In the past few days I have…

…enjoyed my last alco-beverage for a long, long while.

…had a panic attack when thinking about surgery.

…calmed down and realized that I can do this.

…looked at a photo of my friend, Deena, who has lost 100 lbs. after her lap band.

…gotten inspired and excited by Deena’s new photos.

…skyped with Mother and Father Snort.

…painted faces at the elementary school’s Fall Festival.

…made 6-inch laugh so hard that no sound was coming out of his mouth.

…been nauseated. Really, really nauseated.

…gotten a package in the mail.

…bought a pair of shoes.

…went to CVS to purchase toiletries to take to the hospital.

…washed my sheets and comforter.

…washed said sheets and comforter because Footlong barfed all over them. Poor baby.

…taken a nighttime walk to enjoy the full moon and cool temperatures.

…had my favorite pair of flip-flops break.

…watched a documentary on CNN regarding Lance Armstrong and all the doping allegations. One of the cycling officials on the documentary was named Dick Pound. I may have laughed until I peed myself.






…tried to fit the name “Dick Pound” into random sentences to make J laugh.

…viewed pictures of Jennifer “MckMama” McKinney at a convention, and she was so big around the middle that she couldn’t even button her jeans. LOL

…done lots of laundry.

…not really wanted to cook.

…wished a Happy Birthday to an old high school friend.

…ordered a pair of shoes for my best friend as a birthday gift.

…I have dressed 6-inch in his Halloween costume. He is a chicken.

…had Footlong model his Halloween costume; he is a cop.

…been so excited because 6-inch actually chewed and swallowed some solid food without wretching or spitting it out.

…discovered that Footlong has his first loose tooth.

…given Footlong his birthday gifts so he could enjoy them over the weekend with J.

…shopped at a new accessories boutique at the mall where everything is only $1.00. I picked up a few pair of earrings and a bracelet.

…neglected to blog.


4 thoughts on “In the past few days I have…

  1. “Dick Pound”. I choked on my coffee.

    The Great One with the unbuttoned jeans….I threw up in my mouth a little.

    Thanks for blogging! I needed the distraction from the Frankenstorm. 😦

  2. Dick Pound is freaking greatness, the other night they had a guy in our local news whose name was Phat Tang. Me and the boyfriend laughed till we cried

  3. there’s a guy at work who’s name is (I’m not spelling this correctly, I am sure): Xanguang Xi. It sounds like “Gang Wang GEE.” I have to bite my tongue whenever I am talking to him to keep from laughing.

  4. so glad 6 inch ate so well.. i am going to be your cheerleader during and after your are awesome .. oh and btw i cant believe you bought shoes .. thats so unlike you lol

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