Days 5 and 6

Just a quick check-in to keep myself accountable:

Day 5 (Saturday) started with a weigh in of 288.0 pounds. I drank 3 protein shakes, a ton of water spiked with Crystal light, and 3 popsicles. I have decided that I fucking hate broth and jello. I had some energy (finally) to run those errands that needed to be run. I even cooked a giant Korean meal for J and Footlong. Anxiety wise, I talked to my doctor (at the urging of my anesthetist friend) and was given a prescription for Ativan to treat my anxiety. I feel so much better. Now I’m not scared at all—I’m fucking excited. Talking to my friend Shannon made all the difference.


Day 6 (Sunday) started with a morning weigh-in at 287.o pounds. I’m down 6.5 pounds since Tuesday morning. I’ve always been bothered by pink stretch marks on my belly and hips, but this morning I noticed that 90% of them have faded significantly. Cool!


Tomorrow after Footlong gets out of school we are headed to Phoenix. I can have clear liquids only tomorrow (no protein shakes), and I have to drink an entire bottle of Mag Citrate, a laxative, at 1:00 pm. Me and my friend, Deena, are going for pedicures tomorrow night, and here’s hoping I don’t have the urge to poop at the nail salon. LOL.


I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


31 thoughts on “Days 5 and 6

  1. I’ll be thinking about you and wishing you great success with your weight loss. I’m super impressed you’ve made it through this week with such a limited diet and that you cooked for your family! Hope the recovery is easy and that you’ll back on your feet in no time.

  2. Make sure you measure yourself all over before your surgery. When my daughter is stalled with weight loss the loss of inches gets her thru that difficult time.
    This friend in Carolina will be thinking of you and cheering you as you start the journey to the new YOU.

  3. Carmen: Good job on getting something to relax you. This is going to be amazing and you got this! One thing… I did a bowel prep before my hysterectomy and just be careful, you may need to stick closer to the bathroom than you think. Not to be disgusting, but I had two episodes of literally not being able to stop it and luckily was within feet of our bathroom. That stuff is wicked. It didn’t bother me at first and then hours later I was afraid to leave the house. It then slowed down after a few hours. It also dehydrated me pretty good and they had trouble getting the IV in. The anesthesiologist had to get the Doppler to find a vein it was that bad. Sending you tons of good thoughts and hugs… Can’t wait to hear from you once they get you up and walking around. Just think, the start of the new YOU! So excited for you.


    • I had that stuff once and I’m sure they gave me the dosage for a Clydesdale Horse … I’ve never experienced anything like it in my life.
      Mom’s dead right, don’t wander too far from a loo !!!

  4. Been thinking about you all weekend SNORT … I am SO excited for you.
    Those shoes were bloody awful by the way !! :o)
    Good luck pal x

  5. Getting so excited for you! I’m glad this week went well, and that you’re energy is back.

    Thank God for Ativan!! That stuff is great. Can’t wait to hear how the surgery goes.

  6. Honey do not be afraid of going under anesthesia. You will just shut your eyes and a second later you will be looking into J’s eyes and he will be telling you it is all over and you are fine.♥ Thinking of you :o)

  7. Thinking of you, Snort. You’ re a brave girl to undertake this weight-loss intervention. I hope your recovery is quick and easy. Make sure to advise your surgeon not to make any adjustments to your sense of humor. It’s delightful as is. :o)

  8. Been thinking of you sooo much Snort! I know you’ve been waiting on this for a long time. If those scary thoughts come creeping in, just imagine how much thinner and healthier you will be in the not too distant future. Wow, a new beginning! We’ll all be out here waiting on your updates, so don’t stay away too awfully long. Love ya Snort!

  9. Good luck tomorrow! I will be thinking about you. I hope everything goes well and you are home with your family in a couple of days 🙂

  10. Carmen: Sending you tons of happy thoughts.. You got this! Can’t wait to hear how awesome you are doing. Thinking of you today.. Cindy

  11. “Today is the first day of the rest of your life!”
    Prayers,positive thoughts and good wishes for today’s events.
    I know it won’t be easy but you want it so badly and so many are supporting you and care. You can do this!

  12. Checking on my little snort.. Sending you good thoughts and prayers.. This is the new you and so excited to be there on your journey. Love ya!! cindy

  13. I wandered over from MWOP again to check in on you. I will be keeping you in my thoughts. My neighbor had this done last year and she looks fabulous! I’m actually really envious of you both.

  14. Oh my Lord [Snort], this better not have been a surgery for a hang nail clipping that is getting us all to keep clicking and checking your site. We know how some bloggers have done that.
    Best of luck and thoughts for a quick recovery! I miss your posts.

  15. I have checked your blog an insane # of times looking for an update – I hope you are recovering well! I Can’t wait to hear how everything went.


    She is doing okay. She is sore and tired and will be getting to go home tomorrow! Yipee.. Our snort will be back among us commenting and enjoying her new journey!


  17. Hi Carmen! Hope you got home safely and are RELAXING! We missed you and are so glad you are done with the surgery. 😉

  18. Snort: BE VERY CAREFUL if you go over to MWOP in the morning. Someone posted a pic of Izzy in a speedo-type swim trunk. We don’t need you bustin any stitches looking at that ! Quite the sight.. Oh, and an old pic of JenJen in a swimming suit too… Umm. yeah, be careful.. Hope your first night home was a good one. Give it some time. Another week and you will be up and about and posting videos to pass the time! Cindy

  19. Welcome home Snort! I have thought of you often this week but can’t comment on mwop right now. My laptop is under the weather and sucky disqus doesn’t work on a kindle fire (although I’m reading along). Mucho wishes for a speedy, painfree recovery.

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