Footlong’s Letter To Santa

I wanted to scan this into the computer and upload it, but the scanner/printer has died. Here is Footlong’s letter to Santa; I will provide a translation below.


“Dear Santa,

I wod like 5 storm tripr pigs and the Darth Vater pig and the red bird from Agriy Birds Star Wars. Axshly I wod lik them all ipset the Chebokcu one and all the Swicht and Go Dienos.

Love, Garrett

P.S. I frgot the Angry Birds Star Wars sets.”


That little booger wrote his letter without any help from me or J. He sounded out all of the words and spelled them (for the most part) like they sound. What he wrote was:

“Dear Santa,

I would like 5 Storm Trooper pigs and the Darth Vader pig and the red bird from Angry Birds Star Wars. Actually, I would like them all except the Chewbacca one and all of the Switch and Go Dinos.

Love, Garrett

P.S. I forgot the Angry Birds Star Wars sets.”


How sweet  ♥  And Santa got him everything he wanted….even the Chewbacca pig.


6 thoughts on “Footlong’s Letter To Santa

  1. That is so sweet. You have to frame it and keep it. I miss my little boys. They grow up so f***ing fast. Mine asked for True Religion Blue Jeans and an Iphone 5. Miss the legos and fort building. Your guys are going to have blast on Christmas morning. 🙂

  2. Carmen: Hope you guys had a great Christmas. We have the flu rolling around and I missed wishing you a Merry Christmas. Oh well, hopefully a few days late won’t make a difference! cindy

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