MckMama’s House Done Got Pharr’d Up!

It seems fitting that just a couple weeks after Jennifer McKinney made fun of a sports sign for an athlete with the last name Pharr (“Pharr’d Up!) that her house would catch on fire. The irony is delicious.

How is it that one woman can have such amazingly shitty luck? Let’s offer a brief recap because not everyone that reads here is a MWOPer:

  1. Jennifer and Israel buy their first house years ago and abandon it to buy a lake house. Her sister rents the house for a little bit, but the house is eventually foreclosed upon.
  2. Jennifer and Israel foreclose on house #2, a $300,000 lake house. She surmises that they are so far behind in mortgage payments that they are better off saving their $$ for a down payment on a new house.
  3. House #3 is a Contract-For-Deed with the following terms:  $30,000 down, $3,300 monthly payments, and a balloon payment of $485,000 (or so) in 5 years. The McKinneys stop paying for that house and move to the farm to play poor before filing bankruptcy.
  4. House #4 is a 1920s farm house on a small farm which they rent for less than $600/mo. They file bankruptcy, and the trustee alleges fraud and found that Jennifer underreported her 2011 income by over $100,000. Bankruptcy denied.
  5. Jennifer (now separated from Israel) leaves the farm house and it’s buildings full of trash and rotting food and moves into a gorgeous, remodeled Victorian home; the homeowner agrees to rent to Jennifer until the home sells. Realtors showed up one day to show the house and could not because there was trash, dog shit, dirty diapers, and other crap lying around the house.
  6. House #6 is another Contract-For-Deed house. The price was $289,000 with the following terms:  $20,000 down, almost $2,000 monthly payments, with a balloon payment of about $250,000 due April 15th. Yep. Those were some smart homeowners right there:  they gave Jennifer less than a year to pay off the house with her Xyng money or secure financing.


We’ve all been wondering how Jennifer was going to make that balloon payment in just a few weeks knowing that there is no way in fucking hell she can secure a mortgage with her credit, IRS liens, and creditors lined up out the door. And? Her house conveniently caught on fire over the weekend. While all of the children were at Grandma’s house. In the past year Jennifer has also totaled two cars…again, with no children present. Since the fire several comments from her FB and Instagram have disappeared which is a little on the suspicious side, but on FB all she can talk about is how happy they are to be in a hotel. Jennifer loves hotels. Here’s hoping that the West Salem, WI fire department employs an investigator because this fire seems awfully ill-timed given their financial mess.


We enjoyed a weekend of doing nothing here at Casa Snort. My photoshoot has been pushed back until next Saturday, March 31, at the request of the photography studio. I have gotten the two shirts I ordered, and I need to buy a smaller pair of jeans this week. I plan on doing my hair and makeup one night and letting John take some photos of me to post here with another poll to see what you guys think. I appreciated your feedback on the other polls too.


13 thoughts on “MckMama’s House Done Got Pharr’d Up!

  1. Just so you are not late for your photo shoot Saturday is the 30th. Easter is the 31st. Don’t want you to miss out. =) <—NSS

  2. I don’t think you mentioned their first fire they had? Which house was that? It happened just a day or two before they were going to move in?

    • I totally forgot about that one because they never “lived” there. I was just thinking about those places they pissed away money on and/or damaged. Good point.

  3. Snort – I am so anxiously awaiting the pre-photoshoot photoshoot! I know you will look swimmingly.

    Don’t forget about the house that “they almost bought” that caught on fire from a “lightening” strike too. Right there, in what was to be her miracle child’s room!

    • I’m going to try and do it tonight if I can get some peace and quiet to do my makeup and let John snap a few photos. I’ve got a few different choices of jewelry and shoes, so I have quite a few pics to take.

    • That shoot was something else, Flibbity. I was there for an hour and a half and felt like a complete jackass for much of it. The photographer was giving me instructions on how to pose and shouting instructions like, “Big smile, Carmen! OK, now don’t smile and try to look sultry. Good. Now lower your chin and put your thumbs in your pocket. Awesome. Now let’s go outside.” Yes, outside. We took photos under a tree next to an apartment complex, and traffic on the street slowed down to stare at me as if to say, “What in the hell? A fat lady photo shoot??” And the photographer picked my jewelry for one of my outfits—I didn’t like it, but she kept telling me how great everything looked. I get a CD of the images this week and will post a few.

      • Sounds interesting, and a bit scary! Bet you’re glad it’s over, and cant wait til the next one. 😉 (would an expired target card lessen the jackassery feeling? cuz i’m good for that….)

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