Random Crap

I got the OK from my surgeon to take Lactaid pills when I eat dairy. They work pretty well, and I am sooooooo grateful.

I have discovered that I hate coconut water and coconut coffee creamers.

I have discovered that I prefer almond milk over soy milk.

I have lost 75 lbs. since the beginning of November. I have gone from a size 26 to a size 18. I weigh 218.

From my past experiences, I know that my body will not fit into a size 16 until I weigh 185 or less, and I won’t be a size 14 until I’m 165 or less.

6-inch is currently playing the drums using a spoon and a glass bowl that I left on the table. It is both precious and excruciating to listen to.

Footlong couldn’t sleep last night and got up around 11:00 pm to ask if I had sleeping pills. I asked how he knew about sleeping pills, and he told me about commercials he sees on TV.

No, I didn’t give him anything. He went back to bed and fell asleep on his own.

I recently finished the autobiography of Jenna Miscavige Hill. She is the niece of David Miscavige, the leader of the Church of Scientology. Jenna was raised in ths church and left a few years ago. Her book recounts her experiences growing up, and I am convinced more than ever that Scientology is nothing more than an abusive cult.

I seriously need a haircut. My hair is now brushing my shoulders, and that is too long for me.

I visited an awesome website Saturday and bought 12 tank tops in assorted colors and 12 camisoles in assorted colors for a total of $59.99 (with free shipping!).

The temps here in Tucson are already over 90 degrees, and it is just the beginning of April. Me thinks we’re in for an especially hot, miserable Summer.

We had a nice Easter.

6-inch had his own fun during the egg hunt. We laid out plastic eggs for him that were easily found. Instead of putting them in the basket he would run to the egg, pick it up, and throw it over his head. He ran back and forth throwing eggs for a good 25 minutes.

He did, however, discover a love of Reeses Pieces.

Footlong got an Easter basket filled with candy, toys, and a DVD of “Wreck It Ralph.” The Easter Bunny may have spent $45 on his basket, but I can neither confirm nor deny that. 🙂

I had a long phone conversation with a friend the other day. I look forward to hanging out with her next month if John gets his vacation request approved.

It is currently 10:12 am, 80 degrees, and sunny skies.

I haven’t gotten my CD from my photo shoot yet.

Some of you have sent me emails and FB messages wanting to know how it went. It went well, but I still felt like a total jackass. I did acquiesce and go to a salon Saturday morning for a blowout and style. I did my own makeup. I wore the aqua shirt and heels that I posted on a previous post. The photographer chose my jewelry and she had me in a chunky silver necklace, super long and dangly silver and turquoise earrings, and a bracelet. I also wore the black off the shoulder shirt with tight jeans. I wore a long, dangly gold necklace, big gold hoop earrings, gold bangle bracelets, and sparkly gold booties. Here is a blurry selfie that I shot in the mirror. My lens was filthy because 6-inch had been chewing on my phone. You can, however, get the gist of how I looked:


These are the gold booties I wore. I’m showing them because they are different from the shoes I posted in the poll.


They are, of course, from ShoeDazzle. I bought them in December when they were on sale for $39.99, and I had been looking for an excuse to wear them.

I felt like a jackass because the photographer was shouting instructions at me while loud music played in the background. “Ok, Carmen, smile big. Good. Now, shift your weight onto your hip….put your thumbs in your pockets….put your chin down….perfect. Now, don’t smile…..look at me and try to look sultry. Make sexy eyes. Great. Now, let’s go outside.”  Yes, outside. Traffic slowed down and people were gawking at me. I about died of embarassment.

I have a shit ton of laundry to do today.


10 thoughts on “Random Crap

  1. Even though it is blurry, I can still see that you looked awesome! And I seriously want to come over and play in your shoes. I promise I won’t get drool specks on them.

  2. You look great! By the way, when you get that order of camis and tanks, let us know how you like them. I wanted to order them for my daughter (she LIVES in camisoles lol) but was hesitant, so I didn’t.

  3. Ok.. Now I want to see pictures of you. They don’t have to be fancy ones but oh my gosh, you look amazing up ^^^^^ in that picture.. Get in the bathroom and start taking pictures!! Glad that the Lactaid was approved for you to take. It helped my husband a lot. Let’s see, medical consultation with ME, plus a recommendation for medication.. that will be $450. 🙂

  4. I bet you feel totally different after losing 75 lbs.! You look great & I can’t wait to see the other pics.

  5. I have a question I hope is not too personal. My starting weight is similar to what was yours was. With losing so much weight, do you have extra saggy skin? I’ve heard that happens with a large weight loss (which I’m working on but haven’t lost near as much as you have) and that you have to have surgery to remove the excess skin. Have you noticed excess skin firming up as you lose weight or do you think it will require another surgery? Thanks. (I post as AWholeDifferentKindOfStupid on MWOP.)

    • I do have alot of extra saggy skin. The skin will firm somewhat with exercise, but it will always be there. My surgeon recommends holding off on tummy/butt lifts, etc. until I have maintained a certain weight for two years.

  6. You look great in the photos 🙂 (serious not snarky). Congrats on your journey thus far (I’m following you from MWOP).

    BTW, my dh is a Tucson native, the Tanque Verde area to be exact 🙂 We are up North now, couldn’t stand the heat! Forget the kitchen, we left the frickin building!

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