Happenings at Casa [SNORT]

Hey everyone! I apologize for not blogging recently. The last week has been kind of shitty, and today’s post will be just a giant shit storm touching on the happenings of the past week.

As some of you on FB and MWOP heard, I was hospitalized last week. I went to the ER last Wednesday with nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and severe abdominal pain. My surgeon was worried that I had developed gallbladder problems; he told me that rapid weight loss (52 lbs. in 3 months) triggers gallbladder problems in roughly 50% of weight loss surgery patients. To err on the side of caution I went to the ER at 1:30 pm; they called me back to a room at 5:45 pm (no, I’m not joking) and got me started on IV fluids, IV pain medication, and medications for nausea and itching (from the pain medication). I was so dehydrated that it took a couple of tries to get in an IV, and the paramedic resorted to putting in a smaller IV because that it all he could get. I had an ultrasound of my abdomen and a cat scan; the results showed no gallstones and said that I possibly had appendicitis. The ER doctor admitted me to the hospital for a further workup and a HIDA scan (done in nuclear medicine) to check my gallbladder. I did not know this, but it is apparently possible to have an infected gallbladder and not have gallstones. The hospital was full and no beds were available so I spent the night in the ER next to a crazy, schizophrenic woman who kept farting, shitting in the bedside commode (that right there did nothing for my nausea, let me tell you), and accusing the TV of watching HER. She was downright crazy. To top it off the woman’s daughter called her every 30 minutes to check on her—if I wasn’t listening to loud, wet farts and plopping sounds I was listening to a LOUD cell phone. I was fucking miserable and did not sleep a wink. I was discharged from the hospital Thursday at dinner time and mercifully fell asleep about 11:00 pm chocked full of Percocet and nausea medication. The verdict? The doctor felt strongly that I had a stomach bug that was going around, and the severe pain was caused from 2 days of vomiting that had severely irritated my esophagus. The further workup showed no appendicitis and no gallbladder problems; it also showed a small cyst on my right ovary, but I’m not going to pull a Jennifer McKinney and tell you that it may be cancer and to send prayers/money/gift cards/hotel stays/spa treatments/food/re-blog about me. I’m fine.

Today Footlong has been saddled with diarrhea, and I am hoping that he isn’t getting sick.

6-inch has discovered a love of Sesame Street alphabet cookies. I say, “Cookie?” and he starts smiling and runs to the kitchen for his treat.

If I hand 6-inch a cracker instead of a cookie he throws it on the ground and looks at me like, “Really? Do you think I’m stupid or something, lady? Where’s my damn cookie?”

When he eats his cookie he smiles and looks so content, as if to say, “Ahhhhhhhhhhh, Mommy. If everyone ate cookies everyday there would be world peace!”

I tried making a sauce last night to go with our grilled chicken–it turned out terrible. Neither one of us ate it yet John put it in a Tupperware bowl and stuck it in the fridge with the rest of the leftovers. ???

It is currently 47 degrees with cloudy skies and light rain.

My friend R (a fellow MWOPer) lives on the other side of town, and she is getting snow at her house! That said, she lives at a higher elevation that we do, and the snow doesn’t appear to be sticking. Still…..it’s snow.

I have an online friend who I think of as my “celebrity” friend. She told me today that she is working on a special article about a company, weight, and one of its independent distributors. She may or may not have asked me for a small contribution to said article. OK, she did. If you have to ask me what I told her then you really don’t know me that well. If we were together in the same room I would have shouted, “Fuck yeah!” and high-fived her!  I emailed her right back telling her that I would love to help her out, and I did. I can’t wait to read the final product.

I am worried about one of my MWOP and FB friends because she lives in Riverside, CA where that rogue former cop shot and killed a member of the Riverside PD. To all of my friends (and lurkers) in Cali, please stay safe.

My feet look like hell, but I feel guilty going to get a pedicure since I can treat my calluses and paint my toenails from the comfort of my own living room—-and it’s free.

I am usually very, very hot-natured, but today I am fucking freezing!

Tonight for dinner we are having cheese ravioli (16g protein, 6g fat, 30g carbs, 290 calories for one serving [4 large ravioli]) and a spinach salad with low-fat balsamic vinaigrette.

I had a cup of coffee today. I’ve pretty much steered clear of caffeine since surgery, and my hands are all jittery and sweaty right now.

I’ve decided that I shall post new photos this weekend. I’m practicing how to get my cell phone and hands to cover half of my body so I can look thinner. *snicker* Seriously….new photos this weekend.

6-inch is 18 months old now and still hasn’t said his first word. He follows commands though and has figured out how to climb onto the sofa. He also mimics some of the things I do. He is a cute, squishy riot.

As always, I appreciate you taking a few minutes of your day to read this random shit. I love y’all.



15 thoughts on “Happenings at Casa [SNORT]

  1. Whew! You did have a rough week! Glad you’re feeling better. Hoping you’ll share said article with us when it’s posted. You are, as always, hilarious. Thank you!

  2. Oh snort, I hope you are better and the kids don’t get it. I still can’t look at food without wanting to visit the bathroom. Water and gatorade is all I can do.. Whatever I had must be a doozy virus! Hopefully things will be better this week. xoxo cindy

    • I hate you’re still sick, Cindy. I can’t stand stomach bugs; they are so damn miserable!!! Feel better soon ’cause I need my admin all healthy and stuff. I’ll put $75 in your PayPal soon, but please remember that your monthly bill of $75 for the pleasure of being my admin is due at the end of the month. xoxoxo

      • UGH.. I thought I was going to be ahead this month.. Being your admin is costing me a lot, a lot !! 😉

  3. Glad you are feeling better, stomach bugs SUCK donkey-you-know-whats. Can’t wait to read what you contributed to your celebrity friend’s article!

  4. Just a suggestion– I think you need to post 2 sets of pics… 1 “Mck-style” (you know, the phone + mirror + missing body parts) and 1 normal. That would be too funny!!

    Glad you are feeling better.

  5. They took my gall bladder out at the time of the weight loss surgery.

    I am so sorry you had such a rough few days! Hope you keep feeling better and better.

  6. All children are different and some do need intervention, but my son didn’t say his first word until he was about 18 months old(mama). He also didn’t talk much until he was three years old. His progress was slow but steady. He’s now a 19 year old honors student in college, and still a man of few words….it’s just his personality. My daughter spoke very little until she was two, but went from nothing to full sentences very quickly and hasn’t stopped talking since! Her “sports” in school were speech and debate! She’s 22 now. I just wanted to tell you this, to assure you that not all children who are slower to speak have a problem. I think you have to follow your instincts and judge it based on the whole child.

  7. Funniest sentence (and a half) of the whole tirade. I may have whizzled a teensy bit in my drillies while reading it:

    “The further workup showed no appendicitis and no gallbladder problems; it also showed a small cyst on my right ovary, but I’m not going to pull a Jennifer McKinney and tell you that it may be cancer and to send prayers/money/gift cards/hotel stays/spa treatments/food/re-blog about me. I’m fine.”

    So glad to hear you’re back to your hilarious self ; )

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