Happy Birthday 6-Inch!!!

Today my sweet little 6-inch, also known as Preston, turns 2. My heart aches at how fast my last little baby is growing, but at the same time I am so excited to see him grow. This blog post is lovingly dedicated to him and will include a ton of photos after my story.


A couple of months after I went to rehab for drug use John and I were having a rocky time. I put the poor man through the wringer. His sister was getting married in September so we had to fly home to Georgia for the occasion. I decided to keep Footlong (who wasn’t in school yet) home in GA with me for another six weeks. We needed some breathing room. We returned home November 10, 2010 and immediately conceived 6-inch. We weren’t trying; he was a very sweet surprise. John figured out I was pregnant before I did because of his built-in boob radar. The day after Thanksgiving he went to Walgreens and returned with a box of pregnancy test sticks; he made me pee on them, and I watched in shock and disbelief when it turned positive. I didn’t feel pregnant like I did with Footlong. We made the round of phone calls telling folks we were pregnant, and we referred to the baby as Baby Jackson version 2.0. We eventually gave “it” a nickname until the gender ultrasound, so we called our baby Gizmo. My pregnancy with Gizmo was very different than my pregnancy with Footlong (whom we called “Skeletor” until we knew his gender). I had bad nausea, but no vomiting or weight loss. I felt him move at 16 weeks whereas I felt Footlong at 22 weeks. We decided on names as well:  Maisie Elizabeth for a girl, and John Preston for a boy. I had a gut feeling that Gizmo was a girl, so I bought one or two little girl outfits. When we went for our 20 week ultrasound we found that we had a healthy baby who was developing normally. And then the announcement:  “Congratulations! It looks like you have another son!” I was shocked. Then I was thrilled. I love little boys.


We had saved nearly all of Garrett’s baby clothes, his crib, and his stroller. All I needed was a breast pump and a new car seat. Preston loved to kick and turn, and I loved being pregnant. At 28 weeks I started having contractions that wouldn’t stop no matter how much water I drank or how much I rested. There were no cervical changes yet, and the OB wanted to keep it that way. Mother Snort flew out to Tucson and stayed with me since I was put on modified bedrest. She cleaned the house. She played with Footlong. She cooked dinner. She rubbed my sore feet and back, and I spent most of my days laying on the love seat, watching the Casey Anthony trial, and drinking ice-cold Perrier like it was going out of style. Every night when it cooled down I went for a long, leisurely walk outside so that I could get some exercise. Footlong, John, and my mom loved to feel Preston kick and roll around, and our favorite thing to do was put the TV remote on top of my stomach and watch it wiggle and dance as he squirmed around.


Toward the end of my pregnancy my blood pressure started increasing. At my 37-week visit my BP was 158/90. I had no signs of preeclampsia, so the doctor just wanted to monitor me. There was no improvement. I was scheduled for an induction on July 27, 2011 at 38.5 weeks. I was induced at 6:00 am, and by noon I was a 4 cm. At 10:00 pm I was still at 4 cm, so the OB decided to proceed with a C-Section. My little man was born at 10:12 pm weighing in at 7 lb 14 ounces and was 19 inches long. He had dark brown hair (what little of it there was) and chubby cheeks. He breastfed well, and I was elated when my mom and Garrett showed up about 30 minutes after his birth. Seeing Footlong hold his little brother is a moment I’ll always remember. And my mother was in Na-Na heaven. John was rather proud and happy too.


Today my sweet little man has brown hair and brown eyes just like his mommy. He has the cutest teeth, the sweetest laugh, and is quite vocal when he is upset. He likes cartoons, flipping through books (but not being read to), going outside, playing in the water, and dancing with Mommy when she plays music. He idolizes his big brother. He is in speech therapy and can now say two words and has progressed leaps and bounds in his interactions with people through play therapy. I love him and his brother so very much and am so blessed that they are my boys.





Yep, there is a baby in there!







Baby Gizmo making his first appearance!





Footlong loving Gizmo when I was about 12 weeks pregnant.





16 weeks or so.





Introducing Preston! 20 weeks.





Around 24 weeks.





So excited to have a little brother on the way!





Swimming to beat the summer heat!





Around 34 weeks I got to see his face!





A day or two before induction. I looked down, and all I could see was belly!





Our blessing right after the doctor delivered him!





The brothers meet!!





Mother Snort and Footlong with sweet baby 6-inch.





Proud Daddy!!










Time to head home!





Helping a brother out.





Growing so fast!





Watching cartoons with Brother.





Waking up happy!





“Swimming” for the first time with his brother.





And fast forward to today! That sweet baby has turned into this spunky toddler!


Happy Birthday, Tinky. Mama, Daddo, and Brother love you more than you will ever know. Our family wasn’t complete until you came along. ♥


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