And so the journey begins….

Tuesday October 30th marked two big things in my life:  my firstborn, Footlong, turned 7, and I started my pre-op diet for my upcoming surgery. I figure that a journey of infinite miles begins with a single step so I plan to count the pre-op diet as the point from which I started.

With all the devastation on the East coast in the wake of Hurricane Sandy I didn’t feel like shooting video and talking about me, me, me on Tuesday. Just thinking about it made me feel selfish in light of people with real problems. Monday night J picked up some take out from Romano’s Macaroni Grill, and I ate my last meal without having to worry about how much I was eating, the protein intake, fat/carb content, etc. He and I split an order of calamari as our appetizer. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to eat fried foods again; some foods with high fat content will cause uncomfortable side effects in a gastric bypass patient. I enjoyed Chicken Scallopine as my entree, and I savored the entire thing from start to finish. It was wonderful. I ate a small piece of their rosemary bread, and for dessert I bade a fond farewell to sugary carbs as I enjoyed two glazed donuts.

I managed to peel myself away from the news on Tuesday morning to weigh myself. I figured that after enjoying a few last vices (namely alcohol and carbs) in the previous few weeks that I would be heavier than normal. I was right. I am humbled and embarrassed to admit this, but I officially started my journey at 293.5 pounds. That weight was in the buff. I teared up for a minute, and then I told myself to stop the fucking boo-hooing because I would never, ever weigh that much again.

Day 1 of the pre-op diet was tough:  it was the first time in my life I had ever dieted without eating food. With the lack of carbs I felt sluggish and irritable. It was odd to go in the kitchen and realize that I could not eat anything—not even salad. I drank three protein shakes (30g protein each) over the course of the day, enjoyed two bowls of sugar-free jello, one sugar-free popsicle, and a ton of water. I tried to make soup yesterday, and it was good. I mixed chicken broth, beef broth, and a bit of mushroom broth. I added onions, carrots, celery, and garlic and cooked it for an hour or so. I discarded the solids and ate a big bowl of broth; it tasted pretty good, but, unfortunately, it ran right through me. The thought of eating more (I had leftovers in the fridge) made me queasy so I bit the bullet and poured it down the drain. My friend Deena gave me great encouragement, and I muddled through the day.

Day 2 started with another birthday suit weigh-in, and I lost 4 pounds of water weight; I weighed in at 289.5. A high protein and low carb diet will cause a rapid loss of water weight, but I was surprised that it was 4 pounds worth. I was hungry, tired, and irritable all day. I figured it out, and with my 3 protein shakes a day and unlimited clear liquids and water (no soda), I am consuming 500 calories at best. The headaches from caffeine withdrawal are fucking terrible. Everytime I cough I feel like my brain is going to explode.

Today is Day 3, and I have apparently lost another pound overnight; I weighed in at 288.5 this morning. As I sit here and type this I have a protein shake and a glass of water in front of me. There are errands I’d like to run, but to be perfectly honest, I don’t have the fucking energy or patience right now. The lack of calories and carbohydrates has turned me into a fucking mega bitch. I’m not joking. Last night I snapped at J and called him an inconsiderate bastard because he was eating dinner in front of me. I apologized, of course. See? Mega bitch.

On a non-diet topic, the kiddos enjoyed Halloween! Footlong was dressed as a cop, and 6-inch was a chicken. J took the kids trick-or-treating, and I stayed home to pass out candy. And to make sure I wasn’t tempted to eat any candy, when the last trick-or-treater came I dumped the remaining candy in the bowl in her bag   🙂

Here are some pictures of the kids. I’m thinking I’ll do photos and videos of myself Monday…..the day before surgery. Thank you all for your support, encouragement, and kind words; they are a balm for my soul (LMAO….I had to squeeze that in there).



31 thoughts on “And so the journey begins….

  1. Oh SNORT … I feel for you and some folk think this is the easy route !!!
    I hope that the fact we’re here for you is helping.
    Love the pics of the wee ones x

  2. Aww…the kiddos were too cute! I don’t envy you having to drink your calories & not have solid foods right now. I would be a bitch from hell (well, more so than I already am :)!) Hang in there.

  3. Cutie pie kids. Wow, your doing great. I couldn’t live without my diet Pepsi. What can you eat after the surgery? Are they going to have you take vitamins? Good Luck! 🙂

  4. Doooooood…what a ball of suck. I’m sorry this is so hard and you are suffering. I KNOW you will find it worth it in the end. GOOD LUCK!

    • Doooooood…..I think “ball of suck” is my new favorite phrase! Thank you for giving me a giggle, Tracy. I keep telling myself that the ends will justify the means, and I have no one to blame for myself for not getting pregnancy/depression/night shift weight off.

  5. Sorry about the questions, should have read below. Hope you take some pics to show off the lose. Sending you good vibes and all that shit. 🙂

  6. I wish I’d thought to dump my remaining Halloween candy out with the last trick or treater. Your pre-op diet sounds freaking miserable, I’m sure your surgery date can’t get here fast enough. I can’t say I blame you for calling your husband names, I probably would have picked his plate up and flung it at him! Good luck getting through the rest of the week; I hope your energy picks up enough to get all your errands run and to have your house, etc where you need it to be.

    • Well, Shari, men are oblivious like that; it didn’t dawn on J that scarfing down a hot meal right in front of me might be a little inconsiderate. LOL. I am miserable, but the point of the diet is to shrink the liver some before surgery to make the procedure safer and minimize the chance of damaging the liver. I do appreciate the well wishes!!

  7. bob could have sugar free fat free pudding as part of his preop. He was limited to 20 proteins a day so it was challenging trying to figure out how to “eat” and keep within his allowed 20. He mixed cream of chix and cream of mushroom soup with chix broth, spices, mushrooms, onions, real chix, celery, and carrots. cooked it along time on top of the stove. froze the chicken for after surgery, strained the soup and ate/drank it. Said it tasted so much better and easier to get down. it might be worth a try. He’s made buckets of this in the first 2 months before and after surgery. just thought I’d throw my .02 in, in hopes to make it easier for you esp since you’ll be drinking this post op too.

    • I love pudding! But, sadly, that wasn’t allowed on the diet. Just things I could drink. As for the soup, I finally went and got a can of Campbells chicken noodle, and I strained it just so I could have the broth. It was decent. I appreciate the tips! Tell Bob I’m proud of how much weight he has lost!

  8. oh and what got him over the hump was going to Kmart and buying bags of crystal light hard candy and sucking on it whenever he had a need for something sweet or a need for something normal so he would not have the urge to kill. It took me months after his surgery before I felt comfortable eating in front of him anything i knew he’d like. The nurses told me this was my problem since he was okay with it but I felt “guilty” eating anything in front of him. Dont’ feel that way anymore, nope, I sure got over that shit pretty damn quick.
    did you get the white light scan? khara could not do it since her tattoo caused a problem with the machine and it broke when bob was to use it so we did pictures on day of going to hospital. takes one look of them on that day and its quick to see how much better they both look as they lost weight. okay. rambling over now. 🙂

    • I jumped all over the crystal light. I’ve got lemonade, peach tea, and fruit punch. It is so much more satisfying than drinking plain water and makes me want to drink more….and more water is good for me.

      As for the white light scan……I’m drawing a total blank. What was it for? I didn’t have one.

  9. Here I will help you out. Everytime you see a plate of food or a diet coke, imaging Jenny sitting there holding it. If anything, you will want to slap that shit right off the table! your welcome..

  10. Great job so far. I have faith you can do it. It is nice to hear things from your point of view because I am currently living through this from J’s side (my husband had lab-band a little over a month ago). I know he got tired of the milky protein shakes very quickly. We found these fuze drinks (not the fuze energy ones) that had good amounts of proteins and not much sugar that seemed to help. He also found that drinking beef consume (I probably spelled that wrong) was a nice change from drinking just broth (we also found a white wine and herb veggie broth). Also, I totally get you on the him eating in front of you thing. I am the same way (especially about crunchy foods), and my husband doesn’t understand. Keep it up though. It will all pay off in the end.

    • Thank you! First off, congrats to your hubby on getting his band! This is how I decided to get the gastric bypass: my best friend was in a contest for a free lap-band, and I told her if she won I’d get surgery too. She won, so here I am! I’ll have to remember to try beef consumme (sp?) because I don’t like beef broth. Thank you for your kind words and having faith in me. I’m touched. Really. ♥

  11. Wow, I can’t imagine 😦 I started Paleo about 2.5 months ago and that first week was ROUGH. You basically give up a lot of the carbs you shouldn’t eat (bread, pasta, etc) and replace them with veggies. I had awful headaches, cravings, whathaveyou – but at least I could eat! 500 calories per day sounds really rough – no wonder you have no energy! Thinking of you lots, and hoping this sucky part of the process will fly by! (PS – kiddos are super cute, love the cop costume!!)

  12. Snort, I am sorry this is bitter pill to take. It will get better. One thing I always run through my head during hard times is “This too shall pass”. say it over and over and over! Soon you will be looking back at all this and it will be nothing but a memory and a great story to tell your Grandkids! When you get to the end of your rope…tie a knot and HANG ON!

  13. Thinking of you Monday! I am a MWOP forever lurker and have admired your courage and determination and give me hope that my daughters 58th day of being drugfree will become 580.
    Good Luck Monday and welcome the new (super fantastic) you.


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