It’s Over?

Hey everyone! I’d like to start this post with a huge thank you to everyone who left me a comment on MWOP, asked about me, left me comments/messages, sent me texts, and sent me a little something on FB. As you all know (because all I did was bitch about it), I was dealing with awful anxiety issues before surgery; once it was over I turned into an emotional blob of jello, and all of your lovely messages/comments/etc. made me cry. I would also like to apologize up front for any spelling or grammar mistakes that may be contained in this post; I am on a helluva lot of Dilaudid.

Let’s back this story up to Monday, shall we? I woke up Monday morning weighing 286.5:  I lost exactly seven pounds on my pre-op diet. At 1:00 pm, I drank an entire bottle of (cherry flavored) Magnesium Citrate. The bottle said it would work anywhere between thirty minutes and eight hours. Are you fucking kidding me? What kind of window is that? With me, however, the magic number was 45 minutes. We headed up to Phoenix after Footlong got out of school; my very, very dear friend Deena volunteered to watch the boys overnight so J could go to the hospital with me for surgery. As a token of gratitude I took Deena out for a pedicure; I got my toenails painted red, and she got her nails painted a dark teal. During the pedicure I couldn’t look at the bubbling water in the tub thing because I was afraid I would shit my pants, someone would catch it on video, and that fucker would go viral on YouTube with millions of hits. I made it through the pedicure without any accidents. I’m a big girl!

We said goodbye to the boys (I managed to choke back my tears) about 7:00 or so and headed to our hotel room. We watched TV and chilled for a couple of hours, I took a shower with my special pre-op soap, and then I collapsed into a diarrhea induced mini-coma.

I really don’t remember much about the next morning. I know we were at the hospital at 6:30am to check-in; I was taken back to the pre-op area, got weighed, and put on a gown. I had an IV started in each arm. That is pretty much all I remember. The drug that they gave me to chill me out before surgery causes retrograde amnesia, so I have spotty memories of that morning. I don’t even remember going into the OR. I don’t remember waking up in the recovery room, but I do know they kept giving me pain medicine. I thought the pain would be worse than it was, but it was tolerable.

The rest of the stay went like clockwork. I walked, drank water, ate jello, used my incentive spirometer, etc. The surgeon decreed that all of his gastric bypass patients must be out of the bed and in the recliner from 6:00 am until midnight. I sat in the chair and watched TV. I napped in the chair. I walked miles and miles around the nurses station.

I was discharged Thursday about lunch time and got home to Tucson around 3:00 pm. I slept half the ride home. And no, I wasn’t driving. It was so good to see my babies again, but it really pained me to not be allowed to pick up 6-inch. He’d walk over to me on his chubby little legs, open his arms, and look up at me. It broke my heart.

I’m doing ok since getting home. I am bloated in the belly from the CO2 gas they used during surgery; I am slowly getting rid of it. Clear liquids and protein shakes are going down just fine. My pain is still there, but it’s better. My belly is bruised all over, and I have tape burns all over my belly and arms.

They told us pre-op that we would come home heavier than we were before surgery due to the IV fluids we would receive. I came home Thursday at 288. I was 288 yesterday. Today I am 284.5.

I can’t believe that it’s over. I jumped through hoops for six months for this surgery. I had anxiety and panic attacks when thinking about anesthesia. I feel like I was building up to something big, and now that it’s all over it’s surreal. I’m off to drink a protein shake and some Crystal Light now. I’ll post pictures with my next post.



41 thoughts on “It’s Over?

  1. So happy for you that the surgery is over. Will you have some help around the house for a little bit while you heal? So excited for this new journey you are on. The best is yet to come darlin! Have a good weekend.. Love ya! cindy

    • I’m sorry I haven’t replied sooner, my dear friend and admin. Yes, I do have help: J has taken 3 weeks of vacation, but I guess it really isn’t a vacation for him since he is helping me, dealing with the kids, and doing some work in the evenings. Love you too!

  2. So glad you’re done with the scariest part of all this Snort! You were definitely missed by everyone in MWOP land. It’s good to have you back, sassy as ever! Rest up and keep us posted on how you’re doing.

    • Skirts! I’m glad I’m done with the scariest part too. I missed you girls and your snark as well; the internet service at the hospital was really, really shitty.

  3. I’m glad to “see” your back and more glad it went well!! Yes please post pictures. And in case you haven’t heard it enough, I am so proud of you. I know it was hard and recovery won’t be a picnic but you did it. YAY FOR YOU!!!

  4. I’m so glad that the surgical ordeal is over. I hope you have a local support group to help you with the challenges to come. Hugs to you, your dear husband, and sons.

  5. Whew, glad that part is over & done with for you! Now, just rest for a bit, heal & follow all the Dr.’s orders. Keep your thoughts on the new you, wearing what you want & being able to do all the things you want with the 2 littles.

  6. You don’t know me of course but I wanted to say that I am proud of you! My best friend has been through this surgery (lost 120) and my best advice is DO EVERYTHING THE DOCTOR SAYS and DO ONLY WHAT THE DOCTOR SAYS. Take it easy, its a marathon, not a sprint. I can’t wait for your updates!

  7. Way to go girl! You are well on your way! I am so proud of of you. Can’t wait to see you in that new dress, THE shoes, dancing with J. Lots of hugs, prayers and love from me to you Meda/Mom

  8. I am glad to hear the surgery went well! I didn’t learn until recently that it isn’t good to take some pills after gastric bypass and motrin/tylenol are not allowed because they can cause ulcers… so what do you take for pain management now that you are home? What protein supplement do you like? I am going to have to start experimenting with them soon.

    • Hey Jen! Have you scheduled a surgery date yet, or are you still hoop jumping?

      My surgeon won’t let me take ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) or naproxyn (Aleve) because they increase the risk of gastric ulcers. He said Tylenol is the only OTC thing I can take. I have tried a few protein supplements, and my favorite is the chocolate flavored Premier shakes from Costco. I get a box of 18 ready to drink shakes for less than $30. I’ve also found a strawberry shake I really like, but I don’t have any left and can’t remember the name. You can browse some stuff at or sign up for a catalog! They also carry all the vitamins/supplements you’ll need after surgery.

      • I am still in the hoop jumping phase, but that will end 11/21!!!! Hopefully my surgery could be scheduled the end of December or beginning of January (have to work around school schedule). Thanks for the recommendations! I will look into them.

  9. Hi! I’m a lurker here and over on MWOP. Just wanted to say I respect your courage in going thru this process and sharing it with all. I saw a sign the other day that made me think of you. “If you’re not going to snort then why bother to laugh at all” 🙂

    • OMG, that literally made me laugh! Thank you for de-lurking and leaving me a comment, Jenni. I appreciate all of your support (and everyone else’s) during all of this.

  10. Glad you’re home and everything went well. Can’t wait to hear the rest of this amazing journey you and your boys are on … SO, SO proud of you :o)

    • Well, well, well. I figured it was only a matter of time until you guys figured out how to comment! Thank you, and I love you both. I lucked out in the parent department ♥

  11. Did you have the gastric sleeve or the
    Complete bypass. I have been doing
    Research on the sleeve. I am so glad the surgery is over for you–but the work now starts. Mary

    • Hi, Mary! I had the complete bypass, most commonly known as the Roux-En-Y gastric bypass. It is what my surgeon recommended as the best option for me based on my weight, health, and insurance coverage. I’m glad the surgery is over too, and I wish you nothing but the best in your research and journey 🙂

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