Life At Casa Snort

I haven’t updated this blog for 8 whole days. Wow. I was enjoying being a wife and mother and was glued to the TV watching all of the developments in Boston and West, TX.

Little 6-inch is really blossoming into a sweet little toddler. He still isn’t speaking (he will be 2 at the end of July), but he knows the baby sign for “more” and lets us know when he wants more food. He is also getting braver about trying and eating new foods, and for a child who has food texture issues like he does this is huge! This week he has discovered he likes biscuits, onion rings, fresh pears, fresh apples, fresh strawberries, noodles with butter, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. To his credit he did try edamamme but spit it right out.

6-inch and I spend many hours chasing each other up and down the hallway of our home while Footlong is at school and J works.

Footlong is looking forward to school ending soon. He went on a field trip Friday to a local museum and had a blast.

Footlong also lost his second tooth Friday evening!

I cooked Korean food this week. We had bulgogi (grilled, marinated sliced steak), jap chae (noodles made of sweet potato starch and stir fried with mushrooms, red bell peppers, onions, carrots, and cabbage), sesame broccoli, a pickled salad (cucumbers, onion, carrots, daikon radish, sugar, vinegar, salt, water), and kim chee. I hate to toot my own horn, but BEEP BEEP!

In the last month I have only bought 1 pair of shoes. I know….I am as shocked as you are.

The temps where we live are already in the low/mid 90s. I suspect we are in for a long, hot Summer.

J did the dishes today before I got up. I about swooned.

I am cooking dinner tonight. We are having fried catfish, oven roasted brussels sprouts, and corn on the cob. Drop by if you like. Tucson International Airport would be your best bet.

I really want to take a shower right now, but the dishwasher is running. I have to wait a bit so I can have hot water!

Footlong is going to a birthday party this afternoon.

Footlong will also be going to the Pima County Fair one day this week. One of us will take him while the other stays home with 6-inch. We know 6-inch will not be happy to be sit in a stroller for hours on end, and he will not ride any rides.

I have some friends that I would positively like to smack upside the head for various reasons.

A photo of MckMama’s youngest son eating a tampon showed up on a parenting fail blog today, and sadly I wasn’t surprised.

I got a grilled chicken bowl from El Pollo Loco for lunch, and those fuckers put cilantro all over it after I specifically ordered it sans cilantro. Cilantro is the devil’s herb.


18 thoughts on “Life At Casa Snort

  1. I sure hope I am not one of those friends that you want to smack, LOL…and I am like you absolutely hate cilantro, even the smell of it…yuck…I always laugh when you blog…thanks

  2. Maybe the guy/girl at El Pollo Loco didn’t know what “sans” cilantro meant! πŸ˜‰
    After you’d mention your distain for cilantro before I found that club online. Who knew?!

  3. Do you know if MWOP is down ?
    BTW…. great pics ! I wouls like to see them repeated in a year!
    You are doig great!

  4. I was definitly glued to the TV too on Friday. I felt relief at the end, but I can’t imagine how those poor families feel now; its really just beginning for them!

    • I know Katie; I can’t imagine what the families are going through. A few of the victims are still hospitalized in critical condition, and they are in my thoughts too.

  5. There’s no middle ground on cilantro. People seem to love it or hate it.

    Boston was really something, and not in a good way. It’s baffling to me sometimes how terrible things like that happen. I can’t imagine just deciding to do something horrible, or thinking it could be a good idea, like, “maybe I’ll have steak for dinner. And in a few weeks, blow people up.” The mindset is foreign to me, I guess.

    Off topic, thanks for the mwop recommendation on the Premier protein shakes! They actually taste really good, and since I’m doing Weight Watchers (should have just Cheated, Flushed, and Xynged myself thin, but alas) it’s nice that they only have 4 points!

  6. I have read that there is a chemical in our bodies that causes reaction to the taste of cilantro. I hate, hate, hate it, so I have that chemical.

  7. Ummm… you said we could have dinner with you and I am still waiting at the airport. Oh well, guess I will just fly back home. πŸ™‚

  8. I saw the tampon eating picture and thought it was funny that someone named Jennifer submitted it. I doubt she did it herself but it wouldn’t surprise me if she did.

  9. Hey Snort! Dumpling told me you have access to me e-mail if I leave you a message. So once again, I’m telling you how lovely you are. And that’s the truth!

  10. I do hope you are not seriously considering trying that xyng product. Will you be asking your doctor about it first? I find it a bit hypocritical to condemn JM for sellng these products then trying them yourself. This is not to bash you…I like you, think you’re funny but in this instance I think you are doing a wrong thing. Just my .02

    • Firstly, I really do appreciate you being honest and forthcoming about how you feel. I like hearing other peoples opinions. I really do want to try them for a day or two not a whole month. Jennifer makes 1000 claims about these pills. They cure migraines,, they increase your focus, boost your mood,, etc. My intention is to take them for one or two days and give an honest account. Do I have more energy? Am I more focused? Am I jittery, nauseated, and sweaty? Are my depression and anxiety improved? Did it control my appetite? I also feel like I should mention that I have no healtj conditions other than depression, anxiety, rosacea, and chronic potty mouth. I was evaluated in depth by both a cardiologist and pulmonologist less than a year ago. My intention is to provide a brief and honest description of how I felt and what I experienced. I do, however, respect your opinion and can totally see how ypu feel the way you do.

      • Thanks for the reply. Didn’t change my mind lol but appreciate your listening and answering.

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