In The Past Few Days I…

…paid $62.00 to fill up my car with gas.

…went grocery shopping.

…sautéed giant scallops.

…tried to feed 6-inch a bite of glazed donut.

…cleaned up 6-inch after he spat donut crumbs everywhere.

…turned 34.

…learned that I will be having surgery November 6th.

…bought a pair of hot pink suede boots. ShoeDazzle gave me a $15 credit so they were only $24.95 with free shipping to boot (no pun intended).

…got a ShoeDazzle gift certificate from J for my birthday. He also got me an “Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader” that I didn’t have and a DVD with highlights from the London 2012 Olympics. Does this man know me or what???

…drank a cup of coffee for the first time in almost a month.

…have tried and failed to sort through a huge pile of baby clothes. It looks like a Carter’s Outlet Store exploded up in here.

…took 6-inch grocery shopping and had a hard time keeping him from turning around, grabbing something from the back of the cart, and hurling it to the ground.

…have had dreams about me working as a nurse and praying no one finds out I don’t have a valid nursing license. Then I wake up totally relieved that I am not a nurse anymore.

…have skyped with Mother and Father Snort.

…have planned our weekly dinner menu. Tonight we’re having fish; tomorrow crock pot veal marsala.

…enjoyed listening to 6-inch have “babbling” conversations with his feet.

…snuggled up to and talked with Footlong. He is such a smart kid.

…hugged and kissed J a lot. Not just because he gave me great birthday gifts; I just love him heaps.

…have had to deal with my face breaking out. Yay, Period! Pass the Jolly Mops, please. LOL

…cleaned (most) of the kitchen.

…washed a load of towels.

…taken a nighttime walk and enjoyed the full-moon.

…may or may not have morphed into a werewolf during my time under the full-moon.




6 thoughts on “In The Past Few Days I…

  1. I think you may have done more than me…but it is 107 here…and Disney wiped me out…
    love reading your thoughts…hugs

    • Damn! It is still that hot in CA? We’re entering “fall” (if you can call it that) where the day temps are in the 90s with <15% humidity; we're even dipping down to 68 or so at night. I enjoy looking at all the pics of the kids on FB! And I hope your head isn't hurting. *big hugs*

  2. So funny about heaving things out of the cart on the floor. When my nephew was a wee one he had a horrible habit of hurling a gallon of milk at old ladies who would tell him how cute he was. He is still handsome but was especially stunning for a little guy. He had almost purple/blue eyes with the perfect light mocha colored skin with a mess of big soft loopy curls on his head. The little older ladies could not help but ohhing and ahhing over him. He didn’t like that so much, so he would hurl a gallon of milk (he is still strangely strong) at them from the cart my poor mother was pushing. My poor mother…lol.

    • 6-inch successfully managed to fling a bag of tater tots, a bag of shredded cheese, and my bottle of water on the floor. After that I wised up and moved everything to the back of the shopping cart 🙂

  3. So excited for you to get a date for the surgery! Are you all done with pre-testing then? How many days did they say you will be in the hospital? Can you tell I am curious! hugs… cindy

    • I go October 18 for Pre-Op testing (chest x-ray, EKG, blood work, pulmonary function test, anesthesia consult), a final meeting with the surgeon, and to attend a class where we’ll go over the diet, vitamins, recovery, restrictions, etc. I’m looking forward to November 6th for sure! If there are no complications I’ll spend 1-2 nights in the hospital.

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