Happy [SNORT] Year!

Hello all! I dropped off the radar for a couple of weeks because both Footlong and J had a two week break for the holiday season. I decided it was more important to spend lots and lots of time with them instead of lots and lots of time blogging, internet surfing, and giving out deets. A novel concept for some, but hey, that’s how I roll.


I appreciate all of the FB messages and emails wishing me a Merry Christmas, wanting to know about my weight loss, requesting to hear how MockMama spent her holidays (and her holiday recipes—LOL), and when I’d post photos of my new shoes. I will get to all of these requests and more in the next few days, but I thought I would start tonight with a general update and (long overdue) photos.


Christmas was lovely! Footlong and 6-inch were in bed by 9:00 pm on Christmas Eve which allowed plenty of time for gift wrapping (me) and toy assembly (J). I wrapped 14 gifts and stuffed two stockings; J assembled 6-inch’s toddler playground, toy ride-on train and tracks, and a tabletop basketball game for Footlong. I stuffed six plush Angry Birds Star Wars figures in various places on the Christmas tree, and J ate cookies and drank milk. Footlong also left a carrot outside for the reindeer, and I had the pleasure of breaking in half and gnawing on one end to make it look like the reindeer chowed down. We went to bed around 2:00 am, and 6-inch decided to give us our wake-up call at 5:45 am. While J got him up and changed his diaper (6-inch’s….not his own) I woke Footlong. We all met in the living room, and Footlong was so happy to see that Santa ate his treat and the reindeer ate theirs. He tore right into his gifts, but poor 6-inch didn’t know what on earth to make of things:  paper was flying, Footlong was talking loudly and excitedly, and the camera was clicking away. I tried to get him to unwrap some gifts, but he wouldn’t sit still. He kept toddling around looking at anything and everything. After presents I cooked a big Christmas breakfast:  pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, and low-fat turkey sausage. FYI, I ate a scrambled egg with a slice of reduced-fat cheese and one link of turkey sausage. Late that afternoon I got to work on our Christmas dinner:  prime rib (done in the rotisserie), roasted baby blue potatoes, sauteed zucchini, indian flatbread, and salad. I manged to eat 2-3 ounces of the meat, some zucchini, and three tiny potatoes.


And how are my weight loss and recovery going? They are both going well. This morning I weighed 254.0 lbs for a total weight loss of 39.5 lbs; for those of you that need refreshing, I started my diet on 10/30 at 293.5 lbs and had surgery on 11/6 at 287 lbs. I have been able to eat a little bit more and no longer have to drink those nasty ass protein shakes; as long as I am careful with my diet I am able to get at least 50 grams of protein from the foods I eat. The things that I tolerate best are scrambled eggs, lowfat cheeses, nonfat Greek yogurt, edamamme, lima beans, refried beans with salsa, and lean (but not dry) meats like deli meats (smoked turkey, smoked ham, and roast beef), fish, crab, scallops, and chicken. I try and eat red meat several times a week because I am anemic and need the iron, but I have discovered that ground beef and I don’t get along very well. I am able to eat fruits and cooked veggies now, and they have helped with my constipation. I have to eat protein first, so I’m only able to eat fruits and veggies sparingly. I ate a blood orange the other day and was in pure heaven. I have also started eating miniscule amounts of high-protein, high-fiber pasta. I have steered clear of sweets (cookies, cakes, ice cream, candy bars) and have not touched a drop of soda or coffee. I drink nothing but water, Crystal Light, and iced tea sweetened with Splenda. I walk several nights a week for an hour or so, and we just joined the YMCA since I got the ok to finally do more strenuous exercise than walking. I still have to eat slowly, and if I eat too fast or don’t chew my food very well (especially if it is a tough or dry piece of meat) I will barf.


The morning of surgery I was in a pair of size 26 jeans and a 3x t-shirt; I was going to put on the same outfit tonight so you all could see the difference, but the damn pants wouldn’t stay up! My size 24 jeans are soooooo loose that I am able to pull them up and down without unbuttoning or unzipping them; I have two pair of size 22 jeans that I can get into but are still a smidge on the tight side. I can see my weight loss most in my stomach and face; J says that my boobs and butt are smaller as well. He hugged me last weekend and said it was like hugging a different woman. That made me smile, and then it made me wonder who in the fuck he was hugging on the side. LOL  These photos are from tonight; J took them with my Blackberry (just like on the morning of surgery). Please excuse the mess in the house. I would rather spend time with my kids than have an uber clean house.



The morning of surgery





And 8.5 weeks after surgery!





The morning of surgery





And 8.5 weeks after surgery!





Cheesy self-portrait on New Year’s Eve



And that, folks, is essentially it. MockMama will blog next and share her holiday tall-tales and recipes. Have a good night  🙂


20 thoughts on “Happy [SNORT] Year!

  1. Wow! You go girrrrrrl!! You look great and your eyes sparkle! Hang in there and do all the stuff your supposed to, and you will surely fare well…

  2. You look terrific!! So happy for you and wish you continued success with your weight loss journey and recovery. I missed you during your hiatus from blogging, but certainly agree with your choice.

  3. Snort, the now pictures are great. I can see your lost 39 pounds very clearly! Sounds like Christmas was a hit with the Kiddos! Was Santa good to you? ♥ Marley

  4. You are doing great! I can def see the difference. I think your face, tummy and arms are slimming down! You give me encouragement to stay on my weight loss bandwagon. I know it’s hard but keep up the good work.

  5. Carmen you look amazing! Congrats on the weight loss. Keep it girl. So glad the kids had a great Christmas and you were able to make family time #1. 🙂

  6. Good job!!!! I hope that you know what a great person no matter what you weighed. The weight loss is important for your health; your kids and husband need you around for a long time!
    I remember eating the carrot and half a Santa cookie.
    Best wishes for the New Year!

  7. You look even more beautiful than before. You look especially pretty in the New Year pic. I’m surprised and interested in the eating changes required of you now. I guess I just stupidly assumed you ate normally, but got full faster since the stomach was smaller. I’d like to hear more on how that works. Like what is the basic size of a normal meal for you now. A cup? Less? And how many times a day must you eat now? I find this all very interesting and appreciate you being willing to take us along on your journey.

  8. You look great! You can see the weight loss in your photos. Congrats! I’m glad you gave up ridiculous stuff like family time to update your blog. 🙂 Kidding about the family, but I am happy to have a new [SNORT] post!

  9. You look great! I have been anxiously awaiting a surgery/weight loss update but family always comes before the internet. It sounds like you all had a great Christmas!

    Has the nausea gone away? I know what you mean about the protein drinks.I have yet to find a powder one that I enjoy. Some of them I can tolerate, but they smell horrible. I can’t handle mixing them with milk, but water or almond milk seem to help. The pre-made dark chocolate Atkins drink is ok as long as it is really cold (also, you don’t have to smell it because of the small opening)! Too bad it only has 15g of protein.

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