The No-Name Post

There is nothing of note going on right now at Casa Snort, therefore I didn’t want to strain the brain coming up with a name for this post. See how efficient I am? I can’t believe that in the beginning I used to blog daily—now I wonder for a week or two what in the hell to say. Guess it is a good thing I don’t have paid sponsors, huh?


Sweet little 6-inch will be 2 on Saturday! Our best friends are coming down from Phoenix Friday night, and while the boys (and J) play my friend Deena and I are going to have some girl time. The plan is to have dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant (grilled shrimp fajitas (no tortillas) and beans for me!) then go shopping at this awesome jewelry store at the outlet mall where everything is $1.00. Seriously. Other than my wedding set, a ring I got for Mother’s Day a few years ago, and a London Blue Topaz solitaire ring J bought me last month I own no nice jewelry. I subscribe to a monthly gift thing called Pop Sugar Must Haves, and for $35/month I receive $100+ of products. Each box is full of different things, usually from smaller, independent company that are trying to introduce their products to a wide market. I’ve received novels, gourmet foods, perfume, skin care products, makeup, a cashmere scarf, underwear, a robe, and occasionally I receive jewelry from up and coming designers. I’m babbling, but my point is that other than my rings and some bracelets and necklaces that retail for about $50 each, all of the jewelry I wear costs $1.00. The name of the store is Glitter–if you have one near you go check it out. Back to 6-inch now! On Saturday we are going to spend the day at Tucson’s shitty water park because the kids love it then we will head back to Casa Snort for pizza, cake, and ice cream. J recently bought an ice cream maker, so he is excitedly pouring through ice cream cookbooks trying to find something awesome to make for 6-inch on his special day.


I’ve been working out 5 days a week at the YMCA (where we actually pay for our membership). Right now I’m doing cardio, and my trainer will start me on strength training in another couple of weeks. I mainly like to do the treadmill; on the “fat burning” setting I can bang out a 600 calorie workout in one hour. I tried the elliptical, but my body rejected it and found it detestable.


Last night I painted my fingernails turquoise.


I’m on my second cup of coffee this morning. I take it with a splash of Lactaid milk and 3 Splenda.


If I could use a pair of kitchen tongs to perform a hysterectomy on myself right now I would. Since my surgery I am limited to Tylenol and Tylenol only for pain. That shit doesn’t do a damn thing for these cramps.


I went to Marshall’s the other night. I came home with two pair of Lucky Brand ballet flats (on clearance) and a pair of Juicy Couture flip-flops (also on clearance). I bought two dresses ($20 each) and a Juicy Couture t-shirt. I also bought Footlong a new backpack and lunch bag.


I’m looking forward to seeing photos of people in Las Vegas this weekend. You know what I mean. *cough, cough*


6-inch, who used to fucking HATE wearing shoes, now loves to wear them. It is not unusual to see him stomping around in Footlong’s sneakers or a pair of my ballet flats. He tried J’s shoes one night but they were so big and heavy that the poor little guy toppled over.


As I type this I am wearing light gray yoga pants, a peach tank top, a sea green sports bra, and am sporting lavender toe nails and turquoise finger nails. All I need is a pair of huarache sandals and I could pass for a cast member of Miami Vice.


My weight loss is slowly inching toward 90 pounds.


You see how boring life is right now?




4 thoughts on “The No-Name Post

  1. 6 inch can’t be two already? Happy birthday little guy! Boring can be good Snort – life is what you make it! Good to ‘hear’ from you again.

  2. Happy Birthday 6-inch!

    Congrats on your weight loss! We will get to goal eventually. I saw a quote by J.R.R. Tolkien the other day that I love and it really applies to weight loss “Little by little one travels far”.

    I don’t comment on the other blog anymore but still follow everything… I would love to go to Vegas next week for some sightseeing!

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