I have now lost 61 pounds; I weighed in this morning at 232.5. Do you know the last time I weighed 232? J and I were in our first year of marriage. Having babies was a faraway thought. I worked night shift as a RN, and J was a “house hubby.” We adopted a chihuahua puppy named Roo. I am a comfortable size 18/20 and am grateful that my boobs aren’t shrinking as drastically as my ass is.

I have the flu and am miserable. I think my weight loss was bolstered by the fact that that I was awake Saturday, Sunday, and yesterday for a grand total of 10 hours. I feel like shit. 6-inch seems to be on the mend and is fever-free. He is acting like his normal, spunky self, and it’s hard for me not to pick him up and smother him in my germs. Footlong is doing well and is healthy; he is getting to that age where I have to beg for hugs and kisses, and it makes my heart sad. But, I remember being that age and wanting some level of independence, so I try and give him space.

Is there anyone that could use a ton of baby boy clothes? They range from NB up through 18 months. If so let me know. I was going to make a run to the Goodwill, but if I can help a friend first I am all for it!

Hugs, kisses, and sneezes,



26 thoughts on “61

  1. Snort, I read your blog regularly but have never commented. I could totally use any and all baby clothes as I purchase them for a local women’s shelter, launder them, mend them if needed and donate them to the shelter. I collect children’s clothes, women’s. . . anything, but the shelter tends to need mostly baby and small kids clothing. And I don’t live too far from you. . . Email me if you want–and congratulations on your fabulous weight loss!

  2. Crap! Snort, do me a favor please and don’t publish my IRL first name?? I usually go by ‘Pink’ (former big poster on mwop but only a reader for well over a year or so. I accidentally published my name. I don’t mind you knowing my name, but I would rather not have it published if you can change it or possibly not approve it under moderation. Thanks so much!! And obviously, if you can not publish this comment either! I live about an hour and a half away from you btw, and actually used to live in Tucson myself :).

  3. Great job on the weight loss. So very proud of you! BTW.. you just ran right past me on the weight loss journey.. Not fair! ;( …. Just kidding.. you keep it up and I will catch up eventually. Hope you feel better soon. Lots of liquids, this stuff is rough! xoxo cindy

  4. Great job on the weightloss! I’ve been following your journey through here and on mwop. It’s encouraging to see, and one that maybe one day I’ll follow. For now, we are doing the best we can with diet, and exercise. With four kids I don’t have the time to spend in the bathroom that znyg would require so that options out for me. My bank account, bathroom, and body appreciate that very much I’m sure! My littlest, not so little dude, could use 9 months and 12 months clothes. He’s a chunky butt, at almost 19 pounds and only almost 5 months old lol!

  5. Well done you on the 61 … I’m chuffed as fuck for you :o)
    Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling so bad … hopefully you’re over the worst now xx

  6. Since you’ve lost so much, that xyingy stuff must be working for you! I’ll send expired gift cards and the top part of a two-piece bathing suit as a reward!

  7. This is Meda/Mom. Have not said anything in a while due to a great laziness and illness on my part. You look FABULOUS! I know how hard it is to lose weight, and I am so proud of you!!!! Hope you and the kids feels better soon! Love your posts!

  8. Congrats on the weight loss! (1st time commenter, Lurker Extraordinaire)
    If you donate to GW, don’t forget to get your receipt & use Its Deductible.

  9. I had the rotten upstairs/downstairs flu. I ate mashed potatoes and applesauce for two weeks. Since feeling better, I have stopped eating any meat or poultry 3x’s a week and cut back on bread, added more fruits and veggies (DUH!!). I feel better, don’t know if this will help you any. Best wishes.

  10. shrinking sister, care to hook up a fat chick with some of your old clothes? i’ve gone from a 30/32 to a 22/24 through diet and exercise. unfortunately, the clothes don’t shrink with the bod. your old duds would be a blessing. i think the whole duggar family could fit in my loose clothes. are you a size 8 yet, miss me?

    • I am so proud of you! I have already given the 24 and a few 22 pieces to a friend. Right now I am wearing some 3x old t-shirts at home (size 24-26), and my pants are all 18/20 with maybe one or two pair of 22 that are cut small. I think I have a couple of size 20 maxi-dresses too from summers long past. If you are still losing I would be absolutely HAPPY to send you the 3x shirts and 18/20 pants/dresses when I downsize again. Just let me know 🙂

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