You Know What, You Dumb Shit?

If you lose something and search frantically for it, do not, I REPEAT DO NOT come up to me like a happy puppy and say “I found it! I was in the very last place I looked!”

Of course it was in the very last place you looked, asshole. You’re not going to keep looking after you find theย fucking thing, are you?


9 thoughts on “You Know What, You Dumb Shit?

  1. Sorry to ‘hijack’ your space, Snort…but I don’t know where else to bring this up…

    I haven’t comment for a loooong time over at mwoptruths, but the weirdness of the non-moderation was about to bring me out of temporary luker status. When I signed in a half hour ago, it said that comments had been closed…without a new post up to ‘restart the comment counts’. Very strange.

    The reason for me to post, was to ask if anyone remembers the little ‘donate to anja to help fund this site’ thing from (a couple?) years back. I was a lurker then, myself, and didn’t donate…but the idea was that the money was to be used for paying for the retrieval and posting of court documents etc. I think I even remember Anja posting a link to the page where she said she’d track how the money was spent, to keep herself accountable and up front. Any ideas of what happened to all of that? I can’t imagine that the hundreds of dollars that were donated have been spent on the documents yet, but a couple of weeks ago, Anja replied to you, Snort, that she didn’t think that the mods would be posting any court docs since it costs money to obtain them…just made me go “hmmmm”… (also there was a new post put up VERY shortly after that, almost like she wanted that comment to be buried)

    ps. I realize that the money was for Anja to spend as she wanted, and I’m sure the money doesn’t even begin to compensate for her time spent moderating the site…but, still, she was adamant that the money was to be used for court documents etc.


  2. again.

    In regards to the money donated to run the mwoptruths site, I found the Finacial Disclosure in the About section…My apologies to Anja for my assumptions regarding the use of the donations. The page was last updated at the end of August 2012 with only $21.02 remaining. There’s no way of knowing how much money she (or the other mods) has had to spend since then, but it’s a fair assumption that those people who are waiting for court documents to be posted are in for a long wait (unless the site puts up another donate button). Still. That said, things ARE a little too quiet over there from the mod side…and it’s odd that they’d close comments without starting a new thread.

    And, I apologize once again, Snort, for ranting here on your space concerning matters from another site. (heh…I wouldn’t blame you if you applied the title of this post to me… ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

    I’ve meant to congratulate you on your weight loss…I can’t imagine how hard it must be to have gone through the surgery you did, and to have to reinvent and relearn everything to do with eating and food! Stay strong โค


  3. So the mods on MWOP turned off the comments to the latest post and didn’t start a new one up. With that stunt, you can beat folks are gonna be saying good bye. Nothing like policing grown woman and Hevel and treating everyone like 2 year olds.. Get ready Carmen, they will all be headed your way to this blog.. : )

  4. For the posters above: The Off-Topic side often closes down automatically. Disqus closes it after 2 weeks and Anja has to re-open it. That’s probably what happened. Hopefully someone can get Anja or a mod’s attention soon.

  5. Hope all is well with you, Snort. Still feeing good?

    Hope the mods have a heaping helping of common sense this morning and straighten themselves out.

    Hope Anja’s mailbox isn’t being overrun (ha!). She deserves a nice quiet break.


    • And I just remembered the 14 day sudden-death thing on disqus. I bet that’s what happened, and the new mods are slow to respond. No big deal, certainly not a conspiracy or a plot to destroy MWOP. Keep calm and blog on. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I didnt realize about the 14-day thing but if the mods don’t want to have some major post, why not start a new discussion after a week? Just curious as to the direction MWOP mods are going with so little communication.. seems weird to me.. Maybe I am watching too much of the Catfish stories.. lol… ๐Ÿ™‚

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