Fuck Me Running

Holy shit, y’all. It has been one helluva week here at Casa Snort, and the only thing that pops to mind is a spontaneous quote made by my dear friend Shannon in the 10th grade during a moment of pure exasperation:  “Well, just fuck me running!” It was probably funnier in person.


Father Snort has been visiting with us for the last week, and he leaves to head back East in the morning. With all of the shopping and cleaning done prior to his arrival I decided to scrap the “photo challenge.” Let’s face it; JM won’t lose a pound between now and the end of the month. We all know it. Bacon, heavy cream, eggs, restaurant food, chili, cornbread, getting her bunions some sun by the pool, and her magic pills aren’t going to do shit. She’s still going to look like a hot mess. I just can’t wait for the pictures.


Damn that last paragraph was really bitchy. Excuse me. It is a combination of fatigue and PMS doing the talking.


So what has been going on here this past week? I spent last weekend (June whatever) grocery shopping, cleaning the house, and squeezing in some workouts at the YMCA. As for my own weight I am still at a loss of 85 pounds. My surgeon told me things would slow down after the first six months because my pouch would stretch out and I would be eating more. I’m not eating copious amounts, but I am eating more than 800 calories a day now. I keep telling myself to be patient and remind myself that I’m also bloated because of PMS and my love of salt.


We were absolutely miserable the first three days of my Dad’s visit. We don’t have central AC; we have something called a swamp cooler that is an air conditioning alternative that works really well in dry climates. When it is 115 outside it never gets above 85 in the house, plus we have fans to use. Anyhoo, the first three days he was here the temp in the house was 95 almost around the clock. We called our landlord who in turn called in a technician to come check things out. Turns out that the first thunderstorm of monsoon season (July 1) blew the cover off of the swamp cooler. Why does that matter? When there is no cover over the unit the unit will just take outside air and blow it into the house. Imagine your AC set to 105 and having that blow through the house all freaking day long, and lows at night in the mid-80s. We were miserable and too sweaty and exhausted to go and do anything. Dad got the kiddos a huge inflatable pool for the backyard, and they have enjoyed swimming. I have cooked some of Dad’s favorite dishes. Dad adores my husband (in a ‘You are a good man and treat my daughter well’ kind of way) and they hung out some and watched movies. Both boys have enjoyed time with Paw-Paw; I just hate that Mother Snort couldn’t come for a visit as well. She just started a new job and could not take the time off.


My hubby has spoiled me rotten, knowing my love of the Olympics, and bought me the 4-disc DVD of the 2008 Beijing games as well as VHS tapes of the 1984, 1988, 1992, and 1996 Summer games. I also got DVDs of the 2002 and 2010 Winter Olympics. (FYI, he got me the DVD of the 2012 London games for my birthday last year.)


And yes, I have bought shoes since I last blogged….but only one pair. They were absolutely fierce, plus I got a huge discount at ShoeDazzle with my points earned.


We here in Arizona as a whole are still coming to terms with the deaths of 19 firefighters fighting a fire near Prescott. It seems like good things never happen here. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and so many others were shot at a Safeway grocery store less than 10 minutes from my house. There is constant fighting about immigration, gangs, violence, and little girl that was kidnapped over a year ago (I used to work with her mother) has never been found. I think the only good things to come out of Tucson are Linda Ronstadt, Kerri Strug, and the many movies and TV shows filmed at the movie studios here in town, like “Revenge of the Nerds”, “Tombstone,” “The Three Amigos,” and “Bonanza.”


Now I’m just rambling. Forgive me.


One more thing. My days as a redhead are over. My hair is now dark violet. Seriously. My hair looks a little darker than a purple Skittle. I took a photo, but the flash and harsh bathroom lighting make it look lighter than it is—that shit is straight up legit violet. I feel like a My Little Pony doll.






Goodnight my friends.



9 thoughts on “Fuck Me Running

  1. It’s reached about 75 here in UK I don’t know how you manage any thing hotter than this! I envy you your Olympic dvds and tapes. I had the London one and the para olympics last Christmas. I watch them while using my exercise bike. It’s great racing around the velodrome with Chris Hoye et al.

    Heard about the fire fighters how awful.

    Glad you had a good time with Father Snort.

    Love your hair colour too.

    • I envy your temps in the UK for sure! You know, I had never seen cycling in a velodrome until the London games. It was fun to watch, but I couldn’t figure out why they went so slow for a few laps then sped up so quickly. It was really entertaining though.

  2. Love the hair color. Glad you got your a/c fixed. My husband would’ve made us go to a hotel if it were that hot in the house.

    Good things do happen in AZ. I mean, that’s where I found you……

    • Awwwwww *blushing* Thank you. That’s sweet. I didn’t know my hair was going to be violet. I had the red color removed by using a color remover, so I was freshly blonde when I started this new color. The name was “True Burgandy,” and I thought it was lovely. What I didn’t expect was my newly blonde hair to suck up every fucking drop of hair color and leave me violet instead of burgundy. J likes it, but it fades with frequent shampooing to a weird, flat dark lavender color. I may have to do another color remover and go red again. I loved the red.

  3. You are rocking that violet hair! I could never pull that off but I am thinking about going shorter now that my hair is falling out in clumps 😦

    I will never complain about the heat here after hearing about your experience last week! OMG!

    • Try adding a Biotin supplement and a protein shake daily for the hair loss. I implemented those at the suggestion of my hairdresser, and I can tell a difference in the amount of hair loss. The current temp here is 101, and it is 81 in the house so we’re all good today 🙂

      • I still drink a protein shake every day and consume 60+ grams of protein although I hear some people consume 80. Maybe I should try increasing it a bit. I will try the biotin. I have it but haven’t taken it because I am not thrilled about adding yet another pill lol.

        also, “fuck me running” might be my new favorite saying!

  4. The bosley hair system (shampoo, conditioner, scalp drops) worked real well for my “oh my god but you look awesome” daughter. She is down 124 lbs. She looks wonderful. One thing I noticed is how thin your fingers are getting. My daughter’s fingers went from little vienna’s to thin and lean. Strange where the fat leaves first. Keep up the good work. Ever wonder where your 85 lbs went? I always wonder where my families ‘fat’ went to. Between the 2 they’ve lost 278 lbs and I’ll be damned if I can find where it went.

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