And the creditors line up………

Firstly, because so many of you are e-mailing me or leaving comments (asking me not to publish them), MWOP is down for maintenance. Because of  the site’s high traffic volume Anja is having to switch servers and take care of other things. The site’s content is parked at There are, unfortunately, no community boards for chatting there. You guys are always welcome to comment and chat here.

Secondly, since MWOP is down and the news may not have reached folks, Tracy Coenen (I freaking LOVE this woman) has published a new article on Jennifer McKinney on her website, Fraud Files. Tracy is a forensic accountant and has written several articles regarding the McKinney bankruptcy, as well as countless articles (and a couple of books!) about pyramid schemes, fraud, tax stuff, etc. The woman has mad skillz when it comes to discovering and decoding financial fuckery. Over on the right side under “Places I Fancy” you can click “Fraud Files” to pay her a visit, or, if you prefer, click this link to go directly to the new MckMama article:          I love how under MckMama’s photo she called her (morally) bankrupt. How true, how true! Good call, Tracy.

Nothing of note is happening here at Casa Snort this weekend. J took the boys to the children’s museum yesterday while I stayed here to pamper myself with episodes of Breaking Bad, a cold beer, and painting my toenails. We had leftover veal marsala for dinner, and tonight we are having grilled pork chops, corn on the cob, and green beans with mojo (a Cuban sauce). Today for lunch we are having toasted pastrami and smoked gouda sandwiches, carrots, and chips; we are anticipating a nice, boring Sunday.


7 thoughts on “And the creditors line up………

  1. Thanks so much for the update on MWoP. I figured it was something like that. It’s majorly inconvenient because I count on those ladies to tell me if Jennifer has posted the obligatory church pic and I’ve had to check for myself. Grrrr. Looks like Izzy has the kids “in his part of the house” since she’s spending our money on movies and hasn’t proven what a holy Christian she is by mentioning church.

    Since your surgery is less than a month away, are you nervous? I would be terrified. I had to go under anesthetic to have my appendix removed and I was CONVINCED I wouldn’t wake up again. Irrational, yes, but I could not be talked out of it. But as you can see, I’m alive! Thinking about you!

  2. I have read Tracy’s article and her answers to the comments. I would bet when/if her “Zing” income is garnished directly from the company; she’ll quit promoting and phase out her “healthy season” leaving her creditors still without payment.

  3. Thank you, Snort, for linking that article up for us. Since Tracy sounds pretty sure that the judge will make them pay it all back, I am more hopeful too. I just hope she gets some jail time out of this for her intentional misrepresentation. Not that jail time would be a humbling experience for Jenny, but it would be a bit harder to spin into an “extended vacation” although she would try. She would probably force the hubby to do the time for her.

    There is no way the kids could eventually end up inheriting all this debt one day, is there? If the parents eventually die without paying much back?

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