Post Mistress Snort

On Friday whenJohn gets paid this little woman will be paying a visit to the local office to mail a gaggle of shit. And, yes, Kerrie:  I will photograph the laundry basket full just for you. Will the following people please send me an email to thesnortfiles@gmail.dom and verify that I have your correct name and address or you’re just shit out of luck.

MY3—a ton of clothes

T—winner of the contest who also wanted my blue embroidery shirt from the photo shirt and another shirt

E—winner of the 2 place prize and who agreed to take some PopSugar stuff of my hands (think I never use)

My BFF (still have your addy) and will be sending sie 20/22 dresses and some boots and dress shoes.


2 thoughts on “Post Mistress Snort

  1. Am I too late to enter your contest? I would love to get on your mailing lists for an amazing chance at your next give away!! Do you think you’ll ever come to Texas? I would love to meet you and your fam. They are adorbs! Please send an email with all the deets!

    Painfully Bizarre

  2. This is completely random, but I keep reading the title of this entry as Post (as in After, not Mail) Mistress Snort. And I laugh to myself, wondering if you were hiding a secret life from J!

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