And A Modeling We Will Go………….

































The day of the shoot I weighed 220 lbs (down 73.5). The jeans paired with the blue shirt are size 20 and are way too big. The darker jeans are size 18. Both tops are size 2 (Torrid does special sizing, but it equates to 18-20). All of the shoes and jewelry were already in my possession. I did my makeup but did stop at a salon for a blow-out. I painted my own toenails, and my nails were cheap press-on nails from CVS. And there you have itΒ —Fat Lady Glamour Shots!


44 thoughts on “And A Modeling We Will Go………….

  1. You are beautiful! I think the blue top photos in front of the dark background look awesome. ANd the dark top ones as well. Heck, all the photos look great because you are beautiful.

  2. You are sooo pretty!! My fav pic is the one with the blue top outside by the tree with your hair slightly blowing. That pic is my favorite one.

  3. You look just wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. My darling daughter’s surgeryaniversary is April 25th and she started at 286 and is now at 169. She’s absolutely beautiful as you are. Stay on course. It only gets better. i promise.

    • Thank you, and I love hearing updates on your daughter. My weight is sloeing down, but I don’t mind. Losing it slower to me makes it a more sustainable, long term change.

    • Thank you! I do feel happier and healthier: i require less sleep, have more energy, and am delighted to look in the mirror and not feel disgusted with what I. see.

      • I’ve lost 50lbs and feel the same way. I don’t mind the mirror as much anymore. I’m getting some pictures done in June, I can’t wait!

    • Oh. My. Fucking. Hell. Seriously?!? How did you get this? Was it posted at MwOP or were you there? I was expecting the crowd to jump up and shout, “Heil, MckMama!”

  4. Gorgeous photos, really. You look so much happier and that is wonderful. I love your wardrobe choices too–flattering and smart. Way to go!

    I have a question. A week or so you recommended a protein shake on mwop from Costco. I wanted to try it, but now can’t find that post! Can you help?

    Guess what else? White puppy turned a year old yesterday. Can hardly believe how much time has passed. It’s ridiculous.

    Glad you’re well. πŸ™‚


  5. This is Meda/Mom. OMG. You are absolutely gorgeous. Love all the pics, and the clothes. I am so proud of you, Carmen! It is hard to stick to any diet, but this one has to be a killer. Please do one thing for me! Every morning, look in the mirror, and tell yourself, I am one good looking woman! You are model gorgeous, and beautiful inside and outside!

    • Meda, my California mom!!! Thank you so much for the kind words! And you are right: it is hard to stick to any diet. Even with the bypass I sometimes eat what I want instead of what I should have and I pay for it with nausea, gas, and other unpleasantries. I’m working my ass off to make sustainable changes and healthy choices, but as someone who has had issues with food nearly her entire life it is still hard. Love you!

  6. You are glowing. Just beautiful. Your hair, makeup, jewelry, shoes and clothes are perfect.
    You are a fashionista! πŸ™‚


    • Thanks, Taffy! I got an email from my surgeon last week telling me that he thought I looked beautiful; that right there made all the nervousness, wardrobe choices, planning, and long drive worth it. I appreciate the compliment!

  7. You looked great in all the photos! Perfect outfits too! Before you know it, another year will be over & you will be even more of a knockout! Slow & steady wins the race.

    • Thanks, TA! My ultimate goal is to be a size 12 or so. Slow and steady does win the race! Pass the heavy whipping cream and bacon covered in butter. LOL I kid….I kid.

  8. Love the outdoor shots, they are my favs. And yes, I can tell those pants are too big (dontcha love having that problem?). Can I put my name on the list for your clothes when you shrink out of them? They’re so cute! I’m down 30lbs, still about 45lbs higher than you, but I’m slowly getting there.

    • I’d be happy to send you some stuff, Brandy! I have already given away my 22/24 clothes, and my best friend back home has requested my size 20 pants. If you’re still losing would you like my size 18/20 shirts and 18 pants when I’m out of them? That includes the two shirts from the photoshoot, and the dark jeans I wore with the black shirt. Let me know!

      • You are too kind! I was (mostly) kidding. I am sure you have friends you can share them with. Honestly, I carry so much around the middle (spare tire, horizontally) that I’m just getting into 26s and I feel far away from 18/20. However, if you don’t have any other takers, I’ll send ya a little money for your stuff :).

  9. You look fantastic Snort. Well done for keeping it real. You are what you are, not need for photo shop or lies. You are beautiful!

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