[SNORT] Day!

34 years ago today, after 28 hours of awful labor, my mother gave birth to her first child:  me! Today has been really low-key. I slept late, got a migraine, ate a lunch, took a nap, talked to my parents, got an arrangement of roses and daisies from Brother Snort, SIL Snort, and my precious niece, and both Footlong and J had gifts for me. (6-inch was happy to play with the tissue paper and gift bag.) We’ll be having Chinese takeout for dinner, a few alco-beverages, and J has promised to give me lots of back and foot rubs. All and all it has been a nice day. Thanks for having me, Mom! Sorry it hurt so bad.


16 thoughts on “[SNORT] Day!

  1. Happy Birthday to youuuuuuu, Happy Birthday to youuuuuuu, Happy Birthday dear Snorrrrrrrrrttttttttttt, Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! From Meda and Michelle.

  2. Happy happy Birthday Carmen. I knew we connecting for a reason. Mine is tomorrow…the big 40. We are Libra sisters and I love it!!!! We are not perfect but have an extreme need for balance and fairness. I hope you are enioying your beverages with Mr. Snort tonight. We are watching the new Footloose movie. Remind me to tell you about my husband and the original Footloose movie one day.
    Love $& Hugs,

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