Totally Random Friday

G’morning! I am not in the best of moods today because I woke up at 3:30 am and couldn’t go back to sleep; I am also cramping like a mofo and am ill that J was so pissy this morning.

I grocery shopped yesterday. No, I didn’t take photos, but I did have some funny thoughts. I had a list of what I needed, and I compare prices between sizes and brands to get the best value.There are certain things I am willing to pay more for, such as fresh fruits and veggies versus canned (but we eat canned too!) and products without high-fructose corn syrup. Somethings I am completely happy to buy store brand because the value and quality is just as good as the more expensive stuff. That said, I was imagining the mindset of someone who loves to shop and spend money. Do y’all know someone like that? Ahem. So I’m standing in the baking aisle because I needed a bottle of oil. I knew that I would buy the store brand vegetable oil as I use it for baking and frying. For salads, sautéing and what have you I am loyal to a certain brand of EVOO. Anyway, I channeled a certain mindset and had this conversation in my head as I browsed the oils:

OK, the store brand vegetable oil is $2.49. A bottle of Crisco vegetable oil is $4.89, and Mazola corn oil is $5.19. Whew. Is it getting warm in here? OK,  a heart-healthy mixed blend oil is $5.25, and organic sunflower oil is $5.99 for a small bottle. Oooh, my nipples are getting tingly. What else do we have here? Organic grape seed oil for $7.29…..Mmmmmmmmmm……Organic peanut oil is $9.99…….ooooooooooooohhhhhhhh…….Organic virgin coconut oil is $15.99 for a peanut butter-sized jar! YES!! YES!! DON’T STOP!! YES!! For that price I better buy four more! OH GOD!!!

Anyway, that was how I approached grocery shopping yesterday. You’re welcome.

I got a haircut and eyebrow wax Wednesday. With tip I paid $28.95. I always get a rash from the wax and have to use hydrocortisone cream for a few days so it is imperative that I don’t wax for several days prior to having major plans. It is ugly–I have angry red skin and bumps above, below, and between my brows otherwise I would have taken a picture of them for you. Instead, feel free to enjoy this photo of Footlong in Las Vegas modeling a hot body shirt:


I know, I know. He’s a babe. I can’t believe that Footlong is going to be 7 in about a month and a half. Seems like yesterday I was pregnant with him and enjoying every little bump, thump, and hiccup. He loves the first grade, and he takes his work very seriously. His handwriting is improving so much, and I love looking at his math papers where he has to draw little piggies, fish, stars, hearts, kittens, and other things as he learns addition. He seems to have quite an ear for music and picks up song lyrics easily. His favorite song is “I Wish” by Matt Palmer, and he sings the shit out of it.

6-inch and I have fun spending our days together. At the grocery store yesterday I picked up a squeezeable pouch of pureed strawberries and bananas and squirted some in his mouth. I could only push the cart a few steps at a time before he would whine for more. Poor kid couldn’t figure out how to squeeze it himself! I was happy to oblige, and by the time we were at the register he had eaten the entire pouch. I was so freaking happy that I had to call J and tell him. Today we’re not doing much; I need to clean the house and organize some baby clothes we’re selling. Tomorrow we are spending the day in Mesa with our good friends and celebrating their son’s birthday. Sunday we will just chill at home, and that suits us just fine.

I have not heard back from my insurance company or the bitchy woman at the doctor’s office, so I still don’t know if I’m going to have weight loss surgery or a small intestine endoscopy. Your guess is as good as mine.

I want another glass of Diet Coke. Be right back.

6-inch is singing a baby opera in his exersaucer. It alternates between dramatic wailing and melodious giggles. I want to go in the other room, grab my phone and take a video, but if he sees me he will stop. I’m content to sit here and listen. I guess I will go in there and sing along with him since every opera has a fat woman singing, right? LOL


10 thoughts on “Totally Random Friday

    • I know, right?!? And yesterday he ate a squeezeable packet of raspberry, spinach, and Greek yogurt in the morning (what an odd combo!), and last night he ate half a jar of chicken and sweet potatoes. He nibbled and licked a tortilla chip but never actually bit off a piece. He tried to eat two Cheerios and gagged. But we’re making progress!

  1. On the subject of Olive Oil…check the labels. If you want 100% Olive oil from Italy beware. Many of the brands are a blend of EU countries’ oil: Spain, Turkey ,etc. If you are not picky then buy whatever. I read an essay in a book by a chef who learned the hard way 🙂

  2. My daughter always breaks out after waxing too. When we were at Ulta, the nice lady told me that she had a wax for sensitive skin (unfortunately i can’t remember what was in it–aloe vera?) but anyway she wasnt even pink afterward…just a thought.

    • Thanks, Sabrina, and I’ll check Ulta. I’ve been to a few salons and have tried a cream wax (the better) and a honey wax (the worst). I prefer waxing to tweezing because I cannot stand pulling out hairs one by one—I’d rather get them yanked all at once and be ugly for a couple of days.

      • well, this may work for you…I think it was added zinc oxide that keeps the redness away. My daughter is very sensitive and she was not even pink afterward! I don’t take her all the time (she is just 14 and I don’t even get mine done!) so we get it done, then touch up at home…
        Good luck! (and I enjoy your blog!)

      • I’m glad you enjoy the blog! I think for next month’s wax I’m going to 1. add some zinc oxide (we have some for 6-inch and diaper rash) to my hydrocortisone cream and 2. see if I can find an Ulta like you suggested! And more ice.

  3. Try an ice pack after waxing. They give me a plastic bag of ice wrapped in one of those bibs like the dentist uses and it really cuts down on the red rash that pops up the next day.

    • I have tried ice, and it works in the immediate post-waxing period, but I still am red and bumpy the next day. I used to get facials from an esthetician who used Dermalogica products in her practice, and even some of those gentle products did not help. That is one of the caveats of having rosacea: severely sensitive skin. I really do appreciate you trying to help! Can you perhaps prevent a wax just for me? LOL

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