Totally Random Tuesday

I have moved from liquids to solid proteins such as eggs, beans/peas, chicken breast, lean ground beef, fish, and lunchmeat.

I have discovered a love of scrambled eggs.

Unfortunately, I can’t eat a whole egg.

Thankfully, J finishes said egg so it won’t go to waste.

I cooked Cuban food for J and Footlong tonight.

In the past month I have bought 4 pair of shoes.

Don’t hate…..I’m such a loyal customer that I was given some store credit online, and I paid $60 for 4 pair of shoes (free shipping!).

I need a haircut.

Crystal Light and all of it’s artificial sweeteners give me diarrhea.

You’re welcome.

Whenever I eat a popsicle I have to share it with 6-inch.

6-inch has also transitioned to sleeping in his crib! (He was still in his bassinet. The boy loved to feel snug. Now he likes to stretch out.)

I am continuously amazed by how smart Footlong is and the conversations he can have.

J, bless his heart, is trying to diet along with me. He is 5’9” and started his journey at 187 lbs. He is 179 currently.

Father Snort has started a diet as well. ¡Buena suerte, Señor Presidente!

Father Snort has also decided that he wants to play Mad Libs later this week.

That’s fine by me because he is really funny.

6-inch got the walking farts tonight.

I have been going for a nice, long walk every night at sunset.

I bought all of my vitamins/supplements that I will be on for the rest of my life, and I about had a fucking heart attack.

Said vitamins and supplements cost $50/mo.

No, they aren’t covered by insurance.

My back hurts.

I am nauseated for approximately two hours every afternoon.

J goes back to work next Monday.

We tricked Footlong into eating mashed potatoes by telling him they are squished up french fries.

6-inch likes mashed potatoes too.

I miss my brother.

My best friend just had surgery on her foot.    😦

I think I may have to do another shoe post soon.

And I still have to write the Mad Libs story.

And I know MockMama has some shit to say as well.

I, for some reason, have become addicted to that Dallas Cowboys cheerleading show on CMT.

That’s all for right now.


12 thoughts on “Totally Random Tuesday

  1. Just thinking of you today wondering how the “new food” routine is going.. WARNING: TOO MANY QUESTIONS…. So, what do you mean you can’t eat a whole egg? When you scramble an egg is it too much food? Did they show you like the medical stuff, I mean like how big your actual stomach is now? How is the water drinking going? On MFP we are supposed to drink 8 glasses a day (I think,, I never get close).. So I got some lemon juice to try and help make it taste, but you probably can’t do citrus can you? Sorry to be a pain, this whole thing intrigues me.. I type the surgery part of it, but the day to day stuff is interesting.. Please ignore all questions above if you are too darn tired to deal with me!

    One more.. What will your Thanksgiving meal be like? (Again, ignore this if I am driving you crazy)!

    So glad you are feeling a bit better and can’t wait to see some pics or a video of your day to day stuff.

    • Don’t worry about the questions, Cindy. Really…I don’t mind.

      I get full before I can finish the egg.

      My stomach is just a little larger than a golf ball.

      My meal sizes are limited to 1/2 a cup, but I can’t hold that much. I’m doing good to finish 1/3 cup.

      I ate too fast or too much the other night and vomited.

      I have to eat slowly and with a baby spoon. I’m supposed to eat my meager meal over 20 minutes that way my brain has ample time to tell my stomach “You’re full!” before I overeat.

      I don’t know about the citrus juice; I don’t have a problem drinking plain water. I’m just glad I figured out Crystal Light and my intestines don’t jive.

      Footlong HATES holiday food so we never have a “traditional” Thanksgiving meal. I think I’m going to throw a chicken into the rotisserie and make them some rice and veggies. I’ll have some chicken breast.

  2. Vitamins and supplements? And they don’t coste 300 bucks for 8 days? Are you sure you are using the right stuff?

    Seriously, I’m excited for you. 🙂

  3. I love the DCC show too! (when you know the abbreviation, you know you’re a true mess) I told hubs that I will be trying out next yr; I don’t think my 190 lb 52 YO frame should be an issue. I’ve got spirit & better rhythm than some of those gals. Have you seen the Cheer show afterwards with the girls from NJ? Their hairstyle is disturbing

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