Gene Doeling has restored my faith in the judicial system. Jennifer “MckMama” McKinney’s bankruptcy (and tales of financial fuckery) HAS BEEN DENIED!


To read the article published today at Fraud Files click here:  http://www.sequenceinc.com/fraudfiles/2012/10/mckinney-bankruptcy-denied-mckmama-must-pay-creditors/


Boo-fucking-hoo, Jennifer.


7 thoughts on “HALLELUJAH!

  1. We NEED the soon to be, newly server-ed MWOP to be back up to *celebrate* — I guess until then your comment area will be the gathering point of hoo-hah and hoo-ray for the much anticipated officially filed documents!!

  2. Finally some decent news in a week full of mess. Carmen, thanks for letting us know about this. Can’t wait for MWOP to come back. cindy

  3. Here I sit with a broken foot and the only 2 things I can do for entertainment is the TV and computer. I want my (mck) Mama (without pity) ! Any news on when it will be up and running Snort.? ♥ Marley

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