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As I have told you, J supports my decision to have bariatric surgery after watching me fail at dieting and become unhappy with my body after bearing his children. Every so often he will give me a little extra money (maybe $75) and let me treat myself to a pedi, a pair of shoes, or a dress to wear when I’m thinner. I was thinking today that I would buy one really fabulous outfit to celebrate a new size under size 20. I already have a size 18 dress. I have the size 16 dress. Today I found the size 14 dress…..and I want your opinion. Honestly. I’m going to show you the shoes (which I already have) and the dress, and you guys give either a yay or nay. If you have suggestions or constructive criticism or ideas for how to wear my hair I’d love to hear it.

First, the dress from Mod Cloth:

And, the shoes I already own from ShoeDazzle (NOTE:  these aren’t my legs!):

Thoughts? And let me add that the shoes in real life are not such a bright teal. They are more green than teal.


34 thoughts on “Have an Opinion?

  1. Also, I can see the dress now. I don’t know where it went. But here it is and I can see it and it’s fabulous. Although, my personal opinion is that the dress and the shoes don’t go together. I love them both, but I wouldn’t wear two things that are the same color like that together. It feels too much like getting your shoes dyed for prom to me. However, I wouldn’t think you looked bad if you wore them.

    • The dress is short…about an inch or two above the knee. The shoes I think actually match well since they appear different IRL than in the shoedazzle photo. I dunno. I can always wear different shoes, but I really am loving this dress!

      • I can see that. Also, it’s totally not my outfit and so it doesn’t really matter. I think it’s a difference of preference, and so who cares?

        Also, I love love love love that you use the phrase “short” to describe “an inch or two above the knee.” I hate hoochy clothes. They just look trashy. That’s not a religious thing, at least not mostly, I just think grown women shouldn’t be walking around looking like sorority girls.

        Also, the shoes are way awesome and if I wore them I would die.

  2. Umm…just me maybe, but I’m not loving the dress, it’s too flouncy or fussy. To show off the trim you at a size 14, I would go with something more streamlined. But, I LOVE those shoes!!

    • J likes the dress and shoe combo, and LOVES that the dress is under $50! He did tell me this: if that dress is too long I’m having it tailored because I want it to fall mid-thigh.” Well, then! Maybe I should start calling Arm and Hammer and offering to use their stuff to shave if they pay me??

  3. Dearest Snort,

    Your friendly incongnito friend, here. Apparently Mr. Mck has found himself in another legal/traffic pickle (as seen on the Wisconsin Courts page), and he is due in court on 10-4-12. Another thing that jumped out when looking at the case details: seems the address contradicts the most recent marital reunification story just announced. Thought you might like to share with your peeps.


    The dress is amazeballs. The shoes, not so much. The point is, when your surgery is complete and you’ve lost a whole human, you’re going to look wicked wearing both!

    …off I go now. Until next time.

  4. Ugh kill me, those shoes are GORGEOUS! Love the dress too, Modcloth is totally my jam.

    Love your blog Snort! I haven’t commented yet because I’m forever a lurker but I have a serious shoe addiction that has apparently overpowered my lurker-ness. Good luck with your upcoming surgery, I’m so excited for you!

    • Modcloth is the fucking bomb! I wish my entire wardrobe could come from there, but I hate their shoes and accessories. I like to put my own spin on footwear and accessories. Glad you like the shoes! I liked them so much I bought them in black too. Damn ShoeDazzle!

      I’m glad that you’ve finally de-lurked, and I’m glad you love my blog. From one shoe gal to another: check out ShoeDazzle and JustFab. I’m not affiliated with either, but they are excellent and have frequent sales. And thank you for your well wishes for my surgery 🙂

  5. Love the dress, very girly. Hope you show us the progress as you lose weight. Oh, maybe you could do a fashion show type post as you lose. Sending lots of good vibes for your surgery. 🙂

  6. I like the dress and shoes. Just not together too monochromatic for my personal taste. I think the shoes would look fabulous with a super dark blue wash pair of jeans and one of those white thick cotton blouses that have a white applique design on the upper portion.

      • That would be awesome as well. The nice thing about a shoe that is not a ‘traditional’ color is that really can steal the show and really class up a casual outfit.

  7. LOVE the dress. I do not love the fact that now I have to check it out for myself. But it’s so pretty! Personally , the shoes don’t go. Too matchy matchy and I think a nude feminine shoe would be best. But that’s just me. The shoes are awesome though!

  8. Snort, this is MedaMom. Michelle can tell u I am the one who dressed her in high school and had all her friends drooling over her clothes! I absolutely love the shoes, and would kill if I could wear shoes like that!!! You are gonna look absolutely adorable. As for hair, up, down, its all good. You are a gorgeous woman, no matter what size!

  9. Forgot to comment on the dress!!!! MedaMom is a tad scattered today. The dress is beautiful. I love it. You are gonna rock in it!!!!!

  10. Hi, I have never commented, but here goes. The dress and shoes are cute. But, having gone through gastric bypass surgery myself, you will not stay in one size long. I am talking a week. Wear the dress as soon as it fits. Also, your feet might get smaller as well. I wouldn’t put a lot of money into clothes until your weight loss slows down. If you have any questions about surgery, I would be happy to answer them. Are you having the band, bypass or the sleeve? Good luck!

    • Hi, Kay! I appreciate the advice and will take it to heart. I haven’t really bought a great deal of clothing: one cute inexpensive dress for each size under size 20, and one pair of jeans for 16, 18, and 20. I have bought some size some very, very inexpensive shirts on clearance at TJ Maxx in size M, L, and XL. My doc said that given my history, weights, and frame, he felt that I would get down to about 140-150, and anything below that my body would have a hard time adjusting too. I’d kill to be 140–that makes me a size 12. How is your health? What size clothes do you wear? Have you had any problems?

      • I have been extremely lucky, no problems. Except for one Hypoglycemic episode, but that was a fluke. I started out at 342 lbs and now weigh 181 lbs. Size 4x (28-30) down to an XL shirt and a size 14 pants. I feel great. It has been a little over 2 years. I wish I had done it sooner.

      • I yo-yo dieted in my late teens/early 20s, and my body sizes were pretty consistent. 140-150 = size 12. 150-170 = size 14. 170=190 = 16. I’m hoping it’ll be the same when I lose weight. I’m glad that you’ve had such success! Any tips to offer?

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