The Following Things Have Come Out Of My Mouth Recently….



“OMG look at her! She looks pregnant!

Come here and let Mama smell your butt.

Do you want some Trickle flavored Piscuits? Um, I meant Pickle flavored Triscuits. You want some?

Did you hear they elected a new Pope?

Wow. Babe, what do you think of these shoes?

I’m going for a walk. You deal with it.

I love you and miss you!

C’mon guys, lets go Skype with Na-Na and Paw-Paw!

I think my meds need to be adjusted because I’m starting to have panic attacks again.

Who’s my favorite baby in the whole wide world? Who’s my favorite baby? YOU ARE!!

You’ve got such a kind heart, buddy. You’re going to grow up to be a wonderful man.

Babe, rub my back please.

Every fucking time I eat ice cream, even the diet stuff, I get horrible gas and diarrhea. I’m thinking I should stop eating ice cream.

I’m down 65 lbs!

OMFG these cramps are going to be the death of me. Motherfucker.

Hey, you know that trip I was going to take tomorrow to New Mexico? I changed my mind. Why? Let’s put it this way; I just read what’s going on at MWOP, and if I go I’m gonna slap a bitch.

If you’re gonna scratch your tush then please wash your hands afterward.

I’d like a medium coffee with 2 creams and 5 Splenda please. Garrett what do you want? i also need a medium fries and small strawberry shake too. Yes that’s all. Thank you.

Who’s a good baby? Let’s go get a cookie!

Pee-Yuuuuuuuu! Whew! You’re a stinky baby!!

Wanna watch the new season of “Hell’s Kitchen?”


Thank you.

You’re welcome.

I love you.

Let’s have hugs and kisses!

Should Mama sing that silly song about cookies?


7 thoughts on “The Following Things Have Come Out Of My Mouth Recently….

    • MWOP is still out in full force. The new version of Disqus went live. Click on “Discussion,” then click on “newest.” That way it will post the newest comments first. Hope that helps!! (in a non-snarky, JM way, of course)

    • The new version of Disqus went live, and it’s default setting is to post oldest comments first. Go to “Discussion,” choose “newest,” and that will rearrange things so you’ll see newest comments first. Warning: you may have to do that every single time you get on MWOP. I hate the new Disqus. But, trust me….we’re all still here!

  1. Just checkin in with my boss! Loved all those ^^^ Just had to say so proud of you and love that the pounds are hitting the road. Keep up the good work! 😉

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