In the past few days I…

…have been abandoned by J. Cold heartedly abandoned.

…will welcome J back home tonight after his plane lands. He had to go to Seattle on business.

…have had my face break out. Thanks, PMS!

…have had my eyes opened and my political views changed by reading everyone’s thoughts about Obama and Romney on Facebook. NOT.

…written the word “motherfucker” without putting decorative symbols in it. Yeah, bitches:  I don’t claim to not cuss.

…smiled and laughed when I heard MckMama’s bankruptcy was denied because she is a liar, fraud, and thief.

…made Footlong go to bed early for being a bad listener.

…have decided to recycle last years Halloween costume.

…ate shrimp wonton soup.

…was given a credit at ShoeDazzle for buying a pair of shoes, so I used said credit to buy a pair of royal blue suede boots for $14.95.

…I also have the same boots in hot pink and taupe.

…have owned up to the fact that I have no control when it comes to footwear.

…have had to get another phone because mine spontaneously died.

…have not been able to set up my Gmail on my new phone.

…got pissed off.

…mailed 2 boxes to my family in Nunavut.

…thoroughly cleaned my kitchen.

…painted my toenails.

…thought alot about my upcoming surgery. Less than a month to go!

…have skyped with Mother and Father Snort.

…learned that my SIL and BIL are divorcing. They separated two months ago, and no one called to tell us.

…been very tired and irritable.

…have contemplated my own mortality.

…started a Mad Libs post but got distracted with Footlong having a stomach bug and my own irritability. I will finish it soon.

…have thought about sending Gene Doeling flowers or a singing telegram.

…have coughed and peed on myself.

…written a really boring post about what I have done in the past few days.



4 thoughts on “In the past few days I…

  1. Carmen: So excited for your surgery coming up. Email me if you need to talk ! I can’t be there with you, but I am only an email away.

    Have you heard anything about MWOP? I still can’t get it to come up.

    Have a good weekend.. cindy

    • Currently the new website ( isn’t up; Anja has parked the content at and people are commenting (somewhat) there. Anja says she is still transferring Disqus to the new site then it will hopefully be up and running. I’ve missed chatting with you and the other gals!

      • Carmen: Thanks for filling me in about MWOP.. I have been busy and not adjusting very well to working this graveyard shift and totally missed the info about all the stuff going on with the MWOP site.

        Give the boys a kiss for me!

        Talk to you soon.. cindy

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