight and how I look. So, for those of you who feel better than me because you’re thin or have lost weight on your own, I’d like to invite you to have sex with yourself at this time. Oh, ok, I’ll say it the other way too:  Go fuck yourself.


22 thoughts on “Totally Random Friday

  1. Go for it, and be proud of it. People should just mind their own business.

    My son would not eat solid food until he was almost three and a half. Now he loves sashimi. Kids are weird. They do things at their own pace. This same son walked across the room at 71/2 months, because he wanted my camera. lol This is how I got pics of his first steps.

    Good luck,

    • Thank you, Taffy! I didn’t see the point in publishing those nasty comments. I could see the point of perhaps wanting to open a discussion about bariatric surgery, but just telling me I’m fat and gross is crazy.

      I’m glad to know that my little one isn’t the only one with solid food issues. I cant believe that he loves sashimi of all things—how funny is that? Today 6-inch ate an entire jar of carrots and tomatoes and put 3 or 4 puffs in his mouth (which is promptly spit out).

  2. Today daughter called and said “Mom, Mom, guess what ? today I wore a size Medium chef jacket. I started at a 2XL back in 2010 and now I wear a medium. Can you believe it Mom? I’m a medium and I look awesome in it. Isn’t that great Mom”. Yes that is great. that was worth every bit of the $9000 we had to pay for the surgery and all the bullshit we’ve had to listen to from those who think the surgery is bullshit.

  3. My kids call my sister “Aunt Sissy” too. 🙂 So sweet!

    Surgery is cheating?? WTF. That’s so weak. More power to you!! Hope it goes well!

    • When my brother was little he called me “Sissy” because that was the nickname that Father Snort bestowed upon me when I was a toddler. I figured being “Aunt Sissy” was fitting! And I appreciate your kind words about the surgery, Sarah. I really do!

  4. i cAnnot believe people would say those horrible things to you ! you have to be one of the kindest, compassionate, funniest women i have met online. i feel honored to call you a friend even if it just through MWOP.. you do what you feel is best.. and you live YOUR life the way the works for your family. p.s i am a big gal too and i wonder do you have any problems walking in those fab shoes you have?? i dont know whether its my size or coordination that makes it difficult .

    • Thank you, Michelle, but since I’ve started blogging and commenting on MWOP I’ve gotten my very own group of haters who have felt it justtified in tearing me apart all over the internet— my drug problems, my own bankruptcy, my weight, my children, my husband….you name it. Oh, well. I appreciate that you are glad to call me a friend.

      As for the shoes, I don’t have problems walking in them, but there are some that I can’t wear for very long. The most comfortable ones are a pair of pink and black snakeskin heels.

  5. Surgery is cheating??? The EASY way out??? You are letting them knock you out and cutting you open, I don’t consider that easy! You get healthy however you can and we will be here for you. I’m glad that 6 inch doesn’t have any physical issues with eating and hope that you post some pics of the messiness that is discovering solid food is wonderful. I am thrilled Footlong is enjoying first grade, sounds like he’s having a blast! Love you girl.

    • Yeah, I don’t consider that the easy way either especially since I have anxiety regarding the OR. I passed out during my surgery clinicals in school, and the thought of being put under anesthesia will induce a panic attack. Seriously. Glad you and TJ enjoyed a gym, and it sounds like he is doing well at school so far this year. I need to get caught up on your blog. Love you too!

  6. Again – I love reading your blog. Screw the negative talk. Some people just suck. I am happy you are getting the help you want/need. The dress is adorable. I am anxiously waiting the day you model it for us!! My only complaint – you need to write more often!! 🙂

  7. You just keep doing what you are doing.. The trolls can well, suck it! 🙂

    p.s. so happy foot long is loving school and glad to hear six inch is okay and just taking his time to decide about food.. All is good !

    • Yes, all is good. I sent you an email today in regards to something we have talked about before. Check it and email me back because I am getting fed up with this shit. Love you, my darling admin!

  8. This is Michelle Bogart’s Mommy. First of all, I love this blog. It made me laugh so hard one day, I snorted coffee thru my nose!!!! I do not eat or drink anything anymore when reading your blog!

    Sweetie, I just want you to know I have battled my weight all my life. It has gone up, and down, like a damn yoyo! My hubby finally told me stop hurting your health. I love u no matter what! And from reading your blog, so does your family!

    It is not our job to judge anyone’s choices. Personally, I cannot wait to see you after the surgery, weight loss, tummy tuck, or whatever! You are a beautiful person. Live everyday as if it might be your last, and love every minute of it!

    As for the naysayers, and the haters, let them eat their lives away hating. They do not live in your skin, and should just back the fuck off. Do what you need to do for yourself and for your family! Bravo Girl, keep on keepin on!

    • Hi there, Miss Meda! (I hope I spelled that right; if not, I apologize.) First of all, I am glad you like my blog so much that you can’t eat or drink when you read it. That makes me feel good! LOL!! Seriously! I am entertained imagining you snort coffee out of your nose.

      More importantly, thank you for your kind words about my weight and your weight. I do have lots of love and support, but that doesn’t stop the mean comments from coming in (which I choose not to publish). I have no problem starting a dialogue with someone if they want to debate weight loss, but calling me a worthless heiffer is unneccessary. The main reason I want to do the surgery if for my boys—I want to be healthy, happpy, and I’m hoping that my chronic back issues (from years and years of nursing) will improve as well so I can be active. Thank you so much, and I ♥ u!

  9. All I have to say is… WAY TO FREAKIN’ GO on believing in yourself, asking for weight loss help (I need help too. I’m just getting it from weight Watchers instead of surgery. No difference.) Your husband just loves you. Nothing wrong with that. You seem honest, you seem like a good friend, wife, and mom. Nothing disgusting there. So, good answer for the nasty commenters, and I really hope you get your final approval soon. I’m hoping I manage to lose this week instead of gaining, ugh. I guess sometimes when you EBF your body doesn’t want to let go of fat because of the baby feeding. Maybe that’s what mine is doing, because I’m sure watching my eating and moving more!

    My white puppies are good motivation to get healthier. I’m sure your little guys are great motivation to you, too!


    • Oh, and how could I forget…. I am SO glad to hear that your little guy has nothing to impede hos eating, and he just doesn’t feel like it yet! Good news indeed.


      • The pups are doing well. Baby is having some issues with reflux, so we are trying zantac to see if it’ll help. Otherwise, they’re great! Boy is about to age put of his speech therapy because he has done so well, he won’t be eligible for further treatment which is awesome.

        Thanks for the good wishes for WW! It’s a big adjustment for me and hard, but worth it.

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