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Hello all 🙂

I have not blogged recently because there really hasn’t been anything to blog about. J is working hard, Footlong is doing well in school, 6-inch is the happiest, squishiest toddler ever, and I just battled a brief bout of food poisoning thanks to some leftover Chinese takeout.

My weight is holding steady at 227 lbs, and I’ve been unable to take long walks like I usually do because J has worked some late nights and 6-inch hates being the stroller for more than five minutes. I’m trying to get a few minutes of exercise here and there when I can, but I know that as long as I’m not gaining all is well.

Several weeks ago I blogged about receiving an email from my bariatric surgeon asking for patient testimonials and before/after photos. He left his partnered practice in December and is setting up his own practice. I sent him my testimonial and photos (as well as posted them here on the blog), and I got a phone call from him the day before yesterday. He asked me if I would come to Scottsdale (about two hours from where I live) and have a professional photo shoot with my hair and makeup professionally done as well. I was stunned. Literally, I asked him, “Why?” He said that some of his patients had exhibited such a change since surgery that he wanted professional photos taken for use in advertising and on his website. I don’t know how many people he has asked, but I am grateful to this man for giving me the opportunity and help to change my life, so I told him I would. Today someone from the studio called me to set up my appointment, and she told me to select two casual outfits with shoes and jewelry. She said that loud patterns were a no-no, and she asked that I not wear a dress or loose pants—the point of the photos is to showcase my (somewhat) smaller body. I’m really nervous about this. Don’t get me wrong: I know how to pick out clothes that match and know what colors look horrible on me (yellow and orange, if you’re wondering), but I want to take the best photos possible to showcase both his skill and my efforts.

This is where you guys come in. I have two outfits in mind, and I would love to have your opinions. I have two weeks to get everything ready, so let’s get crackin’!




I found this shirt in a beautiful aqua color; it has some fine, white embroidery along the bottom edge.


I would pair this with bootcut jeans and these shoes (that I already own):



For jewelry I’m thinking about long, dangly silver earrings and some silver bangle bracelets.

Below is a poll for the outfit. Click as many choices as you like.





I have a pair of dark, snug denim leggings that I wanted to pair with a hip, edgy shirt and some killer heels. This is the shirt I have chosen; it is loose but is formfitting around the hip:




My denim leggings are about the color of the ones the model is wearing. For jewelry I’m going to go with a big, silver statement necklace and maybe a bracelet. These are the shoes; I already have these, but it was quicker to pull up a stock photo from the internet. They are covered with silver studs, rhinestones, and little silver spikes:






Here is a poll for this outfit; please choose as many answers as you’d like:




Thank you for wasting a few minutes of your time trying to help me make a decision. I’ve pretty much always been one of those women who is good to go in jeans, a clean shirt, minimal makeup, and shoes. This is really making me nervous. If you have any specific comments, suggestions, or feedback leave me a comment. xoxo



24 thoughts on “Photo Shoot

  1. Hi!! I really like the 1st pr of shoes and the second shirt. I think you should buy she #1 in black and wear them with the denim leggings and black shirt. I think that would be very flattering. 🙂 Plus, I think you need an excuse to purchase new shoes. 🙂

      • Well, I already own both pair of shoes (and about 30 more pair of heels) so I already promised J I wouldn’t buy any shoes. I think he was relieved 🙂

        What do you think about outfit #2 having a pop of color with the black shirt—like hot pink, turquoise, or teal heels. I really appreciate your feedback, Michele!

      • Hi Carmen– For some reason it won’t let me reply to you so I am replying to me! LOL. Let me preface this by saying that I dress uber-conservatively. I live in twinsets and flats. 🙂

        I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a dark top that hits at your hip. That style is pretty universally flattering IMHO. Conversely, I think that it is hard to pull off a strapless look, regardless of body type.

        I love, love, love the style of shoe #1. I so wish I wore heels because I would buy those!! I love the classic look of a peep-toe and chunky sloes can really elongate your leg. I can’t tell if you are “vertically challenged” but I need all the help I can get! Too bad I never mastered actually *walking* in heels. :/

        I think that a pop of color would look nice but think that black would look better. 🙂 I think you want to try to elongate (without photoshop!!) your leg line and a dark pant coupled with a dark shoe (chunky sole gets bonus points!) would do that. But again, I am pretty boring on the shoe front.

        Regardless of what you wear, you look great and I am so happy for you that you are getting this opportunity. 🙂

    • Thank you! I ordered the shirt yesterday at for about $25 or so. The shoes, if you are so inclined to buy them, are a cheap brand called Breckelle’s, and I bought them on Amazon for $30 or so.

  2. Love the choices. Question if you’re willing to share the answer – where is shirt #1 from? I’d love to have it. So pretty. I’m not a fan of the second pair of shoes, but I do love the idea of a pop of color (as you put it) with the black shirt. I’d go with hot pink, but that’s just my love of hot pink and black together. I hope you post the pictures. You’re going to look so beautiful no matter what you wear.

    • Thank you! Both shirts are available at and are about $25. I went to the Torrid at Tucson Mall, and they didn’t have them in stock. I am starting to think about pairing outfit #2 with some colorful shoes. I’ve got hot pink with sparkles, hot pink with gold trim, turquoise, teal, green & black snakeskin, sparkly gold booties…..fucking hell I’m a shoe whore.

      • I’m a shoe whore back in the States (currently living in Northern Africa right now and the amount of shoes I have here is a little insane, too), so I totally get what you’re saying. Thanks for the info. Maybe I’ll try to grab them now so they’ll be waiting at home for me when I finally get there in 2014. Btw, I take it 6-inch is now doing fine? I first saw the info on MWOP (I’m more of a lurker there because I love to watch, but not necessarily be a part of, the train wreck) and loved the snarky post you did. Definitely made me laugh.

  3. [SNORT], I love the shirt in #1 and #2! I voted for rethink the jewelry in #1, I think a long white beaded necklace would be pretty if you have something like that. I’m thinking of looking at purchasing that shirt as well, I love the color. For outfit #2, I don’t know that the shoes will photograph well and a black shirt and dark leggins are the perfect excuse to whip out some of your wilder shoes that I’ve seen. Just my $0.10. (inflation.)

    • Thank you, Alyse! To be honest I didn’t even consider something like a pearl necklace or white beads. There is a jewelry store at the outlet mall here in Tucson where everything is $1—-bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, hair stuff, etc. Most of the stuff they carry is either gold or silver so that’s why the silver popped into mind immediately. I think I may hit Target or Cato and check out their jewelry 🙂 And, FYI, J had me model shoes the other night. He likes the black studded ones I posted, the gold booties, a pair of green and black (faux) snakeskin heels, and a pair of hot pink ones. I’m thinking I may just take a bag full of shit with me and let the photographers help me choose what photographs best. I’m used to school and family portraits; you know, where you smile and say, “CHEESE!” I’ve never, ever done anything where I had to change outfits or poses.

  4. I want to see a picture of all of your shoes! Seriously, I really do. I love both pairs you pulled for these outfits, so I now need to see more. If I were at your house, I’d be begging for a tour of your closet.

    As for the two outfits, I think you will look beautiful in either one of them. When the shirts arrive, how about two more pictures with each outfit on you? That way we can help assess which one shows off your efforts the best. After all, you are selling YOU, not the clothes.

    I think it is really flattering that your doctor wants to feature you in his advertising. That has to feel really good,.

    • Well, Peggy, we live in a small rental home so we use the floor space of our small master closet for storage. My shoes reside in both a large suitcase and in boxes, all of which are stored under the baby’s crib. There may be a few pair under the bed too 🙂

      Thanks for the suggestion about modeling the clothes; I think I may do that. My only readers consist of my MWOP friends (and lurkers!), my parents, and a few old friends from FB—I would honestly love to have some honest feedback because John is the typical man who always says I look fine. LOL

      I will do a shoe post for you. Promise.

  5. I’m envisioning that black top with some gorgeous chunky turquoise southwestern style jewelry/ You’ll look great whatever you pick I’m sure! 🙂

    • Thank you, TA! I have a pair of silver/turquoise dangly (like past my chin dangly) earrings that I’ll try on when I receive the shirts later this week. Appreciate the suggestion!

  6. Hi Carmen, I’m a lurker on MWOP since wayyyyyy back. I’ve never set up a disques account, so, I’m sorry, I’m going to go through you. I”m going to the Anaheim deal, it’s 10 minutes from my house, how could I not. I will have my camera, don’t know how easy it will be to take pics, Anyway, does any one else want to meet. My husband is out of town, and I want to have a corned beef and cabbage meal, while I’m there. If you know of anyone could you please let me know. Thanks

    • I know of two that live within an hour, and I’m friends on FB with both. Let me check. If you want your comment deleted reply asap—it will go to my phone and I’ll delete it. I was going to go to Las Cruces, NM today to see her but am so utterly disgusted that I decided she didn’t deserve the gas money.

      EDIT: I talked to one person who may go but needs to finalize family plans. Keep you updated.

    • Sorry I didn’t get back to you. I set up an account and posted at mop. I didn’t want to take over your blog. Have not seen you around, hope all is well.

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