Sweet Baby Ava

A sweet, fragile soul entered the world yesterday morning. Her name is Ava, and this blog post is dedicated to her, her loving parents J and M, and her big brother C  ♥


I joined a sorority my senior year in college, and to this day I am terrific friends with one of my sorority sisters; her name is K, and she is one of the most vivacious women I have ever met. Several years ago, during a trip home, K invited me out to dinner; joining us were several of K’s friends and her cousin, J. I thought J was a very nice girl. She and I have met just that one time, but I do remember her well.


I learned from my friend K that J was having a difficult time during her second pregnancy. She was pregnant with a baby girl, but the baby wasn’t growing very well; Ava was thought to weigh less than a pound at over 25 weeks gestation. J was hospitalized a couple of weeks ago to facilitate closer monitoring of her baby, and the day before yesterday she learned that baby’s umbilical cord (which only contained 2 vessels instead of the normal 3) was demonstrating some reversed blood flow. The doctor decided that the time had come for Sweet Baby Ava, as tiny as she was, to be born. J was given a dose of steroids to help strengthen Ava’s lungs, and plans were made for a C-section on Thursday morning.


Early yesterday morning J gave birth. Sweet Baby Ava was born at 27 weeks and weighed only 13 ounces. You read that right…ounces. She is tiny and beautiful, but she faces a long, dangerous road ahead. She is in the NICU on a ventilator, and she needs all of the love, good thoughts, and prayers that we can muster. Her loving mother and father and family as a whole need our love, thoughts, and prayers as well. My darling friend K is putting together a surprise book for the family containing letters from well-wishers….along with this blog post and your comments.


Friends and readers, I would be tickled if you would leave a comment for Sweet Baby Ava and her parents below. Say whatever is in your heart or whatever moves you. If you are willing, please mention where you live (just the state is fine…city and state if you like). You don’t have to leave your name; use your initials or your regular commenting nickname. I just want them to know that people all over are pulling for them, and most importantly, for Sweet Baby Ava. Repost this blog link below if you like by clicking on the Facebook, email, or Twitter icons; send your friends, family, and co-workers here.


Here she is…..













16 thoughts on “Sweet Baby Ava

  1. Sissy, baby Ava reminds me of your aunt Kim, she was a few ounces heavier but over all the same size, look at her now now age 40 succesful in her career and 2 beautiful daughters I bet baby Ava will be just as succesful in life, after all the best gifts come in the smallest packages
    our thoughts and prayers are with baby Ava and her parents.

    Mother and Father Snort, Alabama, USA.

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